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Found 25 results

  1. Would love to see an update to the above, to include the latest volumes that are currently available in print.
  2. Wayne Grudem's second edition of his Systematic Theology is coming out very soon. I have the module for the first edition and would like to see an upgrade for the second edition offered. Does anyone else want this also?
  3. I'm curious if anyone knows when the next update for the Tyndale Commentary Series will go into effect for the module? At least three revision-books have already been released concerning the hard copy: Genesis, Ecclesiastes, and 1/2 Samuel. And Logos is currently allowing users to pre-order these titles until they are licensed (ex: https://www.logos.com/product/176139/genesis-an-introduction-and-commentary) So my question is when will these updates be available in Accordance? The reason I am asking is because I am trying to discern if I should purchase the entire commentary series now, or if I should wait for the updated version to come out if it will be soon.
  4. Now that Bill Mounce's "Basics of Biblical Greek" is out (4th edition) and its corresponding workbook, when might you all update the current Accordance version? I am teaching this class next semester, and I would like to use My Accordance in the classroom, if the 4th edition will be up and running before September.
  5. I want to suggest changing the way modules are updated so that the program will only download changes to updated modules, instead of having to download the whole module again every time. That would make the downloads go much faster, and might save Accordance some data charges.
  6. KevinPurcell

    Auto Update in Notes

    I'm trying to use Accordance only for a few weeks moving from Logos. One feature that kind of annoys me is having to hit Update. I'd really like to see the option to have the Note tool automatically update the note and save it every time I exit the user note editor. I know it asks me if I want to, but I'd rather not bother. That's one thing I prefer in Logos. I know I can save it with a quick keyboard shortcut, but it'd be nice to know that no matter what I do it will save it. What if Accordance crashes or my computer shuts down instantly in a power outage? I understand some won't like this, but I'd like the option.
  7. I am a fairly new Accordance user, currently running Accordance 12.2.8. For several days I have been trying to download the latest app update. It downloads partway and then cuts out with the error message that the update is "improperly signed". I've tried this at least 4-5 times with the same result. I am not a computer expert, but I strongly suspect that the problem is not with the program itself, but with my dodgy internet connection. I have a 3G connection that has an average speed of around 500 Kbps but actually fluctuates constantly from 0 to 800. However, with some patience, it works okay with most things and I am able to download even quite large files (up to several hundred MBs) over the internet, especially with the help of a download accelerator. However, I have always had trouble with the downloader in the Accordance app, as it seems very sensitive to my internet fluctuations. For content updates, it cuts out constantly and I keep having to restart it. I found that I could put up with this though, because when I restart it, it just picks up from where it left off. So I need a heavy dose of patience to download content updates, but it gets there eventually. But now when I try the app update, it cuts out completely and I have to start the download over from the beginning. If I could only get it to 100% without it cutting out, it would probably install okay, but so far I haven't been able to get it to do that. I live in a village in Africa so I don't have many internet options ... definitely no broadband out here! I have to work with what I've got, warts and all. Is there another way I could download and install the update file without having to go through the Accordance app's downloader? If there was a website link I could use to download it, I could probably use my download accelerator and get the file downloaded successfully. But so far I haven't found any place on the Accordance website for downloading updates.
  8. Bible programs are not there to merely provide searchable, highlightable and hyperlinked text—PDFs, iBooks, even text editors do as much, and are free. Bible programs must logically connect texts to one another and enable access at will, and do this well. Accordance (IOS on 10.3.3), has consistently failed to furnish a shining product. Each and every update has consistently come with ruining something that worked before, often without fixing what it set out to fix. This time is no different. The OT ref links in my notes, which were once working fine, are disabled, and haven't been fixed through several updates. The new heralded formatting (poorer in my view) is forced upon the user, without warning or the ability to prevent it, even after manually reformatting them. Checking the note settings, nothing seems to have been changed. Yet, in those old notes that I edit, the Greek text is all reset in Cardo, and in a smaller size then the English (which remains in Helvetica). The result is awful, but worse, I am not able to prevent it, or even correct it. You guys are undoing my work. I think I need to stop updating Accordance and retain my sanity.
  9. Hi, I am looking for an update on Schocken Bible module. Printed volume from Joshua to Kings had been published. Thanks. Eliran
  10. Davki

    Content update error

    Hello, I'm using Accordance 11.2.5 on MacOS "High Sierra" 10.13.1. I've now tried for two days to update content. However, earlier or later, either while downloading or after, while installing, the process breaks off with the error message: "Could not be completed, probably server probelm" (not literally, circumscribed by me). On other occasions, Accordance just crashed during installation. Are there any known issues or how can this be remedied? Thank you! David For your benefit (hopefully) I include the lastest crash log: Accordance Crash Log_29_11.pdf
  11. I live in Ethiopia where the internet is not especially fast. Often when I am attempting to update a module or upgrade the Accordance version, there is some break in the internet response or a power failure before the update is finished. When I try again, I must begin at the beginning of the module upgrade. I would like the process to be modified so that the update can pick up near where it was when the process was interrupted. Recently, I have been trying to get the new version of PhotoGuide 4. At 1.2 GB, it takes many hours if everything works. This morning I was happy to see that it was about 2/3 done (after 12-14 hours), but before it finished, something caused the update to fail. In addition, my internet change is based on how many gigabytes are transferred in a given month.
  12. Not so much a bug, as a required module update. If you triple-click a NT place name like Bethany or Nazareth, that should take you to Mounce' Greek Dictionary (prefs dependent). Mounce research links to places are still set for PhotoGuide 3. The link is dormant if you happen to have PhotoGuide 4. This is the case for all his place names.
  13. I can never remember where to find this stuff.....can someone point me to the list of what's new in 11.0.8?
  14. Nicholous Rogers

    Eerdmans Dictionary Update

    I just checked for updates and I see Eerdmans Dictionary shows up with the current version showing as 2.0 and the available version as 3.2 That sounds like a significant update to go from 2.0 to 3.2 Anyone know what this update includes?
  15. Nicholous Rogers

    Update Install Error Message

    I just updated several Accordance modules. The only one problem I ran into was an error message "The location of the file "BBonar-old" has changed (or is has been deleted) ............. I've run into and corrected a similar issue before, but for the life of me, I can't remember how to clear this issue up. Thanks; Nicholous Rogers
  16. I recently got updates on a number of tools (commentaries, Edwards, etc) and find that many of the highlights have shifted by various amounts (sometimes by a few characters, sometimes by multiple words, etc). Is there any way to easily remedy this? I have Time Machine backups of the previous versions of the tools. Thanks!
  17. I own a Retina Macbook Pro and was super excited to download the update for Accordance that supported the retina display. I have checked on the Mac App Store repeatedly but it does not say that there is any new updates for Accordance. Has anyone else ran into this? Thanks.
  18. I just updated my iMac (3.06 GHz Cord 2 Duo, 12 GB RAM) to Mavericks. I then purchased the Accordance 10 Starter Collection and downloaded it. I dragged the application to the Applications folder but when I try to run it, it bounces a few times then stops. The program won't run. Here's the thing. The old version of Accordance I had was 7. I was excited to read on the Stater Collection page "Owners of Accordance 9 and earlier can upgrade to Accordance 10 by purchasing this Starter Collection. You will still have access to all your current Accordance modules." I'm pastoring a small church and didn't want to have to pay for all my modules. I dragged the application to the trash and downloaded it again from the link in the email I was sent. Same thing. I can't get it to run. I checked for previous sessions and temporary sessions in the Accordance Preferences fold and there were none. However, that folder wasn't in the Library, I found it in an Accordance folder in my root directory?? It sure looks like the pervious install was incorrect and I'm really hoping for an easy fix. help
  19. Guntis

    10.3.2 Update problem

    Hi, Today I got a message that I can update to 10.3.3. I chose "Install on Quit" or something similar, expecting that when I will Quit Accordance, it will download and install new update. It didn't happen. After clicking Accordance menu > Quit Accordance, it did just that. Had to reopen, check for app updates and install.
  20. Dieudonne

    10.2.0 Crashing

    I updated to Accordance 10.2.0 today and have had close to 20 crashes. Are some of you having the same issue? Please, I'd appreciate any help.
  21. Ron Skrabanek

    Missing File

    Since I updated Anchor Bible Dictionary the file seems to be missing. Any attempt to open the dictionary brings up a Where is the file for the "Anchor" text? dialogue box. I don't think it is on my hard drive anymore? Ron Skrabanek Acc 10.1.7 MacBook Pro Processor 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac OS X 10.7.5
  22. TanjaRos

    User tool won't update

    Hi! I really need some help with using the Accordance User Tool. I'm very new to Accordance but have made a user tool for myself with notes from school. Unfortunately it has stopped updating! So now every time I make a change and try to update it, the pop-up window will come up and seem to update but as I exit the edit screen it will ask me: "Update the contents of "-" Edit?", I click on update but nonetheless no changes are made and everything I've changed is lost. I really have no idea how to fix this - has anyone else been through this before?
  23. Hi, Everyone! Bible Study with Accordance version 1.6.3 is now live in Apple's App Store. This free upgrade adds a number of new features and tweaks and eliminates some of those pesky bugs. Download it today!
  24. Mark Nigro

    App Update Crash

    Just letting you know Accordance crashed during the "Install and Restart" stage of the latest update to 10.1.2. I can send in the OSX report if it will be helpful.
  25. Mark Nigro

    9.6 Nice Update!

    Just a quick "thank you" to the Accordance team! It's the attention to detail that amazes me time and again. Notes feel more responsive when first creating and while typing away. Looking forward to using the "Diagram" window with the new enhancements.
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