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Found 3 results

  1. Is it possible to do a word search in UBS5 o NA28? When I start typing I get English letters. If I switch to the Greek polytonic keyboard, I don’t get auto complete for the Greek word I’m looking for (I often rember the word, but not the exact spelling)
  2. I have reviewed the limited discussion in these forums about the UBS Translator's Handbook series and don't seem to have seen any discussion about the value of the series for someone like me who already has the AYC, Word Biblical and Hermeneia commentaries but is tempted by the "very soon to expire" Accordance UBS Handbook offer. I would not need the UBS series to assist me in any of my own translating as I have only the most rudimentary knowledge of NTG! However, I am aware that, not only is knowing how best the text might be translated very useful to understanding English translations of the text itself (and reading other commentaries on it), but that the UBS also apparently operates as a verse by verse commentary, offering more than a purely morphological resource and aid. Before I let the offer pass, I would welcome hearing from anyone with experience of using the UBS series primarily as a commentary and whether they think it significantly adds to the textual commentary and help likely to be available from the other major commentaries (such as I have mentioned). Many thanks. Michael
  3. Christopher Smith

    UBS verse matching sometimes bizarre

    Using Accordance iOS on iPad, if I go to John 10.1 with UBS Handbooks-NT as my reference in the bottom pane, I will see: The Good Shepherd (10.1-21). This speech and the argument that follows…[etc.] This is a section from Appendix 1 ("The Jews" in the Gospel of John) in a subsection entitled The meaning of "the Jews" in each occurrence As this is an Appendix, it's a long way from the John 10 section that I would expect to find in the lower pane, and too many swipes to get back to John 10! I would prefer to have for the John 10 passage I'm examining in the Bible pane, the translation notes below on the subject of sheep and Jesus as shepherd. I can see that the appendix passage about the term "the Jews" does contain references to John 10, but that's the reverse of the desired behavior. When the notes are below the Bible text, the notes should follow the Bible text. I can always tap on the Bible references in the UBS if I want to see the Scripture text for that reference. In other words, in-text references shouldn't be the anchors in the UBS, rather the Bible references at the start of "passages"/paragraphs in UBS should be the tagged anchors which are the "handles" for synchronized scrolling. Hopefully my explanation and justification make sense!
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