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Found 4 results

  1. Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, Any advice on how to look up the different translations and occurrences of that translation of a single Hebrew word in multiple English translations. For example if I wanted to look strong's H539 aman which is most frequently translated "believe" in the KJV. Is there a way I could look up H539 and see it's different translations in the KJV, ESV, NKJV, NASB, etc., and the number of times it's translated those ways in those versions. Ideally all this information would be on the same screen. Would I need to purchase concordances for each version, or could I get away with only purchasing/downloading the different English versions? Advice on how to do this? I'm a newbie with Accordance. However, I'm pretty tech savvy, and can learn pretty quickly. Thank you for your help. Love in Christ, Brian
  2. Donald Cobb

    A new French-language Bible

    The Société biblique française released on September 20 an in-depth revision of La Bible en français courant. This is a major update of one of the most widely used Bible translations in the French-speaking world today. The Bible en français courant has been in existence since the 1970s and is used by Protestants, Catholics and Evangelicals. Its translation philosophy is between that of dynamic equivalence and linguistically/theologically informed paraphrase. The revised edition is somewhat closer to a "literal" translation of the Greek and Hebrew than its predecessor, while still retaining the goal of being understandable to a wide French-speaking audience. The revisions were undertaken by a team of sixty specialists, on the basis of the original Greek and Hebrew texts. You can read about it here, and get some more detailed information here. I would strongly suggest an Accordance edition! If there is interest, I would be willing to put Accordance into contact with some of the people involved in the production of this version.
  3. Having now started to use the iOS app regularly, it is mostly a very convenient solutoin. Apart from my biggest iOS annoyance (when you want to switch resources the search box only allows you to search the recently used items, forcing a click back to the main library every time I want to switch reseources using a search-i.e. every day, I’m still not quite used to remembering that extra step) the next biggest annoyance is that I can’t use my iPad to ask “what does this verse look like in all of the other translations”. I know a feature allowing extra panels would solve this, however I am not asking for a particular. Technological solution, all I am saying is, on my iPad, I frequently need to be able to ask the question “how is this verse translated in all of the other key translations”. Having to wait until I get back to a computer to do this is frustrating, as it means I have to suspend my reflection on a particular translational issue until later.
  4. For us who work with rabbinic sources would be very useful to expand the literature available, including the Jerusalem Talmud in hebrew and the midrashim collection in both hebrew and english translation. Thanks
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