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Found 6 results

  1. Hey. I've had Accordance for five years and I've loved it all the time. I'd love to hear other people's favorite Accordance features or techniques using Accordance that have helped you in your study of the Bible. Personally, I've loved setting up my preferences for triple-clicking and quickly jumping from a commentary to a dictionary to an atlas. It's been a blast to see this tool help me to dig deeper into God's Word. I've also loved utilizing stacks to organize particular studies. What has your favorite features or techniques using Accordance? I'd love to hear it and maybe pick up a few pointers as well.
  2. I purchased the Accordance 11 Seminar Training Manual and didn't expect that it would be earth shattering stuff considering that there are a lot of good podcasts available but I keep getting valuable nuggets if information every time I read it! Just this morning I learned something valuable: If you search in the "research" field (at the top right)and you find hits in a resource, and open that resource, when you click in the table of contents you will just open it...BUT if you "option-click" on the table of contents you open it right to your highlighted hit! Also, when you get to the highlighted section in the TOC, if you option click that, it restricts your search to JUST that section so you can refine your search even further without searching areas you aren't interested in. I hope I explained that right...but in any case...I highly recommend this book. Sure, it's slightly pricey....but to me, it was worth it for these types of things.
  3. Hi there! I've just upgraded to v.11 from v.7! It's fairly intuitive but I would like to have some form of User Manual for quick reference. I found links to video (.zip) files in Helen Brown's forum post of several years ago butthey don't work. "Accordance Basics with Dr. J." is a slide show that isn't "quick reference." Podcasts are okay but not "quick reference." Appreciate any help. Thanks, Ron
  4. Mark Nigro

    Training DVD

    Curious about the old Accordance Training DVD made by David Lang. Is it available on the Accordance site anywhere? I haven't been able to find it.
  5. andypearce

    Export vocabulary lists

    It would be great if it were possible to highlight a section of Greek text and easily export a vocab list for use in ivocabulary / provoc. Added frequency options would make it even better. Is that feature in the current accordance version?
  6. Accordance Team, Congrats on releasing the most beautiful and powerful Accordance ever! I wanted to know what kind of training opportunities you have planned. I VERY MUCH enjoyed the Accordance 8 Training DVD, but I would really love to see something similar for Accordance 10. Having some Video demos of the new features, setting up recommended preferences and most importantly, modeling expert use of Accordance is something that I believe many people long for. It is one thing to have a powerful program at your disposal, but something altogether different to have an expert show you how and why they use it the way they do, as well as highlight what features are most important. What plans do you have for helping people become more efficient and powerful Accordance 10 users? Thanks!!
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