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  1. When I create a Tool I use the little T things to create the categories and subcategories which then show as an index on the left of the tool (I can't remember what that is called). My problem is that the index is super small, on my screen it looks like maybe 9 point font while the text in the tool is more like 14 point. Is there a way to increase the font size of the tool index? Thanks, Kristin
  2. Michael J. Bolesta

    iOS device module "memory"

    I just changed my iPhone. Although most apps, contacts, preferences came across seamlessly via Apple's Quick Start, Accordance did not. The Accordance iOS app crashed, even when I deleted the saved session,cleared the download cache, reset Spotlight Indexes and Interlinear Settings. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it (perhaps I should have reset User Content; perhaps that would have preserved tools and texts; I did not try that). Now I have to perform multiple Synch with Mobile Device operations and set the display. I have a list of modules I like to have on my iOS devices, but this process is tedious. It is great that the modules are not saved to iCloud, saving time in backup, and space in my iCloud account. However... It would be so nice if there was a way for iOS Accordance to "remember" which of the many modules I have on my MacBook Air I would like to be on my iPhone and iPad. Could this feature be added? Thank you for a wonderful app used daily on all my devices: Accordance for Mac 13.1.4 [Mac OS X 10.15.7 Mid 2013 11 inch MacBook Air] Accordance for iOS 3.1.1 ( , [iOS 14.1 iPhone 12] Accordance for iOS 3.1.1 ( [iOS 10.3.3 iPad 4th generation] The LORD bless you and keep you.
  3. This is super basic, but I would just feel safer hearing from someone before I start messing with things. I am in the process of re-organizing some Notes and Tools, and some of their names need to be changed. Can I just simply rename them? Or is it important that I close Accordance and rename them from the note and tool in my documents? I am fairly sure I can just re-name them without a problem, hence the programs option to do so, but I am just feeling spooked and wanted to check. Thanks, Kristin
  4. Every time I click on the "Add Parallel" > Texts or Reference Tools to add a new pane, it's placed at the bottom of the main Bible text pane, as the second row. Why? Screen is horizontal, and if you divide it horizontally, you get even less real estate for reading text. Why Accordance can't be so smart and place new panes in columns next to each other until it cannot place them that way anymore due to the minimum pane width, and only then place them in the second row? Now, every time I add a new pane I have to move it up manually. I tried to assign at least a shortcut for moving it up in the System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts (⌥⌘U), but Accordance ignores it (although it appears in the menu!). Please give me option to add new panes in parallel columns, at least in the form of a checkbox in the app's preferences (in the Workspace or Appearance sections).
  5. Kristin

    names of Tools

    I have a question concerning the name of tools, and I am not sure if I should be posting this in General or Tech Support. In any case, I have a tool which is really disorganized. I am exporting the information to a Numbers doc to preserve it, but I am also organizing it at the same time. As I am doing this, I am realizing the tool is so disorganized that I would be better off just deleting it and re-importing the information in a better fashion. However, I like the name of the Tool. If I delete the Tool and then recreate a Tool with the same name, will that cause issues? I have run into experiences where I have accidentally created two Notes with the same name, and that HAS been a headache, so I just wanted to make sure that if I delete the Tool first it won't be an issue to call something else by the same name. I could theoretically just open the tool, select all, delete, and type over it, but from the tiny bit about computers that I know, I think that file would then be larger than if I just started from a new Tool, as each edit adds bits or something. Thank you for any advice anyone has. Kristin
  6. Kristin

    Hebrew issues in Tools

    I think this is a combination of a bug and user error. When I work in a Notes, I am able to continually type without changing keyboards or anything, which is really helpful. Since when writing in English I only need a random Hebrew word here and there, I just place the Hebrew inside parentheses and it works perfectly. However, if I try to type inside of a Tool, ANY Hebrew at all messes up things which are not even Hebrew and it does not respect my parentheses. I thus normally work in Notes. However, this one note was getting too large and really needed to be moved to a Tool. So I copied and pasted it, but it messed the text up so bad it is hardly usable. Attached is a screenshot. I suppose I have two questions: 1) Is there a way to practically work in Hebrew in a Tool without actually changing the keyboard? (as is the case in Notes, which is great). 2) Is there a way to copy and paste Notes with Hebrew to a Tool? Thank you for any help anyone is able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  7. When I display the contents of my Accordance Library, Parallels is at the very bottom of my Tools. I would like to re-position it close to the top of the Tools, but it will not budge--it's stuck at the bottom. Why? Many of the Tools I never use; Parallels I use all the time. It would make life easier if I could drag and drop it toward the top of the Tools. To add to the mystery of why Parallels cannot be moved, one of the Accordance tech support staff informs me that actually everything in the Library listing from Parallels on down also cannot be moved. Only items above Parallels can be moved. Again, Why? How about making Parallels movable, just like all of the other Tools? Robert Fowler
  8. Hi all. After recently upgrading Accordance and my iMac, I've found I can no longer copy bibliographical information from tools (e.g. commentaries like the BST New Testament series). Previously, I was able to do this with all my tools. Currently running Accordance 13.0.05 and MacOS 10.15.6. If I try to copy the bibliographical information on its own (Copy As > Bibliography), my clipboard remains blank and there's nothing to paste in Pages. I've also tried pasting in Notes, Text Editor and even the search bar on Chrome. There's nothing there. If I try to copy a text from a tool as a citation (Copy As > Citation), I used to get bibliographical information. Now, all I get is the hyperlink to the Accordance reference. I've looked at the bibliography settings, and can't find anything amiss. Settings screenshot attached. Help appreciated. Thanks heaps.
  9. Kristin

    Tool Font Size Setting

    To make this post even make sense, I will mention that I don't see that great. I thus need to make sure the text I use is large enough. When I work with notes, I usually use 24 pt font, and it views as 24 pt font. And that works great. (I don't standardize notes since I use different fonts). However, when I work with tools, it is completely different. I have it also set to view at 24 pt font, and it does. However, when I create or edit a tool, the text MUST be set to 12 pt font. (I likewise can't standardize tools since I use different fonts). - If it is 12 pt font in the edit window, it will view saved as 24 pt font. - If it is set to 24 pt font in the edit window, it will view saved as 48 pt font. I thus need to do all my edits with 12 pt font, but I can literally hardly see it. I am sure this is an obvious setting error, but I can't figure it out. I am attaching a screenshot which will hopefully clarify this. Thank you for any help you are able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  10. I'd love it if reopening a bookmark would restore any additional pane that was also open. I tend to jump from place to place in my daily readings, and almost always have a tool module open. This would make my Accordance experience even more seamless and enjoyable. Just wishing ...
  11. Nickcamp

    Purchased Works to PDF

    Hello everyone! I searched through the Forums before posting this, and didn't find anything that pertained to this specifically. I guess this suggestion begins with the question; can you download your purchased works as PDFs or EPUB formats? I think it would be good and fair for accordance to allow you to download your purchased works in a format that you can retain outside of the program. If you cannot guess, it came to my attention that the possibility of losing everything and all my investment is possible in the event that accordance shuts down. (Bible Works sparked this in my mind). While I hope that accordance never does shut down, I think it would be good and faithful for accordance to allow you to retain what you had invested in. I have had programs shut down out of the blue and I would lose very expensive programs and it is a horrible feeling. While I am investing in the features of accordance, I am also investing in the works that accordance offers, and so it seems reasonable to have this feature available. Thoughts?
  12. Sent this query to Oaktree: In my Accordance Library, under Tools, Parallels appears at the very bottom, but I would like to have them appear almost at the top, since I use them so much. However, even though I can click and drag most (all??) Library items up and down to re-position them in the listing of Library items, I cannot move the Parallels item. It seems to be stuck at the bottom. Is there a way to move Parallels toward the top, so that I can get at it more easily? Answer from tech support: Thank you for writing. The Parallels is the default ‘anchor’ of the Tools category of the library and cannot be currently moved. Me: There must be a reason for making Parallels an "anchor" in Tools, but the need for that is not obvious to me. All I know is that to get to the Parallels, which I use all the time, I have to scroll past lots of Tools that I never use. I wish I could 'elevate' Parallels to a prominent position toward the top. Cheers, Robert M. Fowler
  13. I like to change the default order of folders of Tools in the Library and add dividers to group them the way I like them. But the Parallels folder, which comes last, cannot be moved. I thought it was a bug, but a support person at Accordance informed me that it is made to be this way. Please make the Parallels folder movable like the other ones.
  14. Timothy Jenney

    #141) Advanced Greek Searches

    Advanced Greek Searches, podcast #141, is up and ready for viewing. Picking up where Basic Greek Searches ended, this podcast covers Searching and Amplifying to Greek Tools, Research in Greek, Search in, and a bit more about using Tags in Greek Searches. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/168213861
  15. Accordance's outline tool is great. But it would be great if the user could create a tool just like it but with their own content. Perhaps this is already possible, but I can't see a way. If I'm right and there isn't a way for a user outline tool to be created, I'd like to request it for a future update to User Tools. Thanks!
  16. I purchased the IVP Essentials OT Bible study, and I've set up a workspace to do the study. (I've learned a lot through my struggles with workspace and session, in order to preserve my setup and also have something to load when I reopen the program. Once I figured out I needed to name workspace and session differently—because they share the same file extension—I almost have everything working. However, Dropbox on a laptop messes things up. Each time I awaken my MacBook, Accordance is bouncing with a blue badge. It wants to restart the session as part of Dropbox resyncing. That's fine (two dialog boxes request permission to do the same thing), but the result is a workspace with my IVP Essentials title but showing a workspace lacking the left one of three zones. If I close that window and open my saved "IVP Essentials session", the left-hand zone contains IVP Essentials Tool, but is blank inside. I open its browser and try to click on things, but nothing appears in the text area of that tab; no highlight of the item clicked in the browser either. Workaround 1: If I quit and restart Accordance, I can open my IVP Essentials session and I can now see the IVP Essentials text. But the bottom half of that zone is blank (obviously masked out, and the cursor changes at the "mask line" to one for dragging pane edges, however the "mask line" can't be moved. The masked area is there because the bottom of that zone was used in my saved session for my User Notes tied to that Tool, but those User Notes are nowhere to be seen. If I click "Add Notes" at the top of the IVP Essentials tab, only Sample Notes and Sample Notes v2 are listed. Workaround 2: I go to Finder and double-click on "IVP Essentials notes" and it opens at the bottom of my right pane (of 3) which is called Mixed by Accordance. I drag it back over to the left pane where I want it, below the IVP Essentials tool text, and all once again appears as I saved the workspace and session. (…until the next time the MacBook is awakened and has to re-sync Dropbox, lol!) Variations from expected behavior: 1. Reloading a session after Dropbox sync should load the session you had before (especially if you saved at end of your last work session), looking as it did before. 2. Reloading a session after Dropbox sync should load the resources so they can be seen, not blank. 3. Saved sessions should retain which workspace was loaded, and arrangement of all tabs and panes, including User notes files. [Clarification: In my problems above, I'm not losing a user notes Edit window; I'm losing a user notes viewing sub-pane. I understand the edit window that pops up when Cmd-U is pressed. I don't leave that open when putting MacBook to sleep.] 4. User Notes files should display in the list of User Notes. They do appear in the Library panel, but it seems that UserNotes which are tied to a specific Tool should be in the pulldown in that Tool. "Add Notes" can mean "create a new Notes file", but it also can mean "add an area to this pane showing a particular Notes file". I apologize for lack of screenshots. I will snap them the next time this occurs. I can't reproduce this issue at will, as it only occurs during/after Dropbox re-sync. On the positive side: I love the ability to answer the questions of a study simply by adding User notes which are tied to that Tool. This is a newer feature, as User Notes used to only be linkable to Bible texts. These problems are triggered by the Dropbox re-sync. Perhaps this wouldn't even happen if I didn't lose connectivity and Dropbox could stay happily synced. Christopher
  17. Often when reading a commentary or similar, the tool may make reference to a passage of Scripture—and for that instance it would be helpful to be able to see both the original language in parallel with some other texts. Possible configurations that would be helpful, for example: - BHS / GNT, LXX, ESV - BHS / GNT, ESV, NIV etc. Now I know that you can open the passage up to another pane, but this would being able to quickly view a passage without leaving your place of reading would be helpful. Any thoughts or tips?
  18. when i upgraded to version 11, the program asked me whether i wanted it to rearrange the resources in my library into what it thought was a more coherent organization. I thought, sure, i'll try it out, and did. Now i have a lot more categories (folders), and most of it makes pretty good sense. However, i want to put Parallels closer to the top of the Tools list and put MT-LXX Parallels in the Parallels folder (who'd a-thunk?) rather than in Semitic Studies, and other tweaks that make sense within my work flow. I was able to move the useless Other Books folder closer to the bottom, place some items in other folders, and so forth. But Parallels, the bottom item in the list of Tools, will not move, nor will it accept any new content. So i'm stuck with it being below the bottom of my screen most of the time. Also, I really do want MT-LXX Parallels to be in "Parallels" because that's how I think of them. You know, as "parallels". So how do i change this? Thanx.
  19. Brian K. Mitchell

    Write Permissions Issue

    I recently acquired an SSD to upgrade my computer and am re-installing Accordance 11. While, do so few write permissions notification boxes appeared, only for tools, though. I am not sure if this has do with the way the SSD is set up or is different from my former hard drive.
  20. I recently got updates on a number of tools (commentaries, Edwards, etc) and find that many of the highlights have shifted by various amounts (sometimes by a few characters, sometimes by multiple words, etc). Is there any way to easily remedy this? I have Time Machine backups of the previous versions of the tools. Thanks!
  21. When the Instant Details pane is not displayed and I click on a verse reference in any of my Hebrew tools the following popup is displayed: If the Instant Details pane is displayed just hovering a verse reference results in the same popup. This seems oddly similar to the possible bug I reported yesterday that Helen confirmed for me but they may not be related.
  22. Hi there, just starting to import some different works into my own user tools. It seems self-explanatory but the only issue I have had so far is when I try to add titles/subtitles. I constantly get the "Make the title a separate paragraph before the rest of the text" error. It then shows me where the error is, so I move the title/subtitle up a line and it then works. The problem is that the preview for the title is no longer present when viewing the tool, it just shows a blank line... which defeats the whole purpose of adding titles. A little advice would be great.
  23. Just installed a collection and am organizing my tools. Am finding that some tools seem to be in the wrong folders, e.g. Hebrew language tools appear under Reference Tools of General Tools. Is there a way to move them to a different folder? I can move them within the folder they are currently in, but I want to move them to another tool folder. Thanks
  24. Anthony Sepulveda

    Instant Details for Magnified Tools

    I suggest an option to include an attached instant details window to a magnified tool (pretty handy, I think, also for consulting magnified analytics graphs).
  25. Could you please add option to "link" together the same OT and NT commentary titles? For example, when I open WBC-OT and scroll to the NT in the Bible text, I have to change commentary manually. Why Accordance cannot switch to the WBC-NT commentary automatically, or let me link to it? (As you did for the original language texts) I also wonder why do I need two different modules if I buy the whole set? Why there cannot be just one united module? If I buy the whole set, there could be just one file — less problems for you and for me too.
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