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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, how do I make the toolbar smaller in Windows? The Icons are too big. I see the option "Icons only" but the Mac Version has icons and text which are small enough to fit them on the screen. Windows: Mac:
  2. I have really been enjoying the Accordance Webinars. I have watched about five or more and they are wonderful and extremely helpful. One of the messages that is repeated is our ability to customize almost everything. Are we able to move a favorite module (in my case the two OT Hebrew Audio by chapter and by verse) to the toolbar? Many thanks.
  3. Grace and Peace OakTree Software, How are you? I just upgraded to the full version of Accordance 12 from a fresh installation of the Lite version, and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the issue I'm addressing, yet I thought I should mention it. So then, I customized the Toolbar, yet it continues to return to the default arrangement when I close one workspace and open another, or when I Quit Accordance and relaunch it. That's about it. Please help, or if this is really a bug others are experiencing, please put this on the list of bugs to swat. Thank you!
  4. Hi, I open Library, scroll down to My Stuff, open My Notes and select Bible Text Notes. Right-click and choose Save to Toolbar. I click on the Bible Text Notes icon in the toolbar, but it doesn't open my notes…
  5. Whenever I click on the resource icon in the toolbar, it opens in a new tab. Sometimes I wish it would open in the currently open tab as another pane. Could you add modifying key (ALT) to open resource in the same tab, just in another pane?
  6. Hi! Yesterday I read on your Twitter feed that I can drag icons from the Library window into the toolbar to create a shortcut to that particular resource. So I dragged my user note icon and … I found it doesn't work. Even worse, after submitting this bug report and clicking once more on that user note icon in the toolbar caused Accordance crash: Accordance Crash Log Program Version: 11.2.4 OS Version: 10.12.0 Message: Access violation Call trace: $0052C6F1 $0052C4BD $0052C22E $0048FDF2 $004909BE $00537C69 $00064DF6 $00064811 $9ED02D1E $92877237 $928771E4 $927BB201 $92DD334F $92DD0E33 $92DCF3C1 $92C756DE $000710C1
  7. Benjamin Gladd

    Bookmarks in Toolbar

    Hi all, To save time, is there a way I can put my bookmarks in the toolbar for easy access? Thanks!
  8. Benjamin Gladd

    Highlights in Toolbar

    Forgive me if this has been covered, but I'd like to see highlight buttons available for the toolbar. As it stands now, one has to click on the highlight button and then click the right color (see image). There is also the ability to pop out the highlights into a separate window, creating a widget of sorts. Perhaps we could have the option to allow any color to be available in the tool bar, eliminating those steps. I'm probably not the only one who uses the highlight feature nearly every time I open Accordance, and a tweak like this would be quite useful. Thanks!
  9. markchenhalls

    Info pane icon option for toolbar

    Please add the "Info Pane" icon as an optional icon to add to the toolbar The Info Pane is a fantastic resource. However causing the info pane to display is not intuitive It is currently an option under "Add Parallel" I understand there is a keyboard shortcut (however, the keyboard shortcut [command + letter] is not displayed so a person must remember the keyboard shortcut) There are times when a person wants to hide / unhide the info pane Adding an info pane icon in the toolbar will make it quick and easy for the user to hide/unhide this panel. It will also remind them about the wealth of info that this panel contains
  10. I search for some word in the Bible, get the result list. I open particular verse in its context, wan to see it in Greek, so I want to switch to GNT-28, but… here Accordance doesn't show Bible text menu in the top toolbar (center). Please add it.
  11. 1) Could you please add History/Bookmarks button in the toolbar? Sometimes it's faster to navigate that way. 2) When I tap-and-hold Back or Forward buttons in the bottom toolbar on iPad, Accordance app could show the list of the Bible references I can go to directly, instead of going through them one by one.
  12. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but when I try and use separators to customize my toolbar, sometimes they show up as a vertical line but most of the time they just seem to add a little extra space between buttons. One time I got it to show up as a line and then they later changes into space or padding between the buttons. Normally it's hard to get them to show up as a line. I only managed it once. Let me say, though, that having Accordance for the PC is stupendously wonderful. I used the emulator for years but it was clumsy and eventually grew unstable, at least on my system. I use Bibleworks and Logos as well but much prefer the usability of Accordance.
  13. E-Library

    Bug: Toolbar view

    I like the added view features of the toolbar, where you can now select "Icons and Text" or "Icons Only". When I select "Icons and Text" I get screenshot #1. Are the vertical lines (spaces I guess) anomaly or by design? This occurs when Accordance is not at full screen. When at full screen, the toolbar looks normal. When I select "Icons and Text" and then select "Icons Only", I get screenshot #2. My search box seemed to have shifted to the right or something. To fix, I have to select "Customize Toolbar..." and then close the toolbar customization window. Can anyone repeat the display anomaly(ies) on a Windows 7 SP1 64 PC using Accordance Thanks, David
  14. I customized my toolbar for Accordance on a Windows computer. Anyone know which file this is that stores the toolbar customization? I want to copy it over to another computer that has the same Accordance installed. Thanks, David
  15. Anthony Sepulveda

    Include Toolbar for New Workspace

    Along with the Instant Details window, I suggest the option to also include the Toolbar to a New Workspace. It would come in handy especially for working full-screen on the New Workspace.
  16. Could you please make bottom toolbar the same look as the top toolbar? That horizontal dividing line for the top toolbar fades out at both ends. I think it should be the same for the bottom toolbar. The toolbar shading also should be different. Bottom toolbar still has "glass" shading, while top toolbar is more "flat". Make bottom toolbar to look the same as the top toolbar.
  17. I'm having a problem with toolbar. Some of my "User tools" will not open from the toolbar. They work from the "New" shortcut (the one all the way to the left on the default toolbar) but not from the "User Tools" shortcut... They also work from the menu... It seems to be confined to User tools i have in folders, which are most of them for me... Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks for the great product!!!
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