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Found 25 results

  1. Hi. After a recent update to Accordance iOS I found that Easy Install listed all the Atlas files and Timeline as downloadable. I downloaded them but the only module that appears is Atlas Site information. If they’re not compatible yet is there any way to delete the files I’ve installed?
  2. Kristin

    small Timeline bug

    I think I just noticed a small bug. Under "John the Baptist Imprisoned" there are several Scripture references, but all the Scripture references go to Matthew, regardless of the verse selected. All the other titles seem to link fine to whatever verse they are linked to.
  3. Regenegade

    Timeline wish list

    I really like the timeline. I like seeing the relationship of different events and people to each other. I understand why you have not gone beyond the archaeologically verified events. But since there are probably many of us that have gone in and added other things to the Timeline it would be really cool if there was a way to share the work that we have done. I would like to see some of the work that others have done and bring that into my timeline. So I would really like to see a way to export and import custom timeline data. This feature would help to fill a real gap in the timeline part of accordance and make it a much richer resource. For instance if someone has done the work of incorporating the newer view of time on overlapping upper and lower Egyptian dynasties I would love to get that. I have done the timelines leading back to Adam and there are probably many who would like to have that. I thought I would start this topic to see if there were other ideas that would make the timeline even better then it already is.
  4. jeffscoggins

    Timeline color question

    I am trying to understand the gradient colors in the timeline. For example, a prophet has both a darker red and a lighter red as part of his timeline. I have been searching for an explanation for that color difference and am stumped.
  5. I love the new advanced Accordance Timeline. What a joy it will be to search not only biblical history but also church history. I noticed that when I installed the new advanced timeline, a folder was creation my desktop entitled, "Previous Accordance Settings". In the folder are two items: Timeline and User Items. Should I put this folder in the Accordance folder on my HD. Should I delete these older files? Thanks. Louis Lapides
  6. When clicking on the hypertext of an item in the timeline I get an error message that the text "HCSBS" is not currently available to Accordance. For example I clicked on Josiah then clicked on the hypertext "2Kings 22:1-23:30" I get the above error message. This also happens if I hover over the reference. In my Preferences under Timeline Display --> Hypertext I have the Default text set to ESV with Strong's.
  7. I do not get the Instant Details when I am in my timeline, any ideas why or what I can do?
  8. I am experiencing a weird issue with the timeline, and I am not sure if it is a bug or user error. In any case, whenever I search for anything, 1 Corinthians is highlighted as the hit. If I search for Revelation, Moses, or Luke, it really does not matter, EVERYTHING points to 1 Corinthians. I restarted Accordance but it is still happening. I will attach a screenshot where I search for Moses so you can see my results. Thank you for any help you can provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  9. Joel Arnold

    Timeline Custom Lists

    I am wanting to create a custom list for a class following major apologists. I'd like to have the list with them pulled out so that I can choose to display only the apologists on the timeline. I see how to define a custom list. I can't figure out how to make the timeline display only that. I just spent an hour clicking around in user guides and can't get it. Is a custom list the way to do this? And how do I display it?
  10. Fabian

    Luther 2017

    Hello In 2017 comes a new Luther Bible. It would be cool if this were able in Accordance for the 500 year anniversary. And if Accordance can update the Timeline with the "Dates" See timeline in http://www.luther2017.de Greetings Fabian
  11. markjulie@mac.com

    Reset Timeline defaults

    Is there a method to reset the Timeline preferences to default without resetting all other customized preferences? I have watched a few tutorials and modified/deleted some that would be useful. Reset would be simpler than troubleshooting the quirks I have created.
  12. I set the hyperlink default tool of my timeline is the NIDCC but when i hover the items, they do not always link to NIDCC; it looks like they link to different resources randomly in the Instant Detail box. Also when i click the hyperlink (please see the screenshot) it does not link to any resources. Chris
  13. davehagelberg

    Apocalyptic Books in Timeline

    Some non-canonical books are shown in Timeline, it would be great if non-canonical apocalyptic literature was included!
  14. Could you please add an option to show/hide vertical lines in the timeline? Those division lines in the timescale bar —just continue them across the timeline. Another option —when I move cursor across the timeline, I see a corresponding line moving in the timescale bar. I wish the opposite also could be possible —when I move cursor over the timescale bar, a line would be drawn across the timline. Otherwise it's visually hard to see exact dates.
  15. farcas

    Timeline-Atlas Feature

    Just an idea, but one I think would be amazing... What if there was connection (something akin to the LINK command) between different resources and the Atlas or Timeline....or the Atlas to the Timeline...? Imagine scrolling through a time period and seeing the atlas transform based on the time! This would certainly sanctify the imagination! Thanks!
  16. Timothy Jenney

    #139 Accordance Graphics Bundle

    To celebrate our special sale on Accordance's Graphics Bundle, we have a brand new podcast this week! This podcast replaces an older version (#15), which was produced years ago at a measly 600x400. It was great for the day, but was beginning to show its age. Our latest Lighting the Lamp podcasts are all full HD (1920x1080), so there's lots more space to show off these amazing three graphics resources. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/164200469
  17. paulnystedt

    Interactive Timeline and Map

    1. I would really love to see the timeline be more interactive. It's a little cumbersome to use. It'd be nice if you could narrow the search or topics and only have those items displayed. It looks a little outdated as well. 2. I would like to see more dates, or the ability to purchase to add more dates to the timeline (modern, world history, etc). 3. I added the map in here because the current way of clicking or combining custom maps is a bit cumbersome as well. The different categories make it a bit difficult. It would be nice to have the option to have interactive timelines and maps.
  18. bellis

    Timeline Region Merge

    I would like to be able to merge region layers (greater edit / user modification of region (and other layers) in the timeline product. For example; the various Roman Empire Regions...It would be nice if I could take all that information and simplify it to just Roman Empire. If this is already available and I simply do not know how to do it....my apologies. Thanks in advance...
  19. Hi, I’d like to request that more information be available in the Accordance timeline. One thing that I’d like to see is birth/death dates for the Patriarchs, like in the attached JPG. The information about how old they were when their first son was born is interesting too. (Perhaps there could be an option to show or hide these dates?) And, the more scripture references connected with the events on the timeline, the better. Thanks for all the hard work on version 11. It’s much appreciated.
  20. Hi, i hope this module will get some more "love" in the feature.. My problems 1. selection problem I just can select a year for the timeline data. When I try to select more years it results in weird times.. e.g.: i select 900ad to 1000ad - it results in -2949 - -2850 ?!?!? When i click on 900 i get the results for the year 900... Edit1: 1a: Theres also a limit to the year 2000 ? Can I expand this? 2. searching Cant I search for user items AND accordance data at the same time? - also search all doesn't find my user data in timeline.. like when I search for "Martin Luther" - i added him in the timeline. Not specific timeline problem: german translation for all names etc. ? prb have to replace all accordance data with user data.. when i do so maybe U can use this translated data for a future language switch in this module? Suggestions: I would like to see a field for user notes to the data - so i can fill in some more specific info. (e.g. exact birth date for a person etc.) - are there any plans for the timeline / atlas module for new features etc. in the nearer future? More regions: i like to have France / Germany / Switzerland regions .. World alone doesnt fit my needs for like things happened in the reformation... TY! and congrats for 20 Years - great software..
  21. Hi, I'd like to request the ability to use pinch and spread to zoom in and out of maps, pictures, timeline, etc on our computers. Many of us are so used to pinching and spreading in iOS devices that we try to do that on the computer and it doesn't work... So, the more iOS like you could make Accordance for the computer the more natural it would be for many of us to use. Thanks, Philip
  22. I would like to suggest a Drag tool (maybe by holding down the space bar, like in Photoshop or other graphics/pdf programs) for the timeline and the atlas, to facilitate quick diagonal (or non-linear) movement, which isn't as quick to do with the scrollbars. And along with that, also to allow (for the Windows version, at least) the Ctrl+MouseWheel combination to quickly zoom in/out of a map or timeline. Also, I think it is also useful to allow zoom in/out of the Hits Graph (with '+' or '-' buttons, or via Ctrl+MouseWheel), to get to identify and view the graph hit points with more precision.
  23. I did a clean install with Mountain Lion and managed to reinstall Accordance by manually copying all of the folders and files to the same locations in the clean system. But it seems that only Timeline is not working correctly. It shows up as installed (grayed out) in my "Easy Install" list of purchased items, but when I choose Timeline from the file menu, nothing happens. How can I repair it? Or how can I uninstall and then reinstall Timeline? Thanks!
  24. I upgraded to Accordance 10 from 8 a few months ago. I did not think to check Timeline at the time. I cannot find Timeline and I cannot re-download it either from the website or from Easy Install. When I open Accordance, Timeline appears under "Background" in the Library sidebar. I also customized the toolbar with the Timeline icon. If I click on either, a Finder dialog pops up asking for the file "Time data." I have a file "Timeline" under ~/Library/Preferences/Accordance Preferences but it seems to be a user file and deleting it does not convince Accordance that Timeline is not installed so I can re-install it. How can I get Timeline back into my Accordance world?
  25. Scott Stringer

    Timeline Details in v10

    I haven't seen this problem yet listed in the forum. In Timeline, the window at the top that lists details for items when clicked (Name, Date, Scripture reference), appears to be in the wrong spot, squeezed between the option selectors. It's not there if no item is selected, and then appears as a narrow tall white rectangle when an item is selected on the timeline. See attached picture. Confirmed that the problem is still there w/ 10.0.1. Thanks! -Scott
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