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Found 7 results

  1. Michael J. Bolesta

    iOS device module "memory"

    I just changed my iPhone. Although most apps, contacts, preferences came across seamlessly via Apple's Quick Start, Accordance did not. The Accordance iOS app crashed, even when I deleted the saved session,cleared the download cache, reset Spotlight Indexes and Interlinear Settings. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it (perhaps I should have reset User Content; perhaps that would have preserved tools and texts; I did not try that). Now I have to perform multiple Synch with Mobile Device operations and set the display. I have a list of modules I like to have on my iOS devices, but this process is tedious. It is great that the modules are not saved to iCloud, saving time in backup, and space in my iCloud account. However... It would be so nice if there was a way for iOS Accordance to "remember" which of the many modules I have on my MacBook Air I would like to be on my iPhone and iPad. Could this feature be added? Thank you for a wonderful app used daily on all my devices: Accordance for Mac 13.1.4 [Mac OS X 10.15.7 Mid 2013 11 inch MacBook Air] Accordance for iOS 3.1.1 ( , [iOS 14.1 iPhone 12] Accordance for iOS 3.1.1 ( [iOS 10.3.3 iPad 4th generation] The LORD bless you and keep you.
  2. Every time I click on the "Add Parallel" > Texts or Reference Tools to add a new pane, it's placed at the bottom of the main Bible text pane, as the second row. Why? Screen is horizontal, and if you divide it horizontally, you get even less real estate for reading text. Why Accordance can't be so smart and place new panes in columns next to each other until it cannot place them that way anymore due to the minimum pane width, and only then place them in the second row? Now, every time I add a new pane I have to move it up manually. I tried to assign at least a shortcut for moving it up in the System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts (⌥⌘U), but Accordance ignores it (although it appears in the menu!). Please give me option to add new panes in parallel columns, at least in the form of a checkbox in the app's preferences (in the Workspace or Appearance sections).
  3. Hello! I think it would be good to be able to have the New World Translation, the book of Mormon and texts of that nature for apologetic research within concordance. I'm always using a print NWT to find changes and inconsistencies in translation and it would be handy to have that on deck. Just a thought, though, I imagine that you have to have permissions and things of that nature for that, but JW.org seems to be okay with the free offering of such resources as I received my NWT for free and they have their study notes, publications, etc, on their website. While the notes and KIT may be difficult to get, the NWT at least would be helpful! Edit: I noticed a NWT request in the General Topic. I have yet to read through all of it.
  4. I'd like to know if Accordance can display multiple texts in the same pane as in BibleWorks (see attached image). At times I find this a helpful option (as opposed to opening one pane per text side by side). Thank you! James
  5. mfisch53

    Instant details

    I request that instant details would give an option to show parallel texts especially English and Hebrew or Greek or any combo Bible text when you click a lexicon or a commentary and hover over a Bible reference.
  6. How export text from accordance to a word file?
  7. When I click on the NIV link in an entry in the Mounce Greek or Hebrew dictionaries I get the message 'This hyperlink cannot be shown because the module "NIV11-GK" is not installed. For the NIV I have NIV11 installed, but not NIV11-GK; however, I do have NIV-G/K installed (the 1984 version of the NIV, with G/K numbers). Is there a reason why the Mounce dictionaries do not provide links to the NIV-G/K module? Are there other modules with Strongs or G/K numbers that do not have links? Is there a way for me to link to my NIV text from these dictionaries?
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