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Found 6 results

  1. Does any one have some suggestions for good utilities for when teaching with Accordance for Windows? I am specifically looking for utilities that highlight the cursor or a portion of the screen, automatically show the computer keys as they are pressed, and/or allow one to draw highlights, arrows, rectangles, and other annotations on top of application windows. I'm very familiar with these kinds of things for Mac, but not for Windows. Thanks!
  2. I recently saw this feature added to a note taking app I have called GoodNotes that I think would be awesome to have on Accordance. It allows for a Display Mode in which only the Bible text (or other specific resource) is displayed via projector/screen. But I, the presenter gets to still see the entire interface - beit on laptop/tablet - and can add highlights, underlines, arrows, etc., while the students/congregation only sees the effects of my actions on the text shown on the screen. Whatever gets shown could be switched from Bible text to commentary, map, timeline, etc., making the sermon/presentation/lesson way more interactive and a lot more intuitive for us the presenters. Thank you for all the GREAT features already built into this AMAZING app!!! Pastor Ariel
  3. For clergy, great books are the best investments this side of heaven. Such volumes deliver the fruit of countless years of scholarly research, writing, teaching, and preaching. That’s particularly true this week...
  4. I recently encountered this book in hardcover, but have already seen its usefulness for biblical studies, the history of biblical interpretation—and particularly—teaching. It is a trove of information regarding the history of biblical interpretation (and misinterpretation) as it has been perpetuated through English literature, and how that literature has affected our understandings (and oftentimes, misunderstandings) of biblical narratives. A person, place, idea, theology, etc., is is found in the dictionary, and the entry discusses how that topic has been understood and addressed in English (and sometimes other bodies of) literature. For those of us that teach, or plan to teach—especially in a university classroom, but even in a seminary, pulpit, or high school—this would be a great resource to have in accordance, not just for its ease of communicating lecture examples, but also for the happy event of increasing one's sensitivity to literature, biblical and otherwise. For those interested, this book may be found on Amazon, here. Having it as an Accordance module would make it incredibly more helpful (and likely to reach more people!)
  5. Timothy Jenney

    #98) Teaching Tips and Handy Apps

    Teaching with Accordance? Check out these handy utilities! http://youtu.be/eeXnt8XDHJA
  6. Hello everyone! I have a question: Do I have to get permission from Accordance to teach, train, or write (on my blog) about Accordance software? If there is a procedure, would you (anyone) please let me know? Thank you.
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