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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there, I really appreciate Accordance and use it almost every day. However, I hope you could correct this bug in the near future: When I work across various platforms and websites, I use the standard Hebrew keyboard. It is mostly compatible with Accordance but not fully. When I type in a Tag in the command line, I hold Shift to ensure English letters are typed instead of Hebrew. This mostly works, as you can see below: However, there is one letter that does not work! I cannot type in the letter "A" using this technique: Now it types "QvL" instead of "QAL," etc. This is frustrating me. Now I have to switch from The Hebrew keyboard through Greek, Syriac, back to English, and then back to Hebrew to work on the next site / platform of research. Hope you can sort this out soon, Shalom.
  2. I've run into a problem with the GNT28-T module. I did a search which included the Greek word ειμι (EIMI) in active voice which came up empty. Looking into this, I found that EIMI is undefined as to voice, apparently in all instances. I am hoping this can be corrected. I also find that the nouns in the same module remain undefined as to proper or common. I would think this could easily be corrected by writing a short program which would tag all uncapitalized nouns as common and all capitalized nouns, except those initiating a sentence, as proper. Nouns initiating a sentence would need to be checked individually. Thank you, David Moore
  3. I am having some confusion concerning finding the correct count of a enosh and would appreciate any help anyone is able to provide. While I know I am able to get more hits of a word looking at the Hebrew word (since not all words are tagged), I am getting a DRASTICALLY higher number with the key number than with typing the word, even though the key number is that of enosh (which is not the same number as ish...). Further, when I look at verses among the larger hit count I often can't find the word in the text, so I am just confused. Attached a picture expressing my confusion. Thank you for any help anyone is able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  4. Hi, Some of the counts are off in the tags. For example, if you search the tagged targum for occurrences of atal (aleph-tet-lamed) the concordance says that there is only 1 example but then it gives 2 citations: Ecclesiastes 3:2 and 2 Chron 24:21. Am I not using this right or is there a major problem with the tagging? There are quite a number of these. also in the concordance the verb ayca (aleph-yod-kaph-aleph) also claims to appears only once but is cited in job 42:11 and proverbs 19:7. Nick
  5. I'd love to see a tagged version of the NET. This is one of my go-to Bibles (both for the freshness and faithfulness of the translation and for the notes), and pretty much the only one I regularly reference that isn't tagged. Based on Bible Web App's websites (http://biblewebapp.com/v2/app/index.html and http://biblewebapp.com/study/), it seems like someone has already done the work of tagging the NET (see also the NET's website, net.bible.org).
  6. Marshall A. Fant

    Compare Text Issue, 1 Corinthians 4

    I have a very strange issue—when setting up 4 panes, KJVS, NAS95S, GNT-TR, GNT-T and comparing differences, the program crashes whenever I go to 1 Corinthians 4. Very strange. It works in 1 Cor 3 and 5, just not 1 Cor 4. I made a video of this (it's unlisted— CLICK HERE, youtube link). Thanks.
  7. Timothy Jenney

    #141) Advanced Greek Searches

    Advanced Greek Searches, podcast #141, is up and ready for viewing. Picking up where Basic Greek Searches ended, this podcast covers Searching and Amplifying to Greek Tools, Research in Greek, Search in, and a bit more about using Tags in Greek Searches. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/168213861
  8. When I click on the NIV link in an entry in the Mounce Greek or Hebrew dictionaries I get the message 'This hyperlink cannot be shown because the module "NIV11-GK" is not installed. For the NIV I have NIV11 installed, but not NIV11-GK; however, I do have NIV-G/K installed (the 1984 version of the NIV, with G/K numbers). Is there a reason why the Mounce dictionaries do not provide links to the NIV-G/K module? Are there other modules with Strongs or G/K numbers that do not have links? Is there a way for me to link to my NIV text from these dictionaries?
  9. accordance4me

    Notes - Tags

    I realized that while a search is nice frequently a I would like to see notes to have either notes or topics or even both.
  10. I love Accordance on my laptop as well as on my iPad. What I'm looking for in the iOS version is a more user-friendly grammatically-tagged text search, like we have on the OSX version already. Right now, if I want to drill down into, say, the Greek, after clicking the verb tag, I then have to type, e.g., part pres act ind to get present active indicative participles. The desktop version handles this with checkboxes after introducing a verb tag
  11. Rick Conklin

    Tags for verses

    Good morning to all. A number Mac applications allow me to add "TAGs" to whatever it is. I can add a tag or tags to my to-do in Things. I can add a tag(s) to photos in Aperture. My wish is that I can easily add a tag or tags to a verse in Accordance. Then of course I could easily sort or filter for the verses that had that tag (or tags) attached. In Things the tags are nested in a very nice way. ** This is not the same as doing a word search ** I may want to add the tag "Joy" to a verse that speaks "joy" to me, but doesn't have that word actually in the verse. Any chance of that in the future? ... Oh, and the tags would also move back and forth to iOS whenever I would synch the desktop version and the iOs versions. Yeah, I want the moon. thanks Rick Conklin Wichita, KS
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