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Found 14 results

  1. One of many examples. I think they should be fully G/K tagged. Best all of your text. Especially the OL.
  2. Kristin

    finding untagged hits

    Is there a way to locate the untagged hits apart from by hand? I am dealing with needing to go through over 1300 hits to look for 5 runaway hits. 😕 I am hoping I don't need to do this by hand. Thanks, Kristin
  3. Just noticed today that the Greek tagging is messed up badly for some passages. 2 Corinthians 2 and 1 John 4 and several others. When you hover over the Greek word in UBS5 it gives you the wrong word and/or meaning. For example, in 1 John 4:1 αγαπητοι is listed as an adjective meaning "therefore." In 1 John 2:8, when hovering over σκοτια you get the preposition and meaning for οτι. Many words don't highlight at all.
  4. Es posible que el módulo RVR95S no tiene algunás de las etiquetas que están en los RVR60S and RVR09S modulos. Por ejemplo, in Habacuc 1:10, solamente 'reyes', 'príncipies' y 'burla' están etiquetado. ¿Alguien más lo ha visto esto también?
  5. Hello, Is there any chance Svenska Folkbibeln 2015 would receive tagging? This would be a great update to the premier Swedish translation of the Bible.
  6. I have recently begun putting together a user Bible text. It worked just fine to add it to my Accordance (which is fantastic that we can do that), but it would be more helpful if I could also tag it (according to Hebrew tags, though it is a transcription of Hebrew). Is there any code I can enter in the .txt file for my user Bible or any way I can tag this text? I do not mind going word by word, but I am not sure if this is possible with a user Bible/text. Grace and peace in Christ, Ben
  7. The Kohlenberger/Mounce Hebrew dictionary sometimes pulls up the wrong definitions. Here are some examples: Genesis 1:11 - עַל - Accordance defines this as "upon, over above." KM defines this as "Most High." Genesis 1:22 - וַיְבָרֶךְ - Accordance defines this as "to bless." KM defines this as "to kneel down" or "to make kneel." Genesis 1:22 - וּרְבוּ - Accordance: "to be many, great." KM: "Greater Sidon" Genesis 1:26 and 1:28 - בִדְגַת - Accordance "fish" (noun). KM: "to increase, multiply." This also happens here: Genesis 2:3 - וַיְקַדֵּשׁ Genesis 2:5 - שִׂיחַ Genesis 2:7 - בְּאַפָּיו and חַיָּה Genesis 2:9 and 2:17 - טוֹב Genesis 2:18 - עֵזֶר - KM mentions "help," but seems to mention it as a cross reference. The main definition seems to be "Ezer." Genesis 23:12 - וַיִּשְׁתַּ֙חוּ֙ I'm using Accordance version 2.4.3 for iOS.
  8. At a basic level, Is there a way to go back and see what Journal articles you have read? Ideally it would be great to somehow tag or categories articles as you read them, so you can go back and dig out an article you read, i.e. search:romans or search:romans+atonement or search:jerusalem+hebrews or something like that. For now I am thinking I guess I have to make a text document and just paste in links to articles under different headings (Romans, Atonement, etc...)
  9. Hello Helen Was there some tagging progress since the Webinar on Vimeo, except the Lexem Lemma dilemma? On BHS? Will the BHQ be tagged when it is finished? Greetings Fabian
  10. theblackbluejay

    Ugaritic questions

    Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to Everyone! I have a couple pf questions regarding the new Ugaritic module: 1) The description page describes the module as consisting of "full morphological tagging." How is this being done? What morphological database or theory of Ugaritic grammar (there are multiple: Pardee does not agree with Sivan, who does not everywhere agree with Huehnergard, etc.) informs the morphological tagging? 2) Will there be a podcast or a tutorial on using the Ugaritic database? If there is not one planned, I would be interested in working on one once the module is released. 3) Any sense of when the initial module will be released?
  11. I just learned from Martha Halladay that none of the English translation modules contain Tagged Apocryphal books. (I own the Apocrypha [and Pseudepigrapha] in original languages, and several English versions which contain the Apocryphal book--but none are tagged.) Does anyone else wish Accordance would tag translations of the Apocrypha?
  12. Do any of you have a method of attaching sermon outlines to a text in Accordance? I was thinking it would be useful to have a tool sort of like the "Outlines of Bible Books" tool, but user-defined, so that I might go to Matthew 5:2, and find a conference message outline on that verse, and maybe one from church where it was Point one of the sermon, and I could scroll through the different outlines that I have taken notes on. I have attempted making a User Tool with some outlines, but I couldn't get the text to link to parts of the document. I was able to create a link for 1 John 5:6-9, but when I was in my text at 1 John 5:6, I couldn't amplify to it. So just wondering if any of you have attempted something like this and have experienced success. Thanks
  13. Dear all, Excuse me, if this is a silly question. I noticed that I only have an untagged version of the Septuagint on my Mac. I seem to remember that it did come with tagging. Also, the LXX version on my iPad is tagged. (I've got both the LXX tagged and (parallel texts). The desktop version seems to have lost these modules? (They should be parallel on both the desktop and iOS, shouldn't they?). So even if Rahlf's doesn't have tagging, there should be a tagged verson included. I'm currently on Accordance 10. I'm hesitant to upgrade to 11 not least because last time I upgraded from 9, some modules seem to have disappeared. I'd be very grateful if somebody could enlighten me on these things. Thank you, David
  14. Getinthebible

    Elohim in Judges 17:5

    Hello, I would appreciate any insights you all may have. I have been doing a study on what the bible means when it uses the word "god". This is so I can get a better grasp of the identity of God, who He is and what He is. This study has been ongoing for quite a while. I recently started to consolidate all my research into a user tool. I found that there was a discrepancy in the number of hits that are found when searching the NAS95S for the key number H0430, now as apposed to a few years ago. Namely in Judges 17:5, this verse used to come up with a hit saying that shrine was partly translated from H0430 elohim and partly H1004 meaning house. In other words the hebrew said a "house of gods" so it was translated as "shrine". My search now does not find this hit. I am no scholar but when I look it up in the BHS-W4 I find what I believe is elohim. I am worried that I am missing something that may have an impact on my conclusions. Is this simply a tagging issue or is there something else going on? Thanks for the help.
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