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Found 7 results

  1. Dear Staff! Thank you so much for publishing tagged Ps.Cl.Homiliae. Great and very useful job! Ideally, I would like to see Latin redaction of this early Christian work - Rufin's Recognitiones (both in English and tagged Greek text).
  2. Timothy Jenney

    Key Number Tagged Korean Bible?

    Is anyone aware of a Korean Bible tagged with Key Numbers?
  3. Dear Accordance Developers The German-speaking part is a very wealthy and open market. We are traditionally very interested in complete solutions with professionality. As a excited user from Swizzerland I often advertise Accordance in my christian environment. Especially Bible-school-students seem to be very interested in your Products. I appreciate hardly, that Accordance is available in German System language. Because you know, many people do not have very good English-skills. Did you know, that the Elberfelder Bible, Schlachter Bible and the Luther Bible are the most common and seriously used bibles in Germany, Switzerland and Austria? Two of these bibles you already sell in your shop, the Schlachter 2000 Bible and the new Luther Bible. I guarantee you, that the New Elberfelder Bible is especially in the universitary level and in many common german-speaking bibleschools recommended and used. I encourage and please you, to provide the New Elberfelder Bible for Accordance. It is the most closly translated version to the Hebrew and Greek Texts. Please think about it seriously: We are ready for you. We know, that you surely have many other language demands, for example spanish. I personally have Spanish blood, but I am convinced, that the German-Speaking-Part is ready for a Upgrade of your offers. the average German, Swiss and Austrian has enough skills and openness for modern Software. Please expand your Offers for German-Speakers. Especially I ask for a tagged Version of the Schlachter 2000 (TR) and the Elberfelder Bible (NA). The New Luther Bible is mixed with TR/NA, so I think it is not yet needed. But the Schlachter 2000 Bible and Elberfelder is like your NIV, very close to the Hebrew and Greek. I understand, if you have to prioritize your expansions and projects. But again I claim sincerely, that the German market is ready, wealthy and highly technology-friendly waiting for you. Please offer the New Elberfelder Bible online. Please offer a Tagged Version of the New Elberfelder Bible and Schlachter 2000. If you need more information about the German-Speaking part, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Grace and Peace from our God, the father, be unto you. Flavio Wirz
  4. Ιακοβ

    Tagged version of NASB

    Tagged version of the NASB please.
  5. Timothy Jenney

    #120) How to Study a Word

    The latest in our series of Bible study methods podcasts is out: How to Study a Word. Check it out! https://vimeo.com/124041887
  6. Hello; I'm new in the forums but an user of accordance since several months. I'm interested in the Peshitta syriac NT Module and I have two questions: -Does include the tagging also meanings (glosses) or just the morphological information? (for example in the pic provided in the description page there is no english meaning) -The hebrew-script transcription of the tagged version, is also tagged? I mean, can I, for example on an iPad, read just the hebrew script version with the morphological information, or I need always the syriac-script version in order to use the tagging? Thank you and sorry for my bad English. Best Regards
  7. Hello. I have to say thank you! I am so grateful for accordance and especially Accordance for iOS. What a blessing! Recently you implemented a feature which allows the user to see the Greek/Hebrew parsing information of applicable words in the instant details of a Tagged English text provided that there is a tagged Greek/Hebrew Text installed. Am I right? When the change first took place in the desktop version of Accordance it took a while for the change to take effect on my machine with regard to Greek but not Hebrew. I have BHS-W4 and GNT-TR. As soon as the change was advertised I could see Hebrew parsing in my tagged English texts, but it took a few updates for the change to take effect in the New Testament. I have found the same to be the case with iOS but I haven't yet gotten the NT to display parsing. Is this because GNT-TR is not sufficient? Or do i need to reorder something or reinstall something? I would greatly appreciate any help! Thank you! -Jason
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