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Found 2 results

  1. I'd love to see a tagged version of the NET. This is one of my go-to Bibles (both for the freshness and faithfulness of the translation and for the notes), and pretty much the only one I regularly reference that isn't tagged. Based on Bible Web App's websites (http://biblewebapp.com/v2/app/index.html and http://biblewebapp.com/study/), it seems like someone has already done the work of tagging the NET (see also the NET's website, net.bible.org).
  2. What Logos calls "sympathetic highlighting" is the ability to highlight, say, all the verbs of a tagged text with red font, and all the prepositions with blue underlining, etc. This is extremely helpful for reading, especially in the original language texts. And I think it would be quite easy to write into the Accordance program. When looking for Bible software, I almost bought Logos instead of Accordance because it could do this and Accordance currently can't. But I didn't... Another highlighting feature that would be extremely valuable (that Logos or any other program I'm aware of doesn't have), would be the ability to highlight all the occurrences of a certain word or root in one text (or in section of a particular text, e.g., a book or chapter) with a particular highlighting style. For instance, one of my mentors has a print Bible in which he has highlighted all the key Greek words of, say, Philippians in a different colors and styles. This has taken him years to do (and of course he's gained great knowledge just in the process of doing it), but if I could highlight, for example, every occurrence of koinonia, "fellowship" in Philippians in each of my Bibles in seconds, and then highlight various other words in a similar way, and then read through that text and notice them all together and how they relate, that would be incredibly helpful! Again, this seems like it would be so easy to write into the program to work for any tagged text. If this highlight feature were ever to make its way into accordance, another really helpful feature would be the ability to search any amount of text in such a way that the search results listed all the words (or roots) in that text in descending order (with the number of occurrences of each word next to the word or root). This would enable one to objectively notice what vocabulary is most prevalent in a particular book, or in a particular parable or chapter, or in all of Paul's letters, etc. From that, one could then decide on what words one would want to highlight in Philippians, or in all of Paul's letters, or in the Synoptics, etc.
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