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Found 11 results

  1. If I open a Note as its own tab to search for a word or phrase, the search box is always defaulted to verse instead of word. I always need it to search for a word, however, as if I needed a verse I would open a Bible. Is there a way to set it to always open to search for a word if I open it as its own tab? Thanks, Kristin p.s. - This is sort of a bonus question which is about Mac Numbers if anyone is game to answer. If I want to write a biblical reference I always have issues with it changing to time. For example, if I write "1 Tim 1:2" it auto corrects to 1h 1m 2s and 2 Tim 6:12 turns into 2h 6m 12s, which is super annoying. So I need to select all and change to text all the time. Is there a way for a new Numbers sheet to open as Text as the default instead of Automatic?
  2. I have a basic Tab question. I like pressing that little + to add a tab, and then I normally select the ESV or whatever I was reading. However, I ALWAYS have the Greek and Hebrew as a parallel. (Not interlinear, as a parallel). Is there a way to set it so that when I open a new tab it opens both a specific Bible AND the Greek or Hebrew as a parallel? Thank you for any help anyone is able to provide. Kristin
  3. Hello Everyone, When building a new workspace in Accordance, I would love the ability to change the tab colors like in Excel. I love that you can rename each tab but I think it will pop more if we could edit the color as well. Thank you and have a great day everyone! David
  4. I saved a workplace and then played with it and I wish to return to the original. I can find my labeled workplace but when I open it is as a new floating window. How do I get that floating window to become a tab, or where can I open that workplace so it is a TAB, rather than a floating window? Thanks.
  5. Hello, Could you please add possibility to add another resource in the same tab? For example, "Feasting on the Word Readings" and "Feasting on the Word Worship Comanion” could easily fit into one tab, and they go together. Or "Feasting on the Word Readings” and "Feasting on the Word” lectionary commentary. They also fit together. Currently I can put another resource only in a separate zone, but that immediately affects all tabs. There could be zones for each tab.
  6. Guntis

    Icon overlapping

    Hi, When I open my saved workspace, all icons look good. But when I switch to another tab and immediately back, icons overlap. See the attached screenshots. Accordance 12.1.3 for Mac. OS X 10.12.6. MacBook Pro 15.4" retina display, 4 columns in the workspace window, which is stretched to the full screen width. Plenty of horizontal space available, no reason to move icons on top of each other.
  7. A tab is open with the Bible text, plus three columns with the combined resources. Scrolling NT and OT texts is switching these resources, as expected. But if I duplicate this tab, instead of combined resources only the current resource is loaded. For example, if NIVAC-OT + NIVAC-NT was loaded in the original tab, then only NIVAC-OT is loaded in the duplicated tab. Please fix this bug.
  8. In the Preferences > Reading/Research I've set "Show results in full text". When I search all Illustrations, search results are shown in a separate fixed area in full text, indeed. However, that area (zone?) is very narrow, so I drag that zone into the main area, as a tab. In that moment all search results become hidden, only a few words are shown, if any. Please fix this bug.
  9. Timothy Jenney

    #146) Customizing Workspaces

    Custom Workspaces are a great way to increase our productivity in Accordance. They are like being able to instantly rearrange your study to work on another project! check out the latest podcast for six simple steps to creating your own: http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p146_customizingworkspaces.mp4
  10. Hello, When I click in user tool on any scripture link, it opens in a second tab in my workspace. I'd like to open Bible links in the first tab, not in the second. Played with the "Content is Recycled" button, but that didn't solve my problem. Either new tab is created, or link is opened in the second tab. (First tab has NRSV with two commentaries, second tab has NRSV with some other commentaries).
  11. I was wondering if it is possible to change the background colour on a 'Search All' window. At the moment they all come up in white. Thanks everyone, Peter
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