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Found 3 results

  1. Sebastian Amorsen Vestergaard

    Accordance won't sync with mobile device!

    Hey, I got the newest accordance 13 on windows 11. But I can't "Sync with Mobile Device" under "Utilities". It's just not an option? Here's a screenshot of how it looks. Yes, I have tried to re-install Accordance 13; and, yes, I have tried to close Accordance and open it again; and, yes, I am online with the internet. ALSO–but this is not a big issue for me, I can come around this one with ease–whenever I try to "Sync with Dropbox," and I try to log-in with my Google Account on Dropbox via Accordance website-pop-up, it says that the browser isn't safe?
  2. Michael J. Bolesta

    synching between iOS and new Macintosh

    I replaced my laptop, and wished to synch updated modules on my iPad2 and iPhone. Since they had been synchronized with the old computer, the only way to synch was to erase and reload texts and tools (a large number). It took a long time, but when finished, it was very spotty. Some were on the iPhone and some were not. I have been doing it piecemeal on the iPad to systematically get it "right," but it is lengthy. Anyway to retain this data (in future iOS versions) across devices so one does not have to "start from scratch?" Thanks for a great product. This was a pothole on an otherwise picturesque road.
  3. Hi there, I just started using accordance software, because it was recommended to me. So far I like most of it. I am using it on my MacBook as well as on my mobile devices (iPad). Actually I would like to use it on my iMac as well, but obviously the number of computers that can be synchronized with the mobile device is restricted to one only and there seems to be now way to synchronize my MacBook with my iMac. It would be very nice to see a change there. But my more important request: I am using my iPad for my daily bible-reading. I have my own reading plan, I do read some chapters in the old Testament, some in the gospels and the book of acts and some in the epistles. Additionally I read one chapter continuously, as this is the chapter we read as whole church. So it may be obvious that I need to have something like bookmarks to keep track. On my iPad I also have anther bible program installed (that synchronizes well with several platforms, cause it is done through a server) and there I can use bookmarks. As I really would love to move to one place for all my needs I have to wait for the bookmark feature. As long, as this is not there, I have to switch between programs. I really like the user tools. I can use it for my sermons. It would be nice to have additional formatting options like tables. But at least there are some basic formatting tools and I appreciate that. So are bookmarks to come? And is there a workaround for synchronizing between MacBook and iMac somehow? Megablessings Martin
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