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  1. Sebastian Amorsen Vestergaard

    Accordance won't sync with mobile device!

    Hey, I got the newest accordance 13 on windows 11. But I can't "Sync with Mobile Device" under "Utilities". It's just not an option? Here's a screenshot of how it looks. Yes, I have tried to re-install Accordance 13; and, yes, I have tried to close Accordance and open it again; and, yes, I am online with the internet. ALSO–but this is not a big issue for me, I can come around this one with ease–whenever I try to "Sync with Dropbox," and I try to log-in with my Google Account on Dropbox via Accordance website-pop-up, it says that the browser isn't safe?
  2. A new problem recently arose for me seemingly out of nowhere concerning my Dropbox syncing across my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. On all of them, trying to sync my content crashes the app. I didn't make any changes in my workflow. I had edited one of my user tools, which I frequently edit, went to sync manually with Dropbox, and the app crashed. I then tried it on my iPad and iPhone, with the same results. I thought it may have been a fluke, but I haven't been able to get my content to sync since a couple of days ago. I went to my Dropbox account and deleted the User Tools folder. I also moved the User Tools folder out of my Accordance Files on my Mac. I did another sync, and that worked, basically removing all of my User Tools. I slowly began re-importing my user tools into Accordance. I would import about 50, then sync. This seemed to work. However, after I got about half way through my tools, the Dropbox sync would start crashing the app again. So I tried to isolate a single user tool that may have been the problem, but to no avail. I have tried the 'Remove Saved Session' and 'Clear Download Cache' options in the iOS Accordance settings, but that hasn't worked. Any thoughts? On a side note, it would be really nice to be able to create and edit User Tools on the iOS versions. Editing my User Tools is really the only reason I ever open my laptop these days. Accordance 13.1.4 iOS 14.2 MacOS 10.15.7
  3. Hi there, I am using Accordance mainly on my iPad and iPhone, I have also installed it on my desktop computer and laptop. Situation: While reading the Bible I usually take notes in "user notes", I also highlight verses and/or words, and so on. After my reading time I usually hit the sync button on my iPad and after syncing I also do the same on my iPhone. This will allow me to have the same notes and highlights on my phone as well. Straight forward and simple. Now, as we all are well aware of, Dropbox had a policy change and charges a fairly high amount of money for subscription. I would like to see the feature to sync all Accordance files via a file folder. The file folder of choice, obviously can be located in a cloud folder, where in turn all files would be synchronized. Has anyone solved the same or a similar problem? Has anyone the same request? Matt 6:33 Blessings, Olivier
  4. Timothy Pauls

    User Notes Directory for Syncing

    Howdy. Dunno if it was the upgrade to 13.3.0 or user error (not improbable), but my user notes have stopped syncing between computers. Where should I locate my user notes for syncing to resume? The only article I found was from 2018, which said Finder>Documents>Accordance Files, but that doesn't seem to do it anymore. MacOS 11.5.2/Accordance 13.3.0 Thanks.
  5. Manuel Brambila

    Sync Tabs

    Hi, I would like to enter a Bible reference in one tab, and that my other tabs in the workspace automatically jump to that reference. So if I have a tab with ESV, another with a Greek NT, another with LSB, another with a French Bible; that I enter John 1 in the ESV and it replicates across the others. How to accomplish that? Thanks! Manuel
  6. ArnoldsBibleResource

    Highlights don't sync

    Hi Highlights don't sync. I tried all sorts of permutations. Thx A
  7. Hello! I use Dropbox on three PCs, my tablet and my phone. I use especially two of my PCs to an approximately equal extent, which is why I've tried to use the Dropbox sync function. I've set it to sync everything except Stacks, Papers and Current Session, and I've unchecked "Automatically Resolve User Note Conflicts" on both PCs. The bug, however, is that User Note Conflicts are being "automatically resolved" anyways. I wrote a comment to a few Bible verses in the User Notes on one PC, and I must have somehow synced the wrong way around, because after syncing on both PCs, the version with the latest additions was removed and replaced with the older version on the other PC without even asking me to decide which version to keep. Perhaps this is WAD, but if so, there should maybe be a warning that sync will overwrite files. A question: What does "sync with Dropbox" exactly do? Does it upload the user notes (etc) from the current PC to Dropbox, or does it download the user notes (etc) FROM Dropbox and overwrite the local Accordance files? Or does it somehow do both? What am I doing wrong? Best regards, Peter
  8. Jeremyt7180

    Notes syncing

    I am having problems syncing my notes from a new Mac to my iPad. If I add new notes on my Mac and try to sync with my iPad the notes that I have on my Mac are erased and cannot be found. Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance
  9. Not sure if this may be a bug or a feature request but couldn't find any threads prior. Using highlight and pen markings on desktop, then syncing through Dropbox (on Windows 10) so that I can access it on iPad The highlights sync but the pen markings do not Would be great if these would sync too? Thanks
  10. Hello, I have run into a major issue with syncing. I cannot sync my papers onto either of my iOS devices. The device specifics are listed in my signature. I am using the latest version of Accordance (Beta track and regular track on my Mac, regular track on my iPad & iPhone). All my papers are accessible on my Mac. Dropbox syncing appears to work on my iPhone X, but when I open up a paper it is blank except for the title information. Dropbox syncing on my iPad crashes Accordance. There are papers on my iPad, but like the iPhone only the title is showing up. User tools and notes appear to be fine on both. I have attempted to sync my papers with both devices via wifi sync as well (using the Beta & normal version of Accordance on my Mac), but none of my user items show up in the list of syncable modules.
  11. Related to the request for Android to sync Notes, is it also possible to include User Tools sync for Android? I think both tools would provide much more flexibility for Android users
  12. Whenever I sync my user notes with the Dropbox and there is something new in the user notes which need to be added to my Mac, Accordance closes currently open workspace (even if user notes are not open in any pane!) and doesn’t reopen it. I end up with empty screen. Just Accordance menu bar. However, when newer items are only on my Mac and they are being synced up to the Dropbox, workspace remains open. Accordance v.12.3.6, macOS 10.15.3 Beta 3 (this bug is already several months old, probably half a year, so even finalized macOS versions are affected, not just this beta version).
  13. I recently had to do a backup and restore operation on my iPhone. (It was a requirement for getting my phone unlocked so I could change provider.) I had forgotten that this results in the loss of my installed Accordance modules, notes, etc on the device. I've now re-installed a set of data that I think resembles what I want on the phone, through a sync operation. That's fine for notes and tools. But I'm sure the particular set of texts and modules I selected isn’t exactly what I had on it before, and what I had before I had developed by trial and error over several months. Is there a way of getting the iPhone Accordance content back to exactly what I had before the phone restore? e.g. would there be some files in my TM backup on my mac that would achieve this? Thanks.
  14. Eric J. Tully

    Sync corrupted highlight files?

    In Acc. 12, I had three highlight styles defined: a yellow, a blue box, and a red pattern with vertical lines. I had each of these style named. I would sync these to my iPhone and could add/clear highlights there and they would sync to my desktop- it worked beautifully. I upgraded to Acc. 13. Then yesterday, I added a yellow highlight to some text on my phone. When I clicked "Sync" (to Dropbox), I got an error message that said something about a highlight file that needed to be changed to support the new version, or something like that. Then, my three styles were gone on my phone. They have been changed to "yellow," "turquoise," and "magenta" with no patterns and no longer any labels. When I launched my desktop version (13) this morning, at first it showed me my original three highlight labels. Then it crashed. Then I re-launched and, before my eyes, it changed the three styles to "yellow, turquoise, and magenta." Does v. 13 no longer support text labels for highlight styles? Thank you,
  15. Hi, Recently I noticed that after syncing Accordance 12.3.6 notes and highlights to my Dropbox folder, very often Accordance closes currently open workspace and doesnt’t reopen it. I have to open it anew. MacBook Pro 15.4” (mid-2014), macOS Catalina.
  16. Recently I attempted to sync Mac library dividers to iOS, and although they synced successfully, every time afterward, the iOS app crashed upon attempting the next sync. This happened on both my iPad and iPhone. A window came up with an obscure error message, "I/O Error #%@ in the file '%@'." (Screenshot attached from iPhone for error message.) At first I did not know the reason for the error, but after searching the Accordance iOS help pages, I found the following statement under ‘crash while syncing’: “Blank or garbled rows in the Library window of Accordance for iOS may cause a crash when syncing. You can remove them like any other row in the Library View. Either swipe across the row (hit the Delete button to confirm the deletion), or enter Edit mode using the "Edit" button in the top bar of the Library View, tap on the delete switch for the row in question, and then confirm the delete. Remember to tap the "Done" button in the top bar of the Library View when you are done editing.” I then looked through my texts and tools in the library, and wherever I had synced divider lines from the Mac, there were blank rows in the iOS library view. So, following the instructions, I deleted all those rows. I did this on both my iPhone and iPad. From then on, everything synced perfectly again with the Mac and the issue has not recurred. Hence I've concluded that it is a no-no to sync divider spaces from the Mac to the iOS library. With this in mind, I'd like to ask for a bug fix so that the user cannot inadvertently get himself into a situation where he/she crashes the iOS app. Either: (1) Not allow blank divider rows/spaces to be synced from Mac to iOS in the first place, OR (2) If the sync encounters any blank rows, give a warning message to the effect that “blank rows found in library, please delete before syncing” (or similar wording), OR (It took me awhile to figure out the cause of the crash; I did not immediately realize the connection between the crash and the divider rows.) (3) Both # 1 and #2 above. From the help pages, it is a known condition that it's possible to have 'blank modules' that will crash Accordance for iOS when syncing. Can a fix be put in place such that it's not possible to have blank rows in the Library View to begin with, thus avoiding the crashes? Thanks for any help.
  17. Hi, I've discovered the ability to produce a .ris file of my Accordance library. I've also successfully imported this into Zotero. A great feature. However, it would be even cooler if there were a Zotero plugin that could directly interrogate the Accordance database on my PC and keep the lists in sync. This would be very useful indeed. Any thought? Mark
  18. Greetings, just began using IOS12 on an iPad and have synch'd using dropbox to my MacBook Air. My User Tools come across but... those User Tools I've converted to a Regular Tool do not sync and show up on my iPad. Is this not possible? Is there a step I've missed? Thanks for any help, Dave
  19. Robert B

    iCloud Sync

    I did a bit of searching, and did not find this topic discussed in this way, so I apologize in advance for duplicates. Is it possible to offer users a choice in cloud sync? With iCloud being so baked into our Apple products now, and since Accordance is very much made for Apple products, can it be an option for sync? I only use dropbox for Accordance and have a large iCloud account. In addition, I noticed on my iCloud app sync settings in my settings on my iOS devices, Accordance is there! Am I missing something? I do realize that there are a variety of users that have their own preferences, but is it not possible to offer a sync choice or maybe that could be in a future update? There are a few posts on this topic but they are old. 1. https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/20887-icloud-instead-of-dropbox/?hl=icloud 2. https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/21828-sync-with-icloud-drive-instead-of-dropbox/?hl=icloud
  20. Hi So I had just finished my finishing touches on my sermon preparation this Saturday night. I had written down and arranged everything on the "Paper". Right when I was trying to synchronise that Paper to the iPad for preaching via dropbox, the strangest thing happened. My paper did not synocronize and I still had an old version of the paper on my iPad. I tried a few more times to hit syncronize via dropbox and it did not work. Then I tried sync with mobile device and the same thing happened (it did not sync to the current version of the paper I had on the mac). Accordance then crashed and after I restarted it, the Mac had lost the paper! It was not even there at all! I went into the accordance files and navigated to the paper. I opened it and it was the same old version that was on the iPad. All my edits for that evening were gone! I however, had the sermon pretty well assimilated and could re-work it again. My concern is what if this happened just before I got up to preach? It could have been worse. Is this something that anyone is aware of? Did I do something wrong?
  21. Moments ago when I synched my Mac Accordance with iOS, I got a message stating that "My Highlights" could not be opened because it requires a higher version of Accordance. Sure enough, lots of marvelous highlights were gone on both the Mac and iPhone. (Tears) I restored "My Highlights.hlt" from last Saturday via Time Machine. That has restored the highlights on the Mac Accordance. The majority of the previous highlights that showed up on iOS no longer show up. How can I at least restore those that did show up? Versions: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.5; Accordance 11.2.4 iOS 11.4; Accordance Version 2.7.0 Build June 2018
  22. I just added dropbox on my iPad (a blank new Dropbox account), my iPad had a mobile notes file and did a sync. Then I added dropbox onto my desktop app, and I had a desktop notes file with a different name and did a sync. After syncing my notes and highlights from the desktop app (which was most of my notes). I am not sure what has happened. I have bouts of feeling, I should use the "User notes" feature more, it seems helpful. And bouts where I want to keep my files separate. I believe this instance has settled the matter for me. It seems best that users avoid any feature in Accordance that could be impacted by synchronisation. Especially if you feel like your user notes have any value what so ever. (And before anyone tells me that I can undelete drop box files, I have already checked, dropbox indicates that there are literally 0 deleted files in this new blank dropbox account.)
  23. Hi, I’ve gotten a hang trying to close Accordance or shut down the computer, with Accordance open, because Accordance wants to do a Dropbox sync before it shuts down. This is all good, and expected, but, it seems like Accordance does not know what to do when I am riding in the car and there’s no internet connection for my MacBook Pro. Dropbox sync keeps struggling to save my session, etc, and it will not let me shut down Accordance. I sometimes have to do a force quit. Is there some way that you can have Accordance check to see whether there is an internet connection available before requesting the dropbox sync? If there is not an active connection available, could Accordance save the session and wait until there is an internet connection before trying to do the dropbox sync? ------ Maybe what we need is for Accordance to switch the sync option from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Manual’ when we are away from an internet connection...? I think this would prevent the endless sync loop that causes the hang. Thanks.
  24. When I try to sync repeatedly Accordance on my iPhone it says there is nothing to sync. Whenever I try to sync repeatedly Accordance for Mac, it always has "Two tasks remaining". Why so? It should see that there is nothing to sync anymore.
  25. I have Accordance 12.0.4 on my Mac. I have Accordance 2.4.5 (Build on an iPhone 6. The app on the iPhone was recently transferred from an iPhone 5, and I could not get Accord iOS to work on the iPhone 6. I finally just deleted the entire app and reinstalled it. Now Acc iOS works, but, of course, I lost my user modules (user Bibles). I have used the iOS app very little, sticking mostly with the desktop version for Mac. Therefore, I'm really in the dark about how to do this (and I only recall that the last time I copied a user Bible from Mac to iPhone I did use WiFi). However, we're now traveling and I'd like to use the iOS app on my phone. Is there a way to copy certain user Bibles from my Mac to the iPhone without WiFi? My only internet for my Mac where we are staying for approximately the next month is a mobile hotspot from the iPhone. Do I just need to go find free WiFi somewhere and do it on someone's WiFi? Seems to me I should be able to just plug in the iPhone to the Mac and copy over my modules. Is that not possible? I've tried looking in Help on the Mac, but didn't come up with anything to help. I do have Dropbox syncing turned on on both iOS and Mac OS, but I think from what I read that only is for user highlights, user notes and such. Thanks!
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