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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, When I paste commentary text with the superscripted text into my user notes, line spacing changes for those lines which contain superscript. Could you please adjust superscript size so that it doesn't affect line spacing? Looks ugly. Try pasting this paragraph into user notes. Cambria font, 16 pt size. https://accordance.bible/link/read/Nicoll-Expositor’s_Bible#32022
  2. When I apply superscript to any selected character, I expect it to become smaller and somewhat raised above the baseline. In the User Notes, however, character's size remains the same, only character is being raised half a line up, this destroying uniform line spacing in the paragraph. Looks ugly. See attached screenshot.
  3. 1) Could you please add more options for verse reference customisation in iOS version of your app? I'd like to have non-bold font, and option to show verse numbers as normal digits, not as superscript. 2) Why do you use such a long colour list for font faces, not showing that colour? Better show colour patches, that's what colour is. Color is not the text. 3) Could you also add break between the Bible books and chapters in those Bibles which don't have it? (NRSV / NRSVS, for example). At least as option in the Settings.
  4. First time this has happened to me, and while I may be wrong, I do suspect it is incorrect behavior so I'll report it here. Scenario: 1. I have three workspaces open in Accordance 10. For purposes of clarity in my explanation, they are IBS Class Prep, Hebrew Language Study, and Sunday Study. Each with its own layout and very different modules open. 2. In my currently selected workspace (IBS Class Prep), I click on a superscript link in my ESV to open its cross references in my "Tools" tab that is already opened, containing other modules but NOT the ESV references yet. 3. Rather than opening the "ESV Cross references" into the "Tools" tab, it ties to one of my other two workspaces where there is already a pane open for the "ESV Cross references," thereby bringing that workspace (Sunday Study) to the front. 4. To get Accordance to open a pane with "ESV Cross references" in my desired workspace (IBS Class Prep), I had to close the Sunday Study workspace, although I would imagine that closing just the "ESV Cross references" pane would have sufficed. 5. Having left open my Hebrew Language Study workspace, I tried the same approach there. This time, rather than opening the "ESV Cross references"in that workspace, it took me back to my IBS Class Prep where there was now a pane open containing that module. Thanks for any feedback. Mark
  5. Not sure if this is because of a setting option somewhere that I have missed, but today I noticed that my 'Graphic Bar Chart' in the 'Search Details' window included all occurrences of the superscript letters (see image uploaded). Is there a way to eliminate this with a setting at this time?
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