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Found 2 results

  1. Donald Cobb

    Titles and subtitles

    Having just sent in a post about Kittel's TDNT, I'd like to follow up with a feature request for Dictionary, Encyclopedia articles, etc. I was going to put it in that post, but it concerns a more general problem. When searching in one of these resources, a word will often come up in an article that has subtitles. But in the "Go to" box, only the subtitle shows. In the bar immediately above the text, the only indication given is for the Dictionary, etc., and the name of the article's author. This means that, in order to know what article is being shown, it's necessary to open the TOC, and additional step, especially if you then close it, and have to re-open it when you get to the next hit, and so on. I would really appreciate something like the menu "that other software" has, where you first get the name of the resource, then, by hovering over that, the name of the article, then the subtitle of the visible section. This would make searches in longer works and articles—something I do on a regular basis—much easier and more time-efficient. Thanks for taking this into consideration, Accordance!
  2. Hi there, just starting to import some different works into my own user tools. It seems self-explanatory but the only issue I have had so far is when I try to add titles/subtitles. I constantly get the "Make the title a separate paragraph before the rest of the text" error. It then shows me where the error is, so I move the title/subtitle up a line and it then works. The problem is that the preview for the title is no longer present when viewing the tool, it just shows a blank line... which defeats the whole purpose of adding titles. A little advice would be great.
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