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Found 11 results

  1. The Complete Jewish Study Bible This is available for Logos. On Amazon, it is the #1 Best Seller in Messianic Judaism. Accordance has only the original 1998 CJB. I have the CJSB in print. The introduction mentions only two kinds of changes in the updated text: 1) Its much-criticized Yiddish terms are no longer used in the translation. Personally, I think people's kvetching was way overblown. In his defense: Stern used a mere ten Yiddish terms in the original CJB, which are commonly used in English-speaking Jewish communities, and they were included in the glossary. It's marketed as a Jewish Bible. 2) Some of the Hebrew (transliterated) words are now followed by translations in parentheses. I would like to do a text comparison in Accordance to see if any other changes were slipped in. The General Editor of the CJSB is (Messianic) Rabbi Barry Rubin. It appears that the original translator/author, David Stern, had no part in producing the articles that comprise the added study notes. While I don't always agree with the study notes (or even Stern's commentary), they bring a perspective on the Scriptures that is lacking in Accordance's current offerings. As far as translation accuracy, I think the Tree of Life Version (TLV) is a far better Messianic Bible (no paraphrasing, for starters), which thankfully Accordance has. The TLV seems about as reliable as the NASB. However, the CJB is uniquely valuable above other Bibles in many ways: most notably, its long introduction packed with interesting information and commentary, exhaustive Hebrew name transliterations, novel challenges to entrenched norms of Christian translation wording and interpretation (for better or worse; fodder for study), readings for Shabbats and festivals (TLV omits the latter), and excellent glossary.
  2. cclay

    Africa Bible Commentary

    I'd like to request the Africa Bible Commentary to be published in Accordance. This resource seems to be a great way to get different perspectives quickly and easily. It would be a great addition to the commentaries already offered. Africa Bible Commentary Zondervan 2010 Editor: Tokunboh Adeyemo
  3. Tim Hall

    Spurgeon Study Bible

    B&H Publishing has recently released a new study Bible-the Spurgeon Study Bible. It includes images of his notes, outlines, excerpts, etc. I would like to request this in Accordance. Here is the website:http://www.bhpublishinggroup.com/products/csb-spurgeon-study-bible-black-genuine-leather-indexed
  4. Ιακοβ

    Original NIV Study Bible Notes

    From time to time I find myself wanting to go back and check what the study notes on my first study bible said about a particular passage. It's quite impractical to carry that thing around, it would be great to have this available in accordance.
  5. cclay

    Africa Study Bible

    This resource would be great one stop resource to quickly see what scholars from a non-european perspective have to say. This is especially helpful for current seminary students and pastors who want to add different voices to their study. I have no idea if this one is even possible! Africa Study Bible Oasis International LTD http://oasisint.net/africa-study-bible/
  6. We started at PC Study Bible and eventually moved over to Olivetree's platform for Bible study. Recently decided to migrate to Accordance after 12 years of the Olivetree platform. You're doing a great job on Accordance it seems. We heavily use the New Spirit Filled Life Bible edited by Jack Hayford. It's got excellent studies, notes, commentary Have been using it with Olivetree but would like to consolidate on Accordance. Are you planning on introducing the NSFL Bible?
  7. Paul Meiklejohn

    Info-Pane and Study Bibles

    I appreciate that I made this suggestion a good while back, but thought I'd flag it up again with the release of the new Zondervan Study Bible. I think it would be great if the study bibles had their own section in the Info-Pane. If you have a very large set of commentaries, then it's most likely (as you reach your limit) that you will lose some of your study bibles at the bottom of the list. I appreciate that we can drag our favourite study bible up to a higher level in the library, but that would just defeat the well-organised library structure.
  8. Timothy Jenney

    #100) Design Your Own Study Bible

    [Accordance 10: Basic] Lighting the Lamp podcast one hundred, Design Your Own Study Bible, demonstrates an easy way create your very own, custom Study Bible in Accordance. First, choose your Bible from any of Accordance’s modern translations: over thirty English and more than fifty in other modern languages. Next, add your choice of one or more of twenty-three difference sets of Bible study notes—or over fifty different commentaries. Finally, select one of the six different systems of cross-references and add your favorite atlas and Bible dictionary. Save the Workspace. Presto! You now have a custom Study Bible, designed to your specifications. http://youtu.be/teAdEizUQx8
  9. I am considering getting this module as part of the 20 year sale going on. Could someone please post something for a verse reference so I can see what it provides, perhaps Genesis 1:1 or 2 Timothy 3:16? My wife and I find study bible notes to be very helpful to get the "big picture" of a verse or passage and we have the ESV and Life Application plus a few others. I'm also considering adding the HCSB study bible notes to our library. Thanks!
  10. Paul Meiklejohn

    Spirit-Filled Bible (Hayford)

    I appreciate that Accordance have already released the Life in the Spirit NT Commentary. However, there have been previous requests for Jack Hayford's Spirit-Filled Bible (Nelson), which I would like to flag up again. This has been my everyday printed version for over 15 years and I never tire of it's content. The clarity of the side notes and 'word wealth' explanations remain unparalleled in a study bible. It would be helpful if other users added their interest to this post so that we can build up interest for the attention of the Accordance team. Thank you.
  11. Hello All, Silly little question for you all. I use the iOS version on my iPad quite extensively--in fact it's my main bible-study tool! Great work, Accordance folks. One little thing I was curious about though: When I have the NIV Study Bible (2002) displayed the little icons they use to denote different types of notes (i.e., a shovel for an archaeological note, a seedling for "practical principals for personal application", etc.) the icon shows up as larger than it probably should and all pixelated. I know it's not a big deal, but is there a setting somewhere that I have somehow messed up that would show those icons in their proper size? If it's not something I've messed up, is there something/some way to fix it? I'm a very visual person (as some of you who've read some of my other posts may have gathered), and I find little visual things like this a minor annoyance. Don't worry, I'll get over it! ;-) But if I can fix it, why not, eh? Blessings all! And Accordance folks: keep up the fantastic work. You're my favourite tech-company ever! :-D Seriously.
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