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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, how do I make the toolbar smaller in Windows? The Icons are too big. I see the option "Icons only" but the Mac Version has icons and text which are small enough to fit them on the screen. Windows: Mac:
  2. Kristin

    Tool Font Size Setting

    To make this post even make sense, I will mention that I don't see that great. I thus need to make sure the text I use is large enough. When I work with notes, I usually use 24 pt font, and it views as 24 pt font. And that works great. (I don't standardize notes since I use different fonts). However, when I work with tools, it is completely different. I have it also set to view at 24 pt font, and it does. However, when I create or edit a tool, the text MUST be set to 12 pt font. (I likewise can't standardize tools since I use different fonts). - If it is 12 pt font in the edit window, it will view saved as 24 pt font. - If it is set to 24 pt font in the edit window, it will view saved as 48 pt font. I thus need to do all my edits with 12 pt font, but I can literally hardly see it. I am sure this is an obvious setting error, but I can't figure it out. I am attaching a screenshot which will hopefully clarify this. Thank you for any help you are able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  3. When I hover mouse cursor over thy Bible reference in the Tool display, I see Bible text in the Instant Details in Cambria font, small size. When I hover mouse cursor over some Bible reference in the User notes, I see Bible text in the Instant Details in Verdana font, larger size. It seems that I have no control over it to show both in the same font face and size?
  4. hiswork

    Text size control

    There is a option to choose a text size in Accordance. And the text sizes are predefined and I need to choose one of them. But sometimes the best text size I want is between the predefined size. Smaller one is too small to read and larger one is wasting my macbook's screen. I hope I can set text size as I want, for example by entering text size or adjusting slider.
  5. I have a custom theme for my user notes ("Standardize text display" is turned On). When I "Enter Reading mode" (Ctrl+R), the text is way too small. I can enlarge it, OK, but when I exit the Reading mode, font size doesn't change back to the smaller one. I have to decrease font size manually. And so every time. Why the Reading mode can't remember different font size?
  6. Hello, Thank you for the Info Pane feature, it's really handy! I just thought that maybe it would look better if all book cover images would have the same size and proportions. It means someone has to add a few pixels here or there to make them all the same size, but overall look would be much better. (See the first screenshot!) And could you please adjust horizontal space between the book covers better, so that there wouldn't be so wide empty white margin? Actually I'd like to have an option to turn titles off completely, because often I see only first few letters anyway. (See the first screenshot!) Especially when I disable book covers display, often commentary titles are truncated at the middle of the Info Pane, and the right side of the pane is just empty white space… (See the second screenshot).
  7. Is there a setting by which I can ensure that the font size is the same every time I copy text even if I have enlarged the text for viewing purposes. The problem is that I need to export text at 12 pts., but that 12 pts. is too small for me for reading in Accordance.
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