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Found 5 results

  1. On the atlas the names of places are in blue, which is fine. However, when I search for a new location it comes up red, which is almost impossible to see. I know there is a way to change the font color but I have been looking in all the settings and can't find it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. Kristin
  2. Hello, I use Parchment background color for all commentaries, and Cambria font. However, when I use Live Click, new Research zone opens with the white background and text is shown in some other font. Could you please use the default font and background color settings also for this zone/pane?
  3. I am having a problem with Text Display settings not "sticking" when set from within the module. I am in a module and use the font settings icon at the top (aA) to open a dialog and select "All Display Settings" and then change a setting (Text color and/or Background color). The colors change as expected. I then open the same dialog and put it into "Night Mode." That also works as expected. Finally, I take it out of "Night Mode" and it reverts back to the Text Display settings I had at the beginning, not what I had just before going into Night Mode. If, however, I change the Text Display settings from the settings dialog (Books icon -> Settings -> Text Display), then Accordance preserves those settings even after I go into and come out of Night Mode. Also, if I change a text setting (in my example, text color changed to Orange) using the in-module dialog, leave the app, then come back after having used another app, I have lost the new setting (The text is no longer orange). I am doing all this from the NIV 1984 w/ G/K module. iOS version 1.6.6.
  4. I think that Settings button is currently in the wrong place. Why is it located in the Library? It has nothing to do with the library. Sync button could be there, because we sync libraries, but Settings apply to the whole application. I'd suggest to place it in the top toolbar for iPad, and unite with the Fonts button for iPhone: tap on the Fonts button and there you have options to change fonts, and at the bottom is App Settings command. Icon could be A letter with the gear icon, as Bible Reader has it. iPad version could have two separate buttons.
  5. Hi folks, After all these years I've just realised that unlike nearly everyone else on here, my posts don't display stuff like my location and Accordance version number under my avatar on the left. I've searched high and low in my profile / settings and in this forum, and in the forum help .. I'm probably missing something basic and obvious. But what??? Can someone guide me here? Thanks.
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