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Found 4 results

  1. I just realized something. In version 11, when I would go to save my session or workspace if I clicked on a file in the save dialogue box, the filename that I clicked on would auto-populate (this made it easy to write over files). Now, in version 12, when I click on a file in the save dialogue box, nothing happens (except the word "untitled" is un-highlighted. Thinking back over it, this has happened since the Beta. It is nothing more than a nuisance, but i figured if no one ever mentions it, it cannot be fixed.
  2. I purchased the IVP Essentials OT Bible study, and I've set up a workspace to do the study. (I've learned a lot through my struggles with workspace and session, in order to preserve my setup and also have something to load when I reopen the program. Once I figured out I needed to name workspace and session differently—because they share the same file extension—I almost have everything working. However, Dropbox on a laptop messes things up. Each time I awaken my MacBook, Accordance is bouncing with a blue badge. It wants to restart the session as part of Dropbox resyncing. That's fine (two dialog boxes request permission to do the same thing), but the result is a workspace with my IVP Essentials title but showing a workspace lacking the left one of three zones. If I close that window and open my saved "IVP Essentials session", the left-hand zone contains IVP Essentials Tool, but is blank inside. I open its browser and try to click on things, but nothing appears in the text area of that tab; no highlight of the item clicked in the browser either. Workaround 1: If I quit and restart Accordance, I can open my IVP Essentials session and I can now see the IVP Essentials text. But the bottom half of that zone is blank (obviously masked out, and the cursor changes at the "mask line" to one for dragging pane edges, however the "mask line" can't be moved. The masked area is there because the bottom of that zone was used in my saved session for my User Notes tied to that Tool, but those User Notes are nowhere to be seen. If I click "Add Notes" at the top of the IVP Essentials tab, only Sample Notes and Sample Notes v2 are listed. Workaround 2: I go to Finder and double-click on "IVP Essentials notes" and it opens at the bottom of my right pane (of 3) which is called Mixed by Accordance. I drag it back over to the left pane where I want it, below the IVP Essentials tool text, and all once again appears as I saved the workspace and session. (…until the next time the MacBook is awakened and has to re-sync Dropbox, lol!) Variations from expected behavior: 1. Reloading a session after Dropbox sync should load the session you had before (especially if you saved at end of your last work session), looking as it did before. 2. Reloading a session after Dropbox sync should load the resources so they can be seen, not blank. 3. Saved sessions should retain which workspace was loaded, and arrangement of all tabs and panes, including User notes files. [Clarification: In my problems above, I'm not losing a user notes Edit window; I'm losing a user notes viewing sub-pane. I understand the edit window that pops up when Cmd-U is pressed. I don't leave that open when putting MacBook to sleep.] 4. User Notes files should display in the list of User Notes. They do appear in the Library panel, but it seems that UserNotes which are tied to a specific Tool should be in the pulldown in that Tool. "Add Notes" can mean "create a new Notes file", but it also can mean "add an area to this pane showing a particular Notes file". I apologize for lack of screenshots. I will snap them the next time this occurs. I can't reproduce this issue at will, as it only occurs during/after Dropbox re-sync. On the positive side: I love the ability to answer the questions of a study simply by adding User notes which are tied to that Tool. This is a newer feature, as User Notes used to only be linkable to Bible texts. These problems are triggered by the Dropbox re-sync. Perhaps this wouldn't even happen if I didn't lose connectivity and Dropbox could stay happily synced. Christopher
  3. This may not be a bug, but it sure took me by surprise. Yesterday I was working on a project with various spaces open, including a search-all, an English text, and a Hebrew text. My startup setting is "last session". I've just launched the app for the first time today, and yesterday's session data is all gone. In it's place is a single workspace with just my default English text (NIV11), and no other spaces etc. I'm sure that wasn't how it used to function … Am I missing something?
  4. Anyone know the location of the start-up / default session information? Tks Rikk
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