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Found 4 results

  1. When I use a sermon created in “paper” and view iton my ipad, the verse references are hyperlinked, which is great, but, when I select the reference the pop up does not have verse numbers. Can this be changed? It would be nice if you had a range of verses in your sermonto be able pick a particular verse out of the paragraph.
  2. cpatronella

    Timothy Keller Sermon Archive

    Logos has just announced an exciting new module for their platform. It is the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive. http://www.logos.com/product/17902/timothy-keller-sermon-archive It contains over 1,000 sermons preached and taught by Dr. Timothy Keller: author, speaker, and senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. In this massive archive, the transcripts of his Redeemer Presbyterian Church audio sermons—which work through numerous books of the Bible and cover scores of topical issues—spring to life, ready for search and study. Timothy Keller started Redeemer Presbyterian Church in 1989. The church grew from 50 to over 5,000 people in the last 20 years, becoming known as “one of Manhattan’s most vital congregations.” Keller’s sermons focus on the character, ministry, and work of Jesus Christ. The Timothy Keller Sermon Archive includes 1,233 sermons. With the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive, you can go deep into those sermons—an amazing wealth of preaching material. ANY CHANCE ACCORDANCE IS GOING TO OFFER THIS MODULE?
  3. Hello Accordance community! I am brand new to Accordance, and I would love any advice you have or helpful links you could share to help me get started. I downloaded the Hebrew-Greek Learner Package. I am interested in learning Biblical Greek, and I'm also interested in preparing outlines/handouts for small group Bible studies or sermons. Glad to be here! Soli Deo Gloria, Sabin
  4. Do any of you have a method of attaching sermon outlines to a text in Accordance? I was thinking it would be useful to have a tool sort of like the "Outlines of Bible Books" tool, but user-defined, so that I might go to Matthew 5:2, and find a conference message outline on that verse, and maybe one from church where it was Point one of the sermon, and I could scroll through the different outlines that I have taken notes on. I have attempted making a User Tool with some outlines, but I couldn't get the text to link to parts of the document. I was able to create a link for 1 John 5:6-9, but when I was in my text at 1 John 5:6, I couldn't amplify to it. So just wondering if any of you have attempted something like this and have experienced success. Thanks
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