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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Is there a way to search "caps-sensitive"? Here's what I'd like to do. I want to search for all of the times in my ESV translation that the word "Father" appears, but only when the ESV capitalizes it. That will help me weed through the 979 times it appears referring to any "father" as opposed to specifically God the "Father." Thanks!
  2. I tried to run a content search on a user created tool. It appears to have found all the hits but when I click on the 'Hit' arrows to view each hit it does not work. With the exception that if I hit the up 'Hit' arrow it will go to a hit once but then stops working as well. The down 'Hit' arrow never works. It just makes a error sound when I click on it. This happens in all my user tools but not in Accordance tools. If it helps, the Articles arrows work fine. I am running: Accordance 13.1 (perhaps problem existed in previous version as I haven't recently searched my user tools) Updated windows 10
  3. I was showing a friend (who doesn't know Hebrew or Greek) how to do some basic searches from English keyed texts where he can see some elements of the original languages. In the process we did a key number search in the ESV Strongs (of "power", G1411 in 2 Tim 1:7). We were using the analytics tools, and when using the concordance function we received many results that didn't correspond to the search term ([KEY G1411]), such as "by no means" from μὴ γένοιτο in in Romans 3:4 (and many other passages). Shouldn't the concordance results only show verses and the text where G1411 (δύναμις) is found? Here is a dropbox link to a screen captured image of the results that have many results that are erroneously including "means". Thanks Jimmy
  4. Timothy Jenney

    #140) Basic Greek Searches

    Another of our replacement podcasts is now available! #140) Basic Greek Searches replaces #11.1) (produced in 2009 with Accordance 8!). It covers the four different kinds of searching tagged Greek texts in Accordance (Root, Lexeme, Inflected, Tag) and how to type in Greek. We'll be following it up with a podcast on Advanced Greek Searches.
  5. Timothy Jenney

    #87) Linking Commands

    Accordance's three linking commands, [LINK], [HITS], and [CONTENTS] temporarily “link” Accordance windows (zones or tabs) together, allowing searches in the source window to affect other windows. These powerful commands allow simultaneous searches, searches within searches, and cascading searches in multiple windows. Join Dr. J ask he reviews these three commands, providing practical applications for each.
  6. I am running Accordance on Window 7 Professional. But, as of this morning, for whatever reason, I can no longer do Greek or Hebrew dictionary word definition searches. All Accordance does is lock up and states "Not Responding." Would someone please clue me in on what has gone awry. Everything has worked perfectly upon until now. Thank you.
  7. Corey Farcas

    Automator and Accordance

    Using Automator and Accordance 1) Creating Accordance Services At present I there is not Accordance action in my Automator. I'm not sure why. But I would like to create my own automators to do the following: (a) select text (Hebrew or Greek) and look it up in a certain text or lexicon and ( select multiple verses and have the text from those verses be inserted. 2) Creating automated searches for Accordance to perform I have seen Joe Weaks blog post from 2005 on Criteria for Analyzing Author's Style, where he lists out all the searches he wants to do and clicks go and everything goes all by itself. How can I do this? Step by step directions will be most helpful. Thanks, Corey Farcas MDiv/MABL '15 Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary cfarcas@gcts.edu
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