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Found 15 results

  1. Dear all I have been following the discussions on merging / linking biblical texts in order that they scroll together. Is this feature also available with Hebrew dictionaries (HALOT, DCH, BDB)? I know the feature form logos and it was a wonderful help. Just entering one root (for example סבב) and getting the results of all Hebrew dictionaries at once. Also scrolling through all parallel. The feature of «window» / »tabs» / «koppeln» (Thats the German version, perhaps it is «linking» in the English version) does not result in a parallel scrolling. What could I do or whats the underlying problem? Thanks for your help. Bes regards Florian.
  2. Hello everybody dear Accordance team as exchanged in https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/27814-linkingmerging-hebrew-lexica-halot-dch-bdb/ it would be great if one could link all the Hebrew lexica together so that scrolling along is possible. It is a feature I know form Logos and it is working really fine. Up to now it seems limited to Scripture etc. http://accordancefiles2.com/helpfiles/OSX13/Default.htm#topics/04_gswa/tie_separate_tabs.htm%23kanchor745 (as Fabian pointed out to me). So here is the request: It would be great to treat the lexica just like the text versions that one could really match them on one entry. It will save a lot of time and it should be possible since the lexica are digitally «lemmatised» already Many regards and thank a lot for your inspiring work Florian
  3. dandennison

    Fast, Smooth Scrolling

    We seem to be mid-product cycle for major Accordance revisions, so I thought I'd throw this out there: Do off-screen pre-rendering, just like modern web browsers. This will allow Accordance to scroll smoothly and quickly for up to however much RAM you can screen buffer into. If we're already doing this, can we make smooth scroll, no matter how many panes are open? Please?
  4. I noticed prior to the Accordance 3.0 update, whenever I scrolled through the KJVA, the scrolling was not smooth or fast unlike other texts. Sometimes I placed another copy of the KJVA in parallel and it helped a little. Maybe Accordance with this module did better scrolling with a smaller display (?). With the 3.0 update the scrolling experience is the same, but now Accordance crashes if I scroll a bit to fast. I assume there is bug in the KJVA. Otherwise, 3.0 is an outstanding update.
  5. Hi, I've just gotten Accordance and was trying to figure out if the following feature exists: In many programs and browser, you can click the mouse-wheel button which transforms the cursor into two arrows, something like an auto scroll function begins, and moving the mouse cursor up or down relative to the position of the original click determines the scroll speed and direction. I tried it out in reading and regular view and looked through the help files and options menu but wasn't able to find anything that seemed to enable this. What it makes for is a 0-click scroll experience for longer passages which still allows for stopping and thinking without auto-scroll moving forward. It also allows for fast scrolling to the beginning or end of documents and is part of my natural carpel-tunnel preventing workflow of programs I use otherwise. I wanted to ask if that is an option I am somehow missing, or if it is not currently a feature. Programmatically I would hope it wouldn't be too hard to implement by modifying the auto-scroll function (tie middle-mouse click to turning on auto-scroll, and tie the scroll speed value to the position of the cursor relative to the position of the initial click). Thank you for any "pointers" in this regard.
  6. Quick background: I am a BW 10 user and have just recently gotten Accordance. I use it for Bible translation work, so I often have several other applications open at the same time, especially Paratext (a Bible editing software program). I have to move through the biblical text quite quickly in my work. With Bibleworks I enjoyed the feature that enabled PT and BW to scroll together - just made it that bit faster to move through the text. I was pleased to see that Accordance had the same feature: "scroll text with other applications". But it isn't working properly for me. Every time I even click on a verse in Paratext, I get the error message "A verse range entry with a hypen cannot be used here, or there are extra characters after the end of the verse reference." I have also tried scrolling it with Bibleworks, and it half-works. If I advance the verse in Accordance, the verse in BW advances too. But if I try going the other way, i.e. advancing the verse in BW, I get the same error message on Accordance. Is there something I am doing wrong, or is this a bug in Accordance? [P.S. It's a small thing, but notice there is a spelling error in the error message: should be hyphen not hypen. LOL.]
  7. ​Hello, I have a problem with the Bible text scrolling and the user notes not showing notes for the top Bible text verse. I searched for "no mean city" and found it in the NKJV version in Acts 21:39. So I added a user note for that verse. Then I switched NKJV to NRSVS. It's the button before the text search field. I adjusted the slider to show 3 verses before and after the currently shown verse. I scroll up and down, the Bible text has additional user notes for other verses, but my user notes suspiciously stay at Matt 2:1 and don't show any user notes for these verses. Even if I close user notes pane and click on the user notes icon, it opens that pane to the same place. Top is empty and at the bottom it shows my notes for Matt 2:1. When I click in that empty space and press spacebar, it opens empty note for some Apocrypha.
  8. When searching for a word/phrase on iOS, I am not able to scroll down far enough to bring the last verse up to the top of the screen so that tapping the "read" (glasses) icon will open the Bible to that particular verse in context. Searching through the forums, I found the following user had the same problem and described it well, but posted it as an additional issue on a somewhat un-related topic. https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/7663-cant-scroll-search-results/?p=33783
  9. I am using Accordance 12.0.1 on a 15" mid 2010 MBP running Sierra 10.12.1. I am also using a 27" Samsung monitor. For some reason when I am in the reading mode and using the external monitor the space bar does not scroll down the text a full screen. Usually with a text it will scroll down just a verse or two, sometimes a little more. The same kind of thing happens when I am in the reading mode with a tool. It may scroll down a couple lines or several lines, I could not discern a pattern. This behavior does not exhibit itself when I use only the built-in display, nor when I am not using the reading mode. Please note this is not a huge problem for me. I can still scroll up or down with the track pad and I can see what I need to read just fine. One of the things I really like about Accordance is the fact that it is possible to do what one wants to do in various ways. But it would be really nice if I could just move to the next block of reading material with a push of the space bar. Maybe I'm just spoiled! Don
  10. Fabian

    Stack Scrolling

    Hello If the Stack is not in full mode. I can't scroll down to the bottom.
  11. Good afternoon. I am a Bible translation consultant and I use Accordance 11 in my work, together with other programs. Both Logos and Bibleworks will scroll with a program central to my work called Paratext. I am requesting that Accordance developers consider contacting the Paratext developers to see if you could enact that functionality in Accordance as well. It would be extremely helpful. Since the others have the capability, it would be great to see it here as well. Paratext is a program developed by the United Bible Societies. I can provide contact info if needed. I appreciate any support for this that you can register. I expect that I am not the only translation consultant here, and also not the only one wanting to use a group of programs together. Regards, Roman
  12. File > New > Research. Search All Commentaries :: VERSES :: 2 Kings 4:36. I get a list of all commentaries on the left, their content on the right. When I fast scroll hits list down (two fingers on the touchpage moved up), Accordance, brings me beck to the top. I have to scroll slowly to advance. Please ffix this bug. When I quickly move two fingers down, Accordnace jums over several commentaries on the left. Again not correctly IMHO.
  13. Hi, I was just setting up a new workspace tonight dedicated to the EBC-Revised. I put the ESVS in the middle and the EBC-Revised commentary on the left and the EBC Notes on the right of the text. However, the commentary nor the notes are 'flush' with the text, that is the verse numbering doesn't match up. I back the text up until it's all the way to Genesis 1:1... and in theory, the commentary and notes should also start at the same point (since they're scrolling together). But, the commentary starts at 2b and the notes at Gen. 1:2... So could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong and help me line up all three? I've attached a screen shot to help out... Thanks.
  14. I would love to see the addition of the ability to set up a one-way, or one-direction, tie between books. What I would like to see would be the ability to scroll through a Bible text and have the Commentary scroll along, but then be able to scroll through the commentary without the Bible text moving. For instance, If I am studying Esther 3:10 and my commentary is more general and is divided by "Esther 1:1-2:20" "Esther 2:20-4:17" "Esther 5:1-6:14" etc... When I scroll to Esther 3:10 the commentary naturally jumps to the section treating "Esther 2:20-4:17." Great. But, now if I scroll the commentary and go to far, my Bible text jumps to Esther 5:1, so I scroll back and my Bible text jumps back to Esther 2:20. Not Good. I would love to be able to have the Commentary stay in a one-way tie with the text so that it scrolls with my text, but gives me the liberty to scroll through the commentary without changing my Bible Text location. Thank you for your consideration!
  15. I select Ultimate Collection on the left side, scroll with two fingers on the touchpad over the text in the right pane, but its content stays art the same place, only the scrollbar moves down.
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