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Found 7 results

  1. Carol K

    Save Problem with Tabs

    It appears that saving from a secondary tab does not truly save the workspace. I thought I was going crazy, losing work even after hitting Cmd-S umpteen times to avoid the problem. This is what I found today (Using Version 12.3.4) I am diagramming a paragraph at a time, but then consolidating everything in the first tab by chapter. So, I generally have the main diagram tab and a secondary one in which I am actively working. If I save from the secondary tab (Cmd-S), the Save option in the File menu goes gray but the file itself it not actually saved, based on the time stamp of the file. If I go to the main tab, and hit Cmd-S (I also found the File menu Save option is once again black, not grayed out), the time-stamp on the file is updated and the data is saved. If the secondary tab is treated as its own document, where is it being saved? If saving from the primary tab saves the entire workspace, why doesn't a save from any pane or tab save workspace as a whole? I have attached screen shots
  2. Steve King

    Saving a Workspace

    I have some workspaces where I do some study and then move to the next set of verses. At that point I would like to save the workspace so that it saves my current position in the the texts and tools. However when I go to save the workspace it only has 'save as' available so I then have to go through the process of 'saving as' and overwrite the existing workspace. All I really want to do it save the workspace. If I add a text tab then remove it it lets me 'save' as well as 'save as' so why not when I scroll a text or tool? My personal preference would be to have 'save' available all the time so I could save any changes I've made to the workspace. Using command S (when 'save' is not available) doesn't indicate anything so you might think you have saved it when you have not. Others may have an issue with changing this. Any thoughts?
  3. I would like to open a saved tab into the current workspace, either as a new zone, or as a tab in one of the existing zones. I understand that this is not currently possible, and that one has to use the following procedure: Open the saved tab using File > Open. The tab opens into a new workspace where there is only one zone and one tab. To get the tab into the current workspace, one must drag it to the Accordance icon in the Quicklaunch toolbar (Windows), then wait for the right workspace to appear, then drag the tab to the correct place in the workspace. It is, of course, possible to use this procedure, but it seems rather cumbersome. I would like to request that one be able to open saved tabs from the New Tab button on the toolbar so that they open into the current workspace, just like one can open Recent Papers, Stacks, User Tools, and User Notes, into an existing workspace and zone. Another way of opening the saved tab into the current workspace would also be fine, but this way seems quite obvious since it's all about opening tabs. Thank you for considering this request.
  4. I think we need some way to export a Paper out of Accordance into an editable document. Perhaps in RTF or even DOCX format. Working in papers is fine, though I hope to see some bugs and annoyances refined over time, but I feel like I can't justify doing real work in it unless I can be sure I can get my data out and rework/reformat it when needed. As is, even the PDF file that you can 'print' interprets some letter combinations as symbols rather than letters; so I can't even copy/paste out of the PDF into a Word document. Additionally, we need some keyboard shortcuts for navigating and creating outline items! That said, I am enjoying many of the new features of v12 and look forward to figuring out how to make the most of them. Thanks!
  5. I just realized something. In version 11, when I would go to save my session or workspace if I clicked on a file in the save dialogue box, the filename that I clicked on would auto-populate (this made it easy to write over files). Now, in version 12, when I click on a file in the save dialogue box, nothing happens (except the word "untitled" is un-highlighted. Thinking back over it, this has happened since the Beta. It is nothing more than a nuisance, but i figured if no one ever mentions it, it cannot be fixed.
  6. TanjaRos

    User tool won't update

    Hi! I really need some help with using the Accordance User Tool. I'm very new to Accordance but have made a user tool for myself with notes from school. Unfortunately it has stopped updating! So now every time I make a change and try to update it, the pop-up window will come up and seem to update but as I exit the edit screen it will ask me: "Update the contents of "-" Edit?", I click on update but nonetheless no changes are made and everything I've changed is lost. I really have no idea how to fix this - has anyone else been through this before?
  7. Bret Hicks

    Workspace not saving

    I have a workspace set up, and when I tell it to save, it acts as if it does, but when I close and reopen the workspace, it goes back to the verse that was shown in the previous save. To be specific, when I open this workspace, it has Matthew 18:19 as the current verse. In the search bar it has a search for the Greek word symphonew. I then tell it to go to 2 Thessalonians 3:11, and it does. I then do file, save, and it does not give an error message. I then close the workspace. I then reopen the workspace from the workspaces button on the tool bar, and it is back to Matthew 18:19, with symphonew in the search bar? Why is this happening? As a side note, many times when I close Accordance and then reopen it, it will open my workspaces that were open in the last session, but they will be blank - no verses showing in any of the tabs. Ideas as to why this is happening? I am using Accordance 10.1.2, 2011 MacBook Pro with OSX 10.8.2. In Christ, Bret
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