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Found 9 results

  1. Are there any plans to offer the Dictionary of Deities and Demons of the Bible as an Accordance module? As a graduate student studying the Ancient Near East, this would be immensely helpful. I am planning to buy a print copy, but if it were available in Accordance I would definitely buy that instead. Thanks! David (דויד)
  2. Hi, Baker OT Wisdom & Psalms commentary, section Ps 50:2-3a — the same Bible link points to two different texts. First part Ps 80:1-2 to the default English text, second part [2–3] to the Hebrew text. Is it intended so? Or a bug? “Shining forth” is what Yhwh does when coming to act, not coming to speak (e.g., 80:1–2 [2–3]; 94:1–2). The prophet will not merely be sharing words but announcing action. https://accordance.bible/link/read/BCOT_Wisdom_&_Psalms#20805
  3. When I perform a search, using either the research button or in a text pane, the resulting hits only show verse numbers without book or chapter references. My normal text display is set for this, but is there a way for the search hit display to be changed without effecting everything else?
  4. Help needed with a DSS reference: I am trying to decode this reference, 4Q414 f2ii_4:5, from the Accordance DSS library so that I can put it in SBL 2nd format. The QUMRAN ReadMe explains the following for understanding the reference system used, but it doesn't actually deal with the specific case above: "Current referencing schemes have been modified slightly to accommodate Accordance. Scrolls published by column are recorded in a column:line format. Thus “1QS 4:3” (or “1QS 4.3”) references the manuscript known as 1QS column 4, line 3. The more common fragmentary portions follow the pattern of fragment column: line. Thus “4Q427 f7ii:14” refers to manuscript 4Q427, fragment (f) 7, column 2, and line 14. Only the fragment number will show variation from this pattern as the characters + and _ are incorporated to show combinations of individual fragments. For example, “4Q491 f1_3:17” refers to an ensemble of fragments 1, 2, and 3." Here's what I'm sure of regarding this reference, 4Q414 f2ii_4:5: - 4Q414 is cave 4 at Qumran and 414 is the scroll number. - "f2" is "fragment 2" and "ii" is column 2. - 5 is line 5 What I'm unsure of is what to do with _4 The _ is explained in the ReadMe as indicating a collection of fragments together, but the example uses Arabic numbers (1_3) in the example. In the reference I'm looking at it goes from ii_4. I'm taking this to mean that 4Q414 is reconstructed from a collection of fragments that includes fragment 2 column 2, fragment 3, and fragment 4. OR it could mean fragment 2 column 2, fragment 3 column 2, and fragment 4 column 2. Thank you in advance for your help!
  5. 1. I open 2 Kings 2:11 in NRSVS, in the parallel column I have NAC commentary. 2. I click on the "cf. 2 Kgs 13:14" link in the NAC commentary. 3. New tab is open to 2 Kgs 13:12. Why? RCL.accord.zip
  6. Here's some input from a graduate student who uses Accordance daily in his studies. I'm currently studying for an MA in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins (Nyack College in New York, NY). My Biblical Hebrew skills are at in intermediate level. So I've found it tremendously useful that I can have several important reference grammars at my fingertips and searchable while I'm doing my daily readings and translations (It's especially useful not to have to carry around several thick tomes when I'm traveling in and out of the city for classes!). But here are a few more books geared towards quick reference that I would love to see available—I think they would fit perfectly with the searching capabilities of accordance. 1. Williams Hebrew Syntax: Third Edition by John C. Beckman 2. A Guide to Biblical Hebrew Syntax by Bill Arnold and John Choi I have also started a class on the Dead Sea Scrolls and Qumranic Hebrew this semester and would find equally useful: 1. Qumran Hebrew: An Overview of Orthography, Phonology, and Morphology by Eric Reymond 2. Dictionary of the Targumim, Talmud Bavli, Talmud Yerushalmi and Midrasnhic Literature by Marcus Jastrow (in fact, I'm a bit surprised this one is not already on here). I hope my suggestion are helpful! I would love to see these works available!
  7. I open Romans 8:9 on my Mac. Then I sync Accordance for Mac with the Dropbox, after syncing Accordance opens to Mat 12:9 which is where I was on my iPhone. In the Search field I still see Romans 8:9, so I place cursor there and press Enter button. Nothing happens, text doesn't move back to Matt 12. I have to change verse number to get back. Please fix this. Somehow Accordance assumes it's already at Matt 12:9 while after the syncing it's not.
  8. The thread title is pretty self-explanatory but here's a little more of what I am looking for. I found out, unfortunately, that there is no bookmarking feature which is basically what I need. I'd like to be able to pick verses from say Romans, Matthew, Galatians, Isaiah, and Genesis, group them under a label like "Atonement" and then access this list in the future. What are my options? Is there a standard feature or do I need to use a workaround? I'm kinda bummed since I literally just bought Accordance and it appears the one feature I really need is absent.
  9. thechrisroberts

    Scripture reference color

    Is there a way to change the color of Scripture reference links, particularly in a resource such as BDAG? It would be helpful to have Scripture references stand out making it easier to spot the different uses when looking at an entry.
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