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Found 4 results

  1. I'm interested in the plotting distribution of prepositional phrases in Hebrews referring to the Lord Jesus. The following search comes pretty close: *@ [PREPOSITION] αυτος@ [PRONOUN masculine singular] [range heb] But it includes a few cases where the pronoun refers to someone else. No problem: I load the verses I want into a reference list. But such a list doesn't count as a search, and analytics can't be invoked on it. So I open a text window in the text of my choice with the search command, [CONTENTS myreferencelist] All the verses I want show up there, but the hits count is 0, and analytics shows no hits. So now I utter, * <a> [CONTENTS myreferencelist] Finally I have something I can analyze--but the unit of analysis is now the individual word, not the verse. Is there a wildcard I can use instead of '*' that will hit once per VERSE instead of once per WORD? Alternatively, is there a way to edit the results of a search to remove selected items, and then do analytics on what's left? Perhaps someday Accordance will let me do a csv dump of the sequence numbers of my original hits, along with sequence numbers of the first and last words in each verse so I could align them. Then I can easily edit my hits and plot them outside of Accordance (something I could do with the secret Bibleworks 'scatter' command). Meanwhile, what incantation can I use here?
  2. Is there a way to search within a reference list?
  3. I understand that I can highlight a verse, customizing the highlighting file. However, I cannot highlight a verse for two topics, like "worship verses" and "memory verses." That's okay. I also understand that I can add a verse to one reference list (e.g. called "worship verses) and also add it to another reference list (e.g. called "memory verses). However, ... this is insufficient for me, largely because working with Reference Lists is so cumbersome. Re-opening a Reference List is a pain, how and where they are saved is not intuitive. (In the future, at the very least, Accordance needs to make them accessible via the Library.) Is there any other way to "tag" or "label" a verse with multiple custom tags or custom labels?
  4. The verse reference list feature is nice but it is sorely lacking in functionality. I would love to see this updated in the following ways: Make verse reference lists its own category similar to notes, bookmarks, etc that are automatically saved upon creation (rather than saving the tab they are on) and automatically save as they are modifiedmake access to these lists easier by putting them in the "my stuff" category and place an icon at the top along with the other large icons Allow for custom organization. At present the verses on a given list are ordered as they occur in the bible. I can't think of a time I would want to order it that way but I can think of 100 other ways I might organize it. This could be the default but a "drag and drop" option would be awesome. If I'm making a list of verses for a sermon or for a paper, I want to order them in categories or as they go with the flow of my thoughts. If I have 5 points, I don't want to make 5 separate lists. I'm sure there are other customizations that others can think of or I will think of later. But these improvements would save me a LOT of time and energy! As it is, I'm printing out my verse lists and then labeling each verse with their subject heading.
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