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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I have searched far and wide and cannot seem to figure out how to define a range by means of excluding, rather than simply including books. Specifically, I am working in the OT Peshitta (PESHOT-T) and would like to conduct searches only in the books of the Tanak and exclude the apocryphal books from my searches, i.e., Letter of Jeremiah, Baruch, Judith, Susanna, Bel, 4Ezra, Wisdom, Sirach, and 1-4Maccabees. Other than manually entering all 39 (24) books of the Hebrew OT in a defined range, is there any way in which I can define a range that is something along the lines of "Gen-Mal" minus the 12 books of the apocrypha?
  2. Timothy Jenney

    #145) Power Searches

    #145) Power Searches [Accordance 11: Intermediate] Accordance has an amazing number of ways to strengthen searches in Bibles and texts: Search Options, Search Conditions, and Search Commands. This podcast provides an overview of all of these and detailed information on the seven Connecting Commands, as well as the Style, Range, Field, and Count Commands. Become an Accordance Power User! Enjoy! Accordance server: http://accordancefiles2.com/podcasts/p145_powersearches.mp4 Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/176607390
  3. When you update search parameters; I would like the search to auto-search without having to hit enter or search again. For example, if I change it from flex to exact, go ahead and run the search automatically. Or if a change in scope or range is made; go ahead and automatically run the search. Maybe this is too intensive for some machines? But, I think it may be a worthwhile improvement. Thanks in advance.
  4. Right now, in a subtle and great way, Accordance indicates whether a search has been performed with greyed out text. If no search was performed it remains black. On an individual, regular search if nothing is found Accordance will notify the user with a pop over. Two things: 1. the pop over indicator that say no hits were found can be annoying - it forces an unnecessary click I think. I wish there was a subtler way of indicating this that didn't require the user to click ok before preceding. 2. when using predetermined search ranges and the link command to perform the same search in multiple ranges simultaneously, there is no way to find out if hits were found without having that particular tab on front and noticing the greyed out or black text.* *I usually set up multiple tabs and set them to predetermined ranges then link them to my search text. For example,from left to right, would be: "Search" "Daniel" "Jeremiah" "Deuteronomy" etc. My search goes to "Search" and then all the others have the Link Command connected to "Search". With this only one tab is visible at a time in the zone. Then in another zone I have analysis, lexicon etc. Could there be a two birds with one stone solution to these? Something in the tab itself (e.g. a color or symbol: "!", "!?", "✓", "⚠︎") that's always visible? Thanks!
  5. I highlighted a lot of commentaries while I was studying some Bible passage. Now time has come to sum up all those highlights. Currently I cannot find all highlights in a specific commentary set (user–defined commentary set) for the specific range (like Psalm 31 or Matthew 5). Please make this possible. Could be implemented by using RANGE command together with the STYLE command.
  6. I had all the books of the Bible in a drop down when I wanted to narrow a search to just Old or New Testaments or to any book of the Bible. Suddenly they all disappeared and now I have to enter them manually. How do I get the whole list back?
  7. I don't know since when, the select range / add to range function in the table of contents doesn't work anymore. When I right click and choose a particular range to be selected, I don't get the red highlight thing anymore. It doesn't work on any of my commentary modules. What I'm trying to do is that every time when I have to prepare for a sermon, I select the range of the text, then either print that section of commentary out or save as PDF. How I get around the problem temporarily: I select the text itself by holding and dragging the mouse down for a number of pages, then choose print selection. Please advise how to get the select range function back. Accordance 10.4.5 Mac OSX 10.9.5 Modules I use: Bible Speaks Today, NIVAC-NT, ZEC-NT, Tyndale Commentary...etc.
  8. Timothy Jenney

    #106) Consider the Birds

    [Accordance iOS: Study] This study of Matt. 6:25-33 is the first of the Accordance Outside series, which uses Accordance iOS for in-depth Bible studies while on the go. This study uses a verb search in Greek, cross-references from the enhanced Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, and notes from the Gospel Transformation Bible. http://youtu.be/ZL-ISmG1zUQ
  9. Timothy Jenney

    #105) The Power of Ranges

    [Accordance 10: Intermediate] Accordance's [RANGE ?] Command and Range Search Condition make it possible to study groups of Bible or text passages, including non-contiguous passages. Imagine being able to study all the prayers of the Bible together, the Scripture readings for the Feast of Tabernacles, or all the passages pertaining to Ephesus. In this podcast, Dr. J explains how to use the Range feature to do just that—including designing our own custom ranges. http://youtu.be/oL502IaZVv8
  10. Steve Walton

    Strange search outcome!

    Here's a strange thing. When I search for this: [verb participle] <AND> [range galatians] with the Scope set to 'Sentence' (so that I get whole sentences found rather than just verses which may be incomplete sentences) I get no verses in Galatians at all, but a bunch of verses with participles from 1 Corinthians. What am I doing wrong, please? Steve
  11. Hi All, I am hoping to be able to search for one hundred word sections within a given book/scroll. I thought that the 'range' command might be able to do this, but as far as I can tell it is only set up for book/verse entries. Does anyone know if what I am trying to do is possible? I hope my question is clear. If not let me know. Thanks! Jarod
  12. Greetings, I wish to report a bug in Accordance on iOS. First, I wish to thank you for the Bible Study with Accordance app. It is wonderful to have the scriptures available in such a powerfully accessible way. Second, I'm using an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2. Both devices have the latest iOS version 6.1.3 installed, and Accordance 1.6.3 installed. Third, this bug has been around for at least six months, possibly more time. Fourth, the details of the bug are as follows: When I attempt to search for a word on either iOS device with the Set Range To option set to something other than All Text the results give me all text any way. "Each' time this forces me to re-enter the Set Range To option, which usually causes Accordance to kick in, giving me the desired search results. Please fix this as soon as possible. It is becoming a little frustrating. Maybe I should have reported the bug earlier, but I'm dong it now. Thanks for your assistance. And if it's alright, I'd like to make a brief request? On the next update, can you also make the app chirp like a bird and fly away into the clear blue sky (smile). I'm just kidding. I thought it might be good to have a laugh. After all, it is a naturally free form of medication. God bless you all. Peace!
  13. Could you add one more option in the search Range menu? — "Currently open book" (or "Current book"). Often I need to search some phrases or words just in the currently open book. Why should I create custom ranges for every Bible book, if this could be done by choosing "Currently open book" from the Range menu? Please…
  14. I was wondering if I could create a Hebrew Reader... I want to read the first 10 chapters of Genesis and have a screen with definitions of rare words. Right now I do the following: [RANGE Gen 1:1-Gen 10:32] <and> [COUNT 1-10] Then, I run an Analysis and get my basic list of words that occur 1 to 10 times in this range. 1) I would like to see # of occurances in the OT, not in this range 2) I would like the Analysis to return words below a # of occurances in the OT, not this range. Right now, my returned analysis list has lots of words that occur quite often in the OT. Is this possible? Thank you.
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