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Found 6 results

  1. So I own volume 1 of Charlesworth's Pseudepigrapha as a physical book, and I was thrilled when I saw both volumes on sale in Accordance today. Partly, I decided to bite the bullet and buy it to solve problems I've already encountered with Accordance. I had previously bought the older Charles' Pseudepigrapha collection from the 19th century simply to have some translation available for 1 Enoch when a commentary or similar referenced "1 En 6:1" or similar. The problem is, however, that the document is known as "Enoch" in Charles and as "1Enoch" in Charlesworth. Ironically, now that I own both Charles and Charlesworth, I can open and scroll 1 Enoch in both modules just fine. But when I didn't own Charlesworth, I was not able to click a key link for 1 Enoch at all - it told me to buy Charlesworth. A similar problem exists with the resources for "The (Greek) Life of Adam and Eve", also known as the "Apocalypse of Moses". I now own 4 different resources containing some form of this text: Pseudepigrapha (Evans), Pseudepigrapha (Charles), Pseudepigrapha (Charlesworth) AND the module called "Apocryphal Apocalypses". In the first three, the text is called "Adam_Eve" and scrolls more or less together. The resource "Apocryphal Apocalypses", however, is not even available to open together with the other three. A third type of problem, however, happened when I tried to read "The Apocalypse of Abraham" in Charlesworth and opened the related Notes module. When I look at verse 1:1, the notes show up fine. When I scroll down to 1:2, however, the notes switch to an entirely different set of notes, and after checking in my physical copy of Charlesworth, it turns out Accordance seems to have linked the Apocalypse of Abraham to the notes of BOTH the Apocalypse of Abrahama AND the unrelated Testament of Abraham. This means that as I scroll down the text of the Apocalypse, the notes frantically switch between showing the correct notes and the notes for an unrelated document. I initially discovered the above mistake as I tried to read the notes for the Testament of Abraham, which simply doesn't show any note at all - assumably because those notes are linked to the Apocalypse instead. These problems, taken together, make using Accordance to study the Pseudepigrapha a tedious exercise. Correct and functional key links between resources is the whole reason I use Accordance to start with, and it's very discouraging to buy a digital copy of a physical book I already own, only to find problems with mismatching resources everywhere. The non-flexibility withing the software when handling different names for the same work (Like "Enoch/1Enoch" or "ApMoses/Adam_Eve") is also quite vexing - I understand that the confusion with titles causes some technical difficulties, but it doesn't really seem like an unsurmountable problem. Accordance, Windows 10 (on various computers)
  2. Mark Dubis

    Charles' Pseudepigrapha Notes

    Although somewhat dated, I would like to have the notes from Charles' Pseudepigrapha volume. These notes provide commentary like one would find in a study Bible. They would also be valuable to be able to search them for various topics. Mark Dubis
  3. Jan Klein

    Charlesworth vs Evans

    Can someone please tell me the difference between de Pseudepigrapha Charlesworth versus Evans. In the Evans edition I only find references to Enoch, in Charlesworth 1 Enoch, 2 Enoch. and 3Enoch. The parallel Greek text of Evans edition it says Henoch A (first Henoch, but there is no second or third) I'm wondering is the Charlesworth just more complete than Evans? With kind regards, Jan Klein, The Netherlands
  4. Jan Klein

    Table of contents

    Good afternoon all of you, Is there a way to show the table of contents in the Pseudepigraphic modules? I have three kinds of Pseudepigraphs in English one in Greek, but can't find Pseudo-Clement (Pseudo Clementines ). with kind regards, Jan Klein
  5. I have opened a new topic about Pseudepigrapha Isaiah_A, even if someone before asked already about it, because I have checked the bibliography noted in the help file and I've found some irregularities and perplexities. First the help file contents: Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah A/B [isaiah_A, Isaiah_B] R. H. Charles (ed.), The Ascension of Isaiah (London: A. & C. Black, 1900) 84-95 + B. P. Grenfell and A. S. Hunt (eds.), The Amherst Papyri . . . Part 1. The Ascension of Isaiah and Other Theological Fragments (London: H. Frowde, 1900) 4-10. Recension A Accordance 1.1-3.9 Recension B Accordance 2.4-2.11 1. Both works (the pdf files can be found in Archives.org) do not contain the greek text indicated in Accordance as Isaiah_A or, at least, I could not find it. If it is my mistake, I would be glad to acknowledge it and any help will be most welcome. 2. Both works contain a text that corresponds to the so call Isaiah_B in Accordance module, but the text is incomplete. In Accordance, it only gets until 2,11... So, two questions again: 1. What is Isaiah_A? I'm really interested because I found in it a reference related to my research but I cannot quote it. 2. Why is the greek text not completed? That is not what it was supposed when I ordered the module. Will it be ever completed? Thanks for any comment and/or help.
  6. This one might be technically really really difficult - and quite possibly the market for fixing it up just too small, but in using User Notes with the Pseudepigrapha I'm finding repeatedly mismatches between the Charlesworth and Charles english texts, where a note written on say Jubilees 5.12 in one will appear as if it is on Jubilees 5.11 on the other. I've generally not tried writing notes on the greek where it exists - I know that it's difficult to get all these disparate texts to line up nicely. Also this might just be incompetence on my part - or it might be a current limitation of accordance but I haven't yet worked out if there's a way of making links to canonical biblical texts in user notes on the pseudepigrapha and vice versa.
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