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Found 1 result

  1. Anthony Sepulveda

    Some suggestions to improve Easy Install

    Hello, I've just purchased the Essential Collection, and I had a bit of a 'traumatic' experience with having to download 1.8Gb of information across a slow internet connection. In fact, it was impossible to download everything, since the connection relentlessly hangs up on 2 modules: "Altitude Data" and "PhotoGuide 3", which together occupy around 800Mb. Maybe Accordance can improve on the way the files are downloaded in Easy Install, using the technology that download manager programs have (Free Download Manager, for example), by subdividing big files into smaller sections to make downloading more efficient. This would help even those with a quick internet connection, because it reduces waiting time for everyone. And a corollary suggestion would be to allow the user to select and download specific modules inside a collection. This is already available for the purchased modules (individual or by collection) that Easy Install detects. This time it is just to apply the same principle one level further: to the modules inside a collection. With a slow connection, I am forced to economize: I would rather download first (or perhaps only) the modules that are currently more important to me, than to be at the mercy of a fixed and probably arbitrary order of downloads that Easy Install is set to follow. This option also won't oblige me to download the whole collection in one go, when I know that I won't be needing --at least not urgently-- several of its modules, which I could just download later when I need them (and piecemeal this time around, which takes much less time). A third suggested improvement would be to allow the user to specify additional proxy settings if need be. As a concrete example, in our department we have a proxy that requires a username and password. I'm using Windows 8, and although I can use Firefox and IE10 Desktop to browse normally (they recognize the proxy, and ask the username and password before connecting), Easy Install says that I do not have internet connection, without allowing me to specify further options [N.B: The same thing happens to Windows 8's Metro UI, which they say they'll fix with the 8.1 update: but the thing is that with my slow connection, the 3.6 Gb download also fails every time I try]. If the proxy options can be specified in Accordance itself, then Accordance doesn't necessarily have to depend on whatever system settings it can find, which at times doesn't correctly reflect the network's working configuration (Accordance probably followed Metro UI's settings, and not those of Firefox or IE10 Desktop). I got this idea from AdMuncher and Free Download Manager: if these programs can't manage to connect using the system settings they find, it allows the user to manually specify additional proxy settings. Well, that's it. I hope these aren't too difficult to implement. I think these will greatly help Accordance users who don't have the luxury of a high-speed internet connection. Thanks, --anthony
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