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Found 10 results

  1. miclew

    Printing woes

    When I try to print my analysis (by right clicking or by using the main toolbar) blank paper comes out of my printer. My printer has ink
  2. eric in redding

    Workbook Printing

    I purchased Mounce's Workbook so I can print pages off for my son as he learns Greek. I have never printed from Accordance before other than copying some verses into my sermons. Is there an easy/clean way to do that other than copying and pasting the pages into Word?
  3. When I try to print to PDF from paper it is creating a file with 0KB and will not open in any PDF viewer. It was working alright the week before but not this time around. Not sure if its a bug since it worked before, but I'm at a loss. I can print to PaperPort Image, but the image is not nearly as clean as I would like it. Any help would be great. Even trying to load the error file as an example failed.
  4. This seems like a question too easy for the forums, but I can't find an answer, so... How can I print or export text with my highlights? I can get a print screen to come up but the highlights are not even close to where they are supposed to be (like not inline or even within 3 verses). When I export, it exports hit highlights, but not my highlighted sections. Thanks, Shane
  5. Morning all I really benefit from having various texts open in parallel panes on screen, but I wonder if I can do something similar in print? Is it possible for instance, to print out a passage in the ESV for example, but with any differences between the ESV and say, the NIV 11, highlighted. Then I can simply look on screen to study the difference and any original language words? Or any other tips on exporting and printing some of the parallel pane benefits? Thanks Adam London, UK
  6. Brian.Mann

    Papers Issue Printing

    Hello, I am having an issue when printing "papers". I went to print one and it is missing one of my subpoints. The subpoint is expanded in the original document, but does not print out in the file. Thank you for your help.
  7. Good morning! Suppose I have the NIBC on the right pane of a workspace. In the browser I point to vol 17, 1 John. I'd like to print the introduction to 1 John. It's probably 8 - 9 pages long. I am NOT interested in manually highlighting 9 pages. ** Is there a way to narrow down the contents that are displayed, so that I can then click print and only that introduction to 1 John prints? Thanks Rick Conklin Wichita, KS
  8. helloeugene

    Printing - Accordance 11

    Hi, I'm having issues with print function. Tried to select "print selection" and "Microsoft print to PDF" but word seem super imposed on one another. See attachment. Just recently upgraded from accordance 10 to 11 so I think it may have to new upgraded version. Computer spec - Surface Pro 3 / Win 10 / Accordance 11​ test.pdf
  9. Laisvunas

    Printing Greek diagrams

    Hi, I use Greek diagrams module: http://www.accordancebible.com/store/details/?&pid=GNT-T.diagram I need to print some of the diagrams but not able to do it. There is "Print" option in the menu, but it does not work - printer outputs an empty sheet. I use Accordance on Windows; not tried if printing diagrams does nor work on Mac. Thanks.
  10. I use Accordance primarily for its on-screen functionality, and may I say, your improvements have been fantastic! Thank you for continually improving your product But on those infrequent, but not seldom, occasions when I'd like to print text, I find the print capabilities somewhat lacking. Far be it from me to assume that adding printing functionality would be simple, but I would love to see in the future the ability to do page-setup and print preview in the same dialog box, not having to go to page setup first and then wonder how exactly the text will print until I've already printed it. It's my inevitable experience that what ends up being printed is not exactly what I thought I'd see. This is no glaring lacuna in Accordance's extraordinary functionality, but I know I'd sure love to see that printing simplification Thanks so much for hearing our requests! Rev Patrick Lafferty Dallas
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