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Found 6 results

  1. Morning All!! Has anyone tried the new sermon writing app called Sermonary? They have a free beta that has been open to the public and i was looking to see if anyone has any feedback on it. Thanks. PS if this needs to be moved or deleted, feel free.
  2. Hello Accordance community! I am brand new to Accordance, and I would love any advice you have or helpful links you could share to help me get started. I downloaded the Hebrew-Greek Learner Package. I am interested in learning Biblical Greek, and I'm also interested in preparing outlines/handouts for small group Bible studies or sermons. Glad to be here! Soli Deo Gloria, Sabin
  3. For clergy, great books are the best investments this side of heaven. Such volumes deliver the fruit of countless years of scholarly research, writing, teaching, and preaching. That’s particularly true this week...
  4. Timothy Jenney

    #143 & #144) Scripture to Sermon

    The last two podcasts we have produced are an overview of how to construct an expository sermon in Accordance. As such, they try to hit the "sweet spot" between homiletics and hermeneutics, exegesis and exhortation, and workflow and worship. Check them out! http://www.accordancebible.com/resources/multimedia/details/?id=156348 http://www.accordancebible.com/resources/multimedia/details/?id=156390
  5. Timothy Jenney

    #98) Teaching Tips and Handy Apps

    Teaching with Accordance? Check out these handy utilities! http://youtu.be/eeXnt8XDHJA
  6. Lance

    Mid-range Collection

    This is something I've been thinking for quite a while, but it's just crystallised in my mind in the process of an e-mail exchange with the sales department. It seems to me that OakTree might do well to consider expanding the range of "collections" to cater better for people like me. I'm sure there'd be a lot of us out there. I'm a pastor-preacher with a sound academic background. I could once have gone down the Masters or even doctoral level path in biblical studies. But God has kept me on the pastoral track, and never let me off . So I have a good mind, and want to expound the Scriptures with thoroughness and rigour, but only in my dreams would I ever use the most scholarly resources. It doesn't seem to me that "we" are especially well catered for in current Accordance collections. We have to choose between a Library that's a bit lightweight for where we're at, or one that's way beyond what we'll ever use. If I think about it, I guess I'd be looking for a collection comprising something like: 4 modern English Bible texts Greek and Hebrew texts (but probably not LXX) 2 mid-level Greek tools 2 mid-level Hebrew tools say 2 solid-but-not-ultra-scholarly commentary series' (e.g. Expositors' and Pillar … ) I'm making this a poll, to see how many others might share this perspective.
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