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Found 7 results

  1. I loved the feature that imports PDF files and creates a user tool. I used it to import books that I have in PDF form and made it an Accordance module. It used to work amazingly and preserved the formatting of the book very well (though not perfectly), and It would sense the book's content and match it in the contents bar. But now the tool works atrociously. The formatting is ALL over the place, and it doesn't create a contents bar anymore, it only lists the page numbers you can jump to. Why did it become this bad, and can one fix this without painstaking manually editing the tool for the whole book? I attached a comparison of Reformed Systematic Theology in PDF and how it appeared in the user tool. Notice the bad formatting and the contents bar doesn't organize the contents.
  2. Hello, I have a large .pdf file that I am processing through some .pdf Optical Character Recognition programs to make them searchable and to work best for Accordance, before uploading them as a searchable .pdf in Accordance. Problem is that even after trying making an editable/searchable PDF on my Mac using Pages, Accordance by itself, and by Using Adobe DC, there are still several text errors and issues that are coming up. I am surprised that I am having such issues, as most of the text is very standard type. Not sure what is wrong. The PDFs look fine before being processed into Accordance, and then several strings of unreadable text pop up all throughout my document on Accordance . Hoping to find a very reliable pdf program that works well with Accordance, to get the best results. Any ideas? I have a picture attached to show as an example. Thanks a lot
  3. Is there a way to add a bunch pdfs at one time into Accordance for Optical Character Recognition when importing User Tools? I have about 600 pdfs that I would like to add. The problem is that when I combine all of the pdfs into one 3,500 page pdf, and when I try to add it to accordance, several of the pages do no transfer properly, and the text messes up. All kinds of issues when I try to upload all 600 pdf as one combined pdf. But if I add them one at a time, it works fine. It’s going to take a very long time to individually add 600 pdfs, so hoping there is a faster solution? Thank you so much!
  4. When I try to print to PDF from paper it is creating a file with 0KB and will not open in any PDF viewer. It was working alright the week before but not this time around. Not sure if its a bug since it worked before, but I'm at a loss. I can print to PaperPort Image, but the image is not nearly as clean as I would like it. Any help would be great. Even trying to load the error file as an example failed.
  5. Hi, I have Accordance 10 I would like to copy and paste from a PDF (which includes english and greek text) into a user note... It will not allow me to do this, I have attached some screen shots from what I have tried (english can paste but not greek) The first picture is the PDF, the second picture is what happens when I tried to past the whole lot... the third picture is what happens when I copy and paste just the english Any help greatly appreciated... Thanks Dave
  6. JoshPannell

    PDF to User Tool

    Could we have an option where I can import either a word DOC or a PDF into a user tool? This would be extremely helpful.
  7. accordance4me

    User Tools and PDFs

    I realize why you can't import PDFs as a user tool, or should I say couldn't. I think it would be great to have a user tool that would convert them and then directly load it, alternatively it might be great to have a clearly defined workflow with some other tool to convert it to text.
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