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Found 9 results

  1. I have a sort of basic Instant Details question. I was at @Abram K-J's webinar which I found really helpful, so I figured I would watch one of the recordings he mentioned. While doing so, I realized that he is able to see Hebrew parsing in the Instant Details while only having an English text open, and I am not sure how he is doing this. On my end, I see the first parsing only under the ESV, but the parsing for HMT-W4 I only see if I open the Hebrew as a parallel. I have looked under Instant Details and checked every option to see if something would make it appear, but I am not able to reproduce this. Any clarification how this is done would be appreciated. Kristin
  2. Kristin

    Hebrew parsing question

    I just having a tagging question regarding how words are shown in parsing. Using Gen 1:1 as a random example, I am wondering why הַשָּׁמַ֖יִם is tagged as plural, although it is actually dual? Thanks for any clarity anyone is able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  3. Manuel Brambila

    Daniel with Hebrew parsing

    Hi, At the moment, this is what I see in the quickview -- Aramaic verbs. And with the triple click, BDB gives me the Aramaic. Can I set it up so that the Hebrew quickview parsing and BDB appears? "peal perfect" doesn't mean anything to me (yet). Thank you!
  4. Chris and Kathy Hinds

    Showing parsing in instant details

    Hi Forum, Is there a means to include in the instant details pane the Mounce Dictionary entry for a highlighted word? I recall Accordance used to do this, but I'm not seeing it now. For example, highlighting "crucified" in Galatians 2:20, all I see is this (see first attachment). I'm using 12.3.1. In the iOS version I see this behavior (second attachment). As always, help is most appreciated. Many thanks, Chris
  5. I tried to search "waw consecutive perfect" (whatever you may call it) but I found out that option is not available though I have "was consecutive" option that is only for waw consecutive prefix conjugation. I hope I am missing something. If I want to search waw consecutive perfect form of a certain verb or that grammatical entity in general, do I have to do the construct search or put a complicating set of commands?
  6. I have been trying to get the parsing functionality to work for me. It pops up, but does not show the actual parsing (Aorist, Future, etc.) I have also attempted to change the settings, but it does not have a place where I can add this. Any ideas?
  7. I just bought a table that runs Windows 8.1, in large part so that I could have a full version of Accordance available for me on-the-go (which one cannot exactly do yet on an I-Pad, I believe). It is awesome! I have hit one snag, though: Since you hold down a left-click on Accordance for Windows to get pop-up parsing info, I can't get that parsing info by touching my tablet's touch screen. If you touch the screen you get a left click. If you touch and hold the screen, you get a right click. So, as far as I can tell, there is no way to hold down a left-click. Does anyone know a way around this? It would be wonderful to be able to change the settings somehow so that I could tap the screen and get the parsing info to pop up, like it does when I hold down a left-click on the mouse pad. Thanks in advance! H. Jim Keener, PhD Rhetoric School Humanities Teacher Trinity Classical Academy Valencia, CA
  8. It would be helpful to have the grammatical tag parsing guide included in the Instant Details for those of us who are still novice at Greek and Hebrew. An example of how this could work is: -- Click and hold on a word shows Instant Details popover just as it does now -- Command-click and hold on word shows Instant Details popover of key number just as it does now -- Option-click and hold on word shows Instant Details popover with expanded information on the grammatical parsing -- Command-option-click and hold on word shows Instant Details popover with key number info AND expanded grammatical info For example, give the guide text for what "present," "middle," "participle," "masculine," "singular," and "nominative" mean like one would find in the Greek Parsing tool. wishing G1014 bou/lomai boulomai boulo/meno/ß boulomenos Verb present middle participle masculine singular nominative to will, want Something that would be nice too is if the Instant Details window is open already, then allow for grammatical tags as links in the popover version of Instant Details which when hovered over will then show up in the Instant Details window. For example, click and hold on a word, popover shows up with grammatical tags with links, hover over a grammatical tag link and info on that tag shows up in the Instant Details window. Thanks for your consideration, Darrik
  9. Hello. I have to say thank you! I am so grateful for accordance and especially Accordance for iOS. What a blessing! Recently you implemented a feature which allows the user to see the Greek/Hebrew parsing information of applicable words in the instant details of a Tagged English text provided that there is a tagged Greek/Hebrew Text installed. Am I right? When the change first took place in the desktop version of Accordance it took a while for the change to take effect on my machine with regard to Greek but not Hebrew. I have BHS-W4 and GNT-TR. As soon as the change was advertised I could see Hebrew parsing in my tagged English texts, but it took a few updates for the change to take effect in the New Testament. I have found the same to be the case with iOS but I haven't yet gotten the NT to display parsing. Is this because GNT-TR is not sufficient? Or do i need to reorder something or reinstall something? I would greatly appreciate any help! Thank you! -Jason
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