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Found 4 results

  1. I think we need some way to export a Paper out of Accordance into an editable document. Perhaps in RTF or even DOCX format. Working in papers is fine, though I hope to see some bugs and annoyances refined over time, but I feel like I can't justify doing real work in it unless I can be sure I can get my data out and rework/reformat it when needed. As is, even the PDF file that you can 'print' interprets some letter combinations as symbols rather than letters; so I can't even copy/paste out of the PDF into a Word document. Additionally, we need some keyboard shortcuts for navigating and creating outline items! That said, I am enjoying many of the new features of v12 and look forward to figuring out how to make the most of them. Thanks!
  2. Hi there I've been directed here by the helpful Accordance HQ, as I emailed the Logos Prepositional Outline as a feature request too. I've skimmed the thread about Outlines of Lexicons but the above new feature in Logos 6 is really great! I really do think this would be a very helpful Accordance feature for your average pastor, with rusty languages (sorry) and wanting helpful technical exegesis for weekly sermon prep. Might it be on its way? I'm still on v10, but something like this would really justify an upgrade. Love the app, but the above would really make it shine and surely it's an advantage of using software at all: one click for really useful technical info like a Prepositional Outline. Thanks Adam
  3. Accordance's outline tool is great. But it would be great if the user could create a tool just like it but with their own content. Perhaps this is already possible, but I can't see a way. If I'm right and there isn't a way for a user outline tool to be created, I'd like to request it for a future update to User Tools. Thanks!
  4. Do any of you have a method of attaching sermon outlines to a text in Accordance? I was thinking it would be useful to have a tool sort of like the "Outlines of Bible Books" tool, but user-defined, so that I might go to Matthew 5:2, and find a conference message outline on that verse, and maybe one from church where it was Point one of the sermon, and I could scroll through the different outlines that I have taken notes on. I have attempted making a User Tool with some outlines, but I couldn't get the text to link to parts of the document. I was able to create a link for 1 John 5:6-9, but when I was in my text at 1 John 5:6, I couldn't amplify to it. So just wondering if any of you have attempted something like this and have experienced success. Thanks
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