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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all. After recently upgrading Accordance and my iMac, I've found I can no longer copy bibliographical information from tools (e.g. commentaries like the BST New Testament series). Previously, I was able to do this with all my tools. Currently running Accordance 13.0.05 and MacOS 10.15.6. If I try to copy the bibliographical information on its own (Copy As > Bibliography), my clipboard remains blank and there's nothing to paste in Pages. I've also tried pasting in Notes, Text Editor and even the search bar on Chrome. There's nothing there. If I try to copy a text from a tool as a citation (Copy As > Citation), I used to get bibliographical information. Now, all I get is the hyperlink to the Accordance reference. I've looked at the bibliography settings, and can't find anything amiss. Settings screenshot attached. Help appreciated. Thanks heaps.
  2. Rick Conklin


    Dear readers, More on "Bookmarks" 1. In iOS it appears the bookmarks are sorted by the order I made them. Would you please allow them to be sorted by the Biblical Order? If I have several bookmarks on my iPhone (or iPad) its difficult to find the one I'm looking for. 2. On my Mac, I had hoped that in OSX when I click Cmd7 (right click - Mark Selection) this bookmark would synch with iOS (when I run the Dropbox synch). But, it doesn't seem to do that. Is that a bug? If its not designed to synch, would you please consider that as an enhancement? Thanks Rick Conklin Wichita, KS
  3. We've given a slightly different different look to our latest podcast, using some character photos to represent our users. Tell us what you think!
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