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  1. I think this is possible, but I can't figure out where to get more info. I know there has been discussion about exporting Notes files to Numbers, and that is not possible yet, but am I able to import a Mac Numbers sheet as a Note file linked to all the verses it would be associated with? If so, could someone explain how to do this? Thank you, Kristin
  2. Kristin

    linking notes together

    I think the Notes are being worked on by Accordance, so in case it can be added into the design, it would be really helpful if one note could display at all the places where I have the note linked to. Here is a random example: In Lk 1:19 Gabriel is mentioned, so at Lk 1:19 I may have a little note that says "Gabriel is mentioned in the OT (Dan 8:16, Dan 9:21) and mentioned once more by Luke (Lk 1:26) Lk 1:19." But then I need to copy and paste that same note at Dan 8:16, Dan 9:21, and Lk 1:26. So this one little note has now turned into 4 notes. It would be helpful if when I post this note at Lk 1:19 that it is visible at all the places the note had been linked. Thank you for considering this. Kristin
  3. This is a question directed at those of you who need to manage vast quantities of user notes. I was working with Tech Support and discovered that converting my notes to a PDF is not super practical as the first 100 pages only go to Gen 17. Billy then suggested that I ask people in the forum how to manage large quantities of data. With that as a preface, I have been primarily doing my research through creating notes, as I love how they work in parallel, etc, etc. However, I have run into an issue of my notes file becoming so large that it is starting to become corrupted forcing me to urgently split the notes into numerous notes files. However, this is really impractical since there is no good way to split the notes. If I divide notes by years it keeps the most recent material at the forefront, but forces me to guess the year if I want to search for a topic in a note file. Likewise, if I divide notes by book, it would become unclear where to put notes. Topics such as "peace" or whatever could be attached to multiple books. If I just copy the same note to each new note file for each book, that would solve the problem of searching, but obviously each note file would just become a duplicate and become just as large. I thought of Tools, but the problem with that is I would need to know the information is needed and open the Tool, as opposed to Notes which run in parallel. So.... Those of who who work with a large amount of user data, how do you manage it? I appreciate any suggestions anyone has. Sincerely, Kristin
  4. Kristin

    Notes added to Research

    I would like to request for "Notes" to be included when doing research. Currently if I research a topic "My Tools" comes up, which is very helpful, but if it is in a Note it does not appear. I have a lot of important information in my notes, so having it included would be helpful, but it has become even more important as I have run into an issue with finding information in notes. If I know I wrote a note about something, I can only find that information if I remember which note I wrote it on. This is the main reason why I had originally only used one primary note, which I am now needing to transfer to several smaller notes. For more detail of this request please see this thread: Sincerely, Kristin
  5. Kristin

    searching notes

    I have run into a sort of unusual problem with searching notes. Up until now if I knew the word in a note I was looking for, but couldn't remember the biblical reference where I had attached the note, I could open My Notes as a new tab and search for a word and find it. However, My Notes file got too large and crashes whenever I try to open it as a new tab, forcing me to divide My Notes into multiple smaller note files. With that all said, I am now having the problem of needing to guess which note file something is attached to. I can open one note as a new tab and do a key word search, and if it is not there I search the next notes file, which is time consuming and inefficient. Is there a way to do "Research" on all of my notes files to find a word or phrase? Thank you for any help anyone is able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  6. I use Accordance for almost everything Bible related, including sermon preparation and sermon notes when others are preaching and teaching. I use my notes feature daily, and love that with Dropbox I can sync it to every device I use with Accordance. The one issue I have with the iOS version is that the notes are a pop up window, which covers the text, so whenever I need to see the text again for any context or copying a reference, I have to close out the note and come back to it. If it were possible to edit the note directly from the it’s half of the Accordance split screen, it would be a tremendous improvement over my current workaround of using my phone app for text and my iPad for notes, or using the iOS multitasking split screen with Apple Notes and having to copy it back into Accordance.
  7. Hi! My name is Peter and I am a Swedish minister and active Accordance user since a few years back. I use a variety of both English and Swedish modules, but in my work and studies the Swedish translations are of primary importance. I own all of the relevant Swedish translations in book form, and I have always wondered why both Logos and Accordance have only the biblical text of Bibel 2000 and not the explanatory, translation notes or cross references which are present in the print version of that translation. This is the most commonly used Bible in Sweden, used by most of the major denominations (including the Church of Sweden) and was the result of a large team of top biblical scholars in Sweden. While Bibel 2000 lacks these extra resources, Folkbibeln 2015, the main "rival" translation, has all of its associated extra resources in Accordance, such as translator notes and cross references. This is a respectable translation, but it is mainly a careful revision of the existing 1917 translation of the Old Testament, along with a new NT translation carried out by a small team of scholars. As such, adding the corresponding resources to Bibel 2000 would make sense. In addition to the lack of these notes, I also noticed some time back that Bibel 2000 entirely lacks some of the apocryphal content which it has in its print edition, namely Greek Daniel and Greek Esther. This proved associated with a general inconsistency between resources in the way Accordance deals with expansions of the biblical text not present in the Masoretic Text. See this Accordance forum thread for further discussion on the matter. My point here is that Bel, Susana and Azariah simply aren't found anyone in Accordance's Bibel 2000 module. I contacted the publisher/copyright holder of the Bibel 2000 translation (the Swedish Bible Society) last week, and my impression is that they are interested in making the translation more available, but are not entirely clear on how the procedure works. There's also a new Swedish translation coming out, so I'd be happy to get involved in making sure that module is optimized from the start. My basic question is: would it be possible to add the textual notes and other already existent resources associated with the Bibel 2000 translation to Accordance? And if so, who needs to take the initiative to make that happen? Best regards, Peter Westermark
  8. jpaforum

    Text and My Notes Sync

    I would like MY NOTES to sync, so when I browse the Text, the Notes will follow is I can view the Text ands Notes Side by Side. So far, I have been unable to find this setting.
  9. Jeremyt7180

    Notes syncing

    I am having problems syncing my notes from a new Mac to my iPad. If I add new notes on my Mac and try to sync with my iPad the notes that I have on my Mac are erased and cannot be found. Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance
  10. I would like to suggest the ability for a user to password protect their User Notes, and My Stacks created within Accordance. One could spend a good amount of time building Notes, or Stacks so I just thought it might be nice to have the ability to protect these user created files. Creating new User Notes and My Stacks is fantastic. Thank you for your time. D.
  11. I went into the Preferences to change my setup for the User Notes. When I save them I get a message asking if I would like to apply these new settings to any open notes and that saved notes will not change. Is there any way to change the saved notes so that everything is uniform?
  12. perherman

    Notes files - where?

    I have not really used Notes before, and have a problem. I have one “My mobile notes”, and three (!) “Mobile Notes”. When I try to merge them to My mobile notes I am asked in which folder they reside, and nothing works. Is there some way to start from scratch, and wipe all the old ones. (All of them are emtpy or more or less empty) Per-Olof
  13. I have been a loyal Accordance user since 2008. I was thrilled to learn that my favorite Bible, the New Jerusalem Bible, was available for Accordance! However, after using it for years, I find that it's missing the very extensive NOTES available in the print version. I have contacted Accordance support several times about this and have been previously advised that it was forthcoming. More recently, I was advised to post a request for it here. So, Accordance, first of all, WHY aren't the notes included for the New Jerusalem Bible? Secondly, PLEASE make them available for us soon! They are so extremely valuable to us Catholics! Thanks, I look forward to your reply. Jim Bates
  14. Hi all, I've been using Accordance for almost a year now (post-the BW meltdown). I've searched online and in these forums, but I haven't found info on my question: Is there a way to search within translator's notes? -- That's the general question. The specific thing I'm trying to do at the moment is to search in the NET Bible notes for 'dalet', in order to see where they flag resh/dalet text critical issues. Thanks in advance for any insights.
  15. The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) has excellent study notes / translator's notes. (Only the NET comes close.) It would be amazing if those could be purchased as a module. I have a hard copy of the NJB (not the noteless readers' edition that Accordance offers), but it's in a box somewhere in America whereas I live and work in East Africa. Thanks for considering!
  16. KevinPurcell

    Auto Update in Notes

    I'm trying to use Accordance only for a few weeks moving from Logos. One feature that kind of annoys me is having to hit Update. I'd really like to see the option to have the Note tool automatically update the note and save it every time I exit the user note editor. I know it asks me if I want to, but I'd rather not bother. That's one thing I prefer in Logos. I know I can save it with a quick keyboard shortcut, but it'd be nice to know that no matter what I do it will save it. What if Accordance crashes or my computer shuts down instantly in a power outage? I understand some won't like this, but I'd like the option.
  17. lettlander

    Handwritten notes in iOS

    Don't know if this has been requested before, but since I got my Apple Pencil, I love taking notes on the actual text itself. For now, I simply screenshot the Accordance iOS app and work in a separate note-taking app, but I would love to have the ability to write directly on texts (somewhat like you would on your own physical Bible), without having to access a separate note function or window. Kaspars
  18. basnyder527

    User Notes Bugs (I think)

    Dear Support, Context I have spent the last few days talking with the tech support folks at Accordance via TeamViewer and they have advised me to request help in the forum from the developers (or anyone else knowledgeable). I had some notes that would not appear (as if they were lost). We sorted out some bugs with my workspaces (saved new ones) and some of my notes files appeared to be damaged, which they helped me restore. Finally, I have merged 2 notes files into one called "My Otsar." My first question (about which I could not seem to get a clear answer on from tech support) is, can I use a single notes file for all my notes across every corpus or should I have notes files for separate corpora? Why or why not? Does it matter? Currently, I have everything in a single notes file. Problem So, here is what is going on... I currently have 1 notes file called "My Otsar." In it, I have notes from the Bible (NRSV) Philo Pseudepigrapha (Aristeas) DSS However, my notes file does not display my DSS notes at first. When I select "My Otsar" from the User Notes icon at the top of the Accordance window and open it, it only displays NRSV, Philo, and Pseudepigrapha notes. My DSS notes are not displayed (see Screenshot 1). When I select “Qumran Non–biblical Manuscripts” under “Notes Order” they DSS notes suddenly display (see Screenshot 2 and Screenshot 3). When I am working within the DSS and update a note, "My Otsar" will appear but only display notes related to the DSS. Yet, when I open "My Otsar" in a new tab in the same workspace, my DSS notes do not display as described above. I have to go through the steps just described (see Screenshots 4-9 in that order). Oddly, when I drag the tab of "My Otsar" straight up into the other tabs that are open in the workspace, everything disappears except the NRSV notes and I get an error saying that the Pseudepigrapha and Qumran texts are not available to Accordance. While I can select to organize the notes by Philo it does not display any notes from Philo and there are other oddities (see Screenshots 10-12 and then contrast those with Screenshots 13-14 where this is not a problem when "My Otsar" is opened in a separate tab). It is possible that the notes feature is working properly, but if that is the case, I would like to put in a feature request to "fix" it because the way it is currently handling notes is very odd to me. Thank you so much for your help! I can gladly share a screen recording as well, but it will have to be by another means since the file limit is 2 MB. Also, you may feel free to call me. Sincerely, Ben Snyder
  19. I would love to be able to make personal user notes on individual Hebrew/Greek words. I know I can make notes on the words in individual lexicons, but it would be awesome if we could make notes on the Key Number itself so that those notes would be available across all lexicons.
  20. Timothy Jenney

    BibleWorks Notes Needed!

    I am about to put together a podcast on importing BW notes. I need a robust set of notes for my demonstration. Would anyone like to volunteer theirs? The notes need not be academic. I'd be just as happy with personal notes or pastoral notes. However, you would need to be willing for me to use them in a podcast. Willing? Contact me at drj@accordancebible.com. Thanks!
  21. I'm wondering if others' user notes on their mobile app has a line break after the first line of text like mine does. Is this something that can be fixed? It's obviously not a huge issue, but I thought I'd mention it. Perhaps there's something I can do on my end in terms of formatting differently. See the two attached photos. Thanks, Chris
  22. I have Windows A week ago I began 3 different user note files that I try to keep open in a work space when I'm studying. Recently none of the three files will let me update my edits on the notes. I can open up the edit box, edit the information, but when I hit "update" I get a box that says: "The files "(file name)" cannot be modified, because write permission has been denied. The write permissions for the file may be changed by selecting "Properties" in File Explorer." I went to my windows folder whereI have those three files, and gave full permission to the various tasks listed for all users on my computer for all three files. Accordance still won't let me update edits on these notes. Can anyone think of something that would have set this off? Is there a good troubleshoot for this? Thanks, Chris
  23. Ιακοβ

    Original NIV Study Bible Notes

    From time to time I find myself wanting to go back and check what the study notes on my first study bible said about a particular passage. It's quite impractical to carry that thing around, it would be great to have this available in accordance.
  24. I am curious if there is a way to include user notes in searches?
  25. Bible programs are not there to merely provide searchable, highlightable and hyperlinked text—PDFs, iBooks, even text editors do as much, and are free. Bible programs must logically connect texts to one another and enable access at will, and do this well. Accordance (IOS on 10.3.3), has consistently failed to furnish a shining product. Each and every update has consistently come with ruining something that worked before, often without fixing what it set out to fix. This time is no different. The OT ref links in my notes, which were once working fine, are disabled, and haven't been fixed through several updates. The new heralded formatting (poorer in my view) is forced upon the user, without warning or the ability to prevent it, even after manually reformatting them. Checking the note settings, nothing seems to have been changed. Yet, in those old notes that I edit, the Greek text is all reset in Cardo, and in a smaller size then the English (which remains in Helvetica). The result is awful, but worse, I am not able to prevent it, or even correct it. You guys are undoing my work. I think I need to stop updating Accordance and retain my sanity.
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