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Found 1 result

  1. Dear Accordance Team, thank you for bringing this wonderful bible research tool to the windows domain. I encountered several severe problems while trying to install Accordance 10.4.5 on an up to date Windows 7 Professional 64 bit machine. Forum registration: 1) For days I couldnt even get registered in this forum. The registration form simply did complain that given information wasnt filled in or the buttons didnt react. I confirmed this on several freshly installed machines (windows and osx) to confirm that the issue wasnt on my side. After having success registering I had to wait for the admin to confirm my account. I guess there are better ways of trying to cope with spamming/ flooding. The whole process is a big waste of time. Software installation: 1) Why is an input of user credentials (name and surname) necessary even though an user-account exists? 2) The routine for installing the modules (after installing the basic accordance software) is extremly buggy and not systematic. In addition the interface is not intuitive or logically structured, it took me a lot of time to understand every dialogue. It was more like a guessing game. I might have to emphasize here that Im an IT-assistant and PC enthusiast and therefor constantly dealing with setting up hard- and software. So far I didnt experience such a horrible setup-routine as the "easy-install" of accordance. It took me several trial and error approaches to even get the setup assistant connected to the server. The assistant kept saying, that it couldnt reach the server. Even after it finally found the server, the connection was very slow, meaning unbelievable slow. The download of the basic modules took several hours and stopped several times which meant having to do the same connection procedure again and again having to login every time by filling in name, surname, username and passwort. Thats a real time wasting and absurd process. 3) The user specific (paid) modules took another two trails to get installed. 4) Even after setting up everything on the administration account I couldnt get Accordance running with the modules in my standard user account (Due to security issues I do not work in my administration account). I couldnt find any useful information or setup-guide dealing with this scenario. Some topics in the forum covered parts of the problem or offered solution that didnt help (in my case). What I tried: http://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/13204-installing-on-a-2nd-windows-machine/?hl=%2Bwindows+%2Bfolder&do=findComment&comment=62196 I gave rights for the standard user to access the C:\ProgramData\Accordance Folder (for the downloaded modules). But Accordance kept starting without any module installed. I would like to ask the accordance-team to get a proper setup-manual (multilanguage!) online dealing with standard setup situations. Its a sad story to be left with a forum-only (english only) support after having paid thousands of dollars. It would be helpful if the accordance-team could give informations like the different folder locations or known/ solved issues more transparent and structered than in a userquestion driven forum. Or at least more structure in the forum by making topics sticky (on top) or giving summaries after solving an issue. The setup assistant needs to be simplified and tested by normal users for ease of use/ usability. I can not understand how something like this can still happen in the "new" millenium. The easy-install is not easy at all (at least not on windows). Most important: I still need to know how to get access to accordance on a standard windows account. It cant be expected to run accordance on an administration account. So far thank you for your attention
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