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Found 6 results

  1. Help! I continually crash trying to get one of my panes out of Night Mode Theme. Tried everything (except uninstalling) -- last resort? Thanks.
  2. There are problems with night mode when user has applied highlighters. Take a look at some portion of text in Normal mode, Night mode and what I propose. This is how it looks now in Normal mode: This is how Night Mode looks now: As you can see, highlights makes impossible to read this text. Colors need to be adjusted for night mode. My proposed look: Highlighter color should be superimposed on the black background. Actually background could be a notch darker than it is now.
  3. Michael J. Bolesta

    Night Mode crash

    I experience a fairly consistent crash if i read in a text on my iPad if I am using Night Mode. I switch to Night Mode, read, going to various places in the text using several bookmarks. I then use a bookmark to a different text. I attempt to switch off Night Mode, and iOS Accordance crashes. When I restart, I am back in the original text. It seems to occur when switching texts while in Night Mode. iOS 7.1.1 Bible Study with Accordance for iOS 1.7.3 (happened with earlier versions too)
  4. While I use desktop Accordance for studying with texts, reference tools and Greek tools first thing in the morning, I use iOS Accordance for reading general tools as a kind of night cap. Night mode is really easy on the eyes when the whole room is dark, but I noticed for the first time this last week that the Library controls are black text on black background. This makes it very, very difficult to see "< Library", "Clear", "Close" and "Store". At least once, I accidentally hit "Store" and another time I mistakenly hit "Clear". I assume that this is a bug, but if it's meant to be that way, then I'd like to request a feature where these controls are actually visible.
  5. Timothy Jenney

    #85) Bible Study with Accordance iOS 1.6

    [basic] Version 1.6 of our mobile Accordance app combines a more polished interface with a host of new features: flex search, auto words/verses switching, bookmarks, Remember My Place, and syncing User Content between iDevices.
  6. Timothy Jenney

    #75) Bible Study with Accordance

    [iOS] Accordance iOS version 1.5 introduces a new, smoother user interface and brings a host of new features to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. These include a new night mode, a redesigned online help, the ability to search Unicode texts, and copying of information from tools. Now listed in Apple’s app store as “Bible Study with Accordance,” this app is not just a Bible reader, but a powerful tool for mobile Bible study.
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