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Found 2 results

  1. Kristin

    names of Tools

    I have a question concerning the name of tools, and I am not sure if I should be posting this in General or Tech Support. In any case, I have a tool which is really disorganized. I am exporting the information to a Numbers doc to preserve it, but I am also organizing it at the same time. As I am doing this, I am realizing the tool is so disorganized that I would be better off just deleting it and re-importing the information in a better fashion. However, I like the name of the Tool. If I delete the Tool and then recreate a Tool with the same name, will that cause issues? I have run into experiences where I have accidentally created two Notes with the same name, and that HAS been a headache, so I just wanted to make sure that if I delete the Tool first it won't be an issue to call something else by the same name. I could theoretically just open the tool, select all, delete, and type over it, but from the tiny bit about computers that I know, I think that file would then be larger than if I just started from a new Tool, as each edit adds bits or something. Thank you for any advice anyone has. Kristin
  2. In the Library pane I have "Hard Sayings of the Bible", in the resources menu the same book is "IVP-Hard Sayings". In the Library pane I have "NT Use of OT (Beale-Carson)", in the resources menu the same book is "Beale-Carson Commentary". And so on. Please make all those names consistent across all menus and Library pane, otherwise I cannot sort them alphabetically properly. If I place "Hard Sayings" in their proper place in the Library (letter "H" in the alphabetic order), its name starts with a different letters in the resources menu — there it's "IVP Hard Sayings" among other resources which start with the "H" letter. Or vice versa. Hard to find resources if in one place it's called Beale-Carson Commentary, in another place NT use of OT. Nothing similar.
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