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Found 17 results

  1. I have been trying to install version 14 and when I try to install the modules, I get messages for each book saying the file is locked and can't install. This error occurs after the download is complete and after clicking on install. I've tried several different modules and get the same error on all of them. I've trying to install both on a Windows 10 computer and a Windows 11 computer and get the same error messages on both. Any ideas what to try?
  2. Hello. I have imported a lot of User Tools from my own articles, ebooks, etc. However, I'm having a lot of problems with the Research function. These User Tools work just fine during normal use (e.g., reading them), but an error comes up when I am doing Research. When I do a research search in these user tools, I repeatedly get a popup in the style of "The text "JSNT" is not currently available to Accordance." It still shows the Research hits in the background, but this error message shows up, coming back about 1 second after dismissing the previous one. When I scroll through the User Tool to the next one (e.g., scrolling down to leave JSNT to see the research hits from JBL), the error messages stop for JSNT, but then start up for the new resource (e.g., JBL). These messages make it very annoying and make it so that I can barely use the Research module, which is a very important part of my workflow. I have already tried Rebuilding Research Cache, and it didn't help. One potentially relevant detail is that I have organized my User Tools into a complex, multi-tier set of folders to keep them organized. That is, there are folders within folders. (e.g., My Tools>Biblical Studies>Hebrew Bible>Torah>article). Would this have anything to do with these error messages? Thanks for your help. Colin
  3. Hello everyone, I've got a number of questions for you: 1. Are there absolutely no differences in features between the paid versions besides the size of the library that comes with it? If so, this really ought to be advertised front and center as a major selling point for people on a budget. It's certainly the biggest reason I'm leaning towards Accordance over a certain other piece of software. 2. I've heard conflicting reports on how well Accordance presents itself as an e-reader, what are your opinions on it? 3. How committed is OakTree to increasing the number of available modules in the store? How seriously do they take user suggestions for additions to the store? 4. How hard is it to look up words in the original languages for Bibles without Strongs tags in Accordance? 5. Are there any modules on the cheaper side that you guys would strongly suggest? I see that the Matthew Henry condensed commentary is free, are there other free modules in the store? Lastly, a suggestion: there are a number of resources modules in the Accordance store which are only available in packages. This combined with the somewhat limited library options makes it notably more difficult to find what I want within my budget. Seeing as budgetary reasons are the biggest reason I and a number of others will likely choose Accordance over Logos it might be a smart idea to try and separate those out.
  4. Hello, I'm a Swiss Theology student at a seminary and I've owned Accordance for 4 years now. I use it mainly for language study, but recently I find myself thinking about investing more money into some commentary bundles (e.g. NICOT / NICNT bundles when they're on sale the next time). However, I'm not really sure if Accordance (or any bible software for that matter) is enough "future proof" for the next decades. What will happen to all the purchased modules, if Accordance Software goes out of business? Is there a Plan B that unlocks those modules for use without a specific software? Or would all the modules be lost forever (which means emptying libraries that thousands of people rely on)? Otherwise I find it really hard to justify spending a ton of money for something that might not last for the next decades. What would you suggest?
  5. I recently upgraded and bought a new windows laptop. It is a significant upgrade in terms of power and build, and yet, using any English module (as opposed to, say, the GNT), is slow. scrolling is sluggish and highlighting by hovering over words is "laggy." It feels as if it is having trouble loading or processing, but my older, weaker computer handles it fine, and my current never heats up or turns fans on. I'm running accordance with the Original Language Collection on the newest version of Windows. If this is a repost or is in the wrong forum, I apologize! Many thanks in advance!
  6. rmeischke

    Empty workspace

    Accordance 10 has lost my saved workspaces and shows modules with no content. I can't rebuild a new workspace because the books are empty. Trying to open some "installed" modules opens a prompt to select it from the appropriate folder in the file manager, which doesn't work. I'm hoping this is a simple fix.
  7. I paid for and installed Accordance 12 today but it is crashing and continually giving me various dialog boxes popping up asking, "Where is the file for the "GNT text" or other similar depending on text, tool or library item I am launching. When I try to navigate to the proper folder, all items--that I could select--are grayed out. Previously I had Accordance 8. Before upgrading to 12, I deleted all of 8 (per Accordance tech support recommendation via email) but still having these problems. Not sure how to proceed to get this working. I've attached the crash log file and a screen shot of the dialog box with grayed out options.
  8. In the Mac Accordance Library, modules are listed by the actual title, e.g., "What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About,” whereas with syncing with an iPhone, it is given a completely different title, i.e., “NT Authors." That is confusing. Could there not be a consistent naming system? (Especially when it doesn’t seem possible to alphabetize the modules in iOS.)
  9. Since a couple of months, when updating the program, appears a notice to update modules LBLA and Anchor-NT. It suggests to remove the old ones (from Application Support/Accordance/Modules/Texts or Tools) and try the Easy install option ('Instalación rápida', in spanish) to reinstall them. I've done so several times in different days, but it didn't work. In fact, I click the Easy install button, but no modules appear available whatsoever. Another issue is a recent message that my ZIBBCOT module is missing. I found it but could not open it. Thinking that was probably corrupted, I removed it and tried to reinstall it again with Easy install. Unfortunately, it didn't work either and no module is available. What can I do to get again the modules mentioned? Thank you very much for you assistance, Pedro Guardiola
  10. I have made multiple attempts at updating modules on my iPhone 5S and iPad 2 via synch with desktop Accordance (Mac) using Wi-Fi. The desktop Accordance indicates that it is updating (11 modules). Another run updates the same 11 modules. Checking for updates on the iOS device tells me that those 11 modules need updating. Shutting down all devices and restarting does not correct the problem. Accordance for Mac 10.4.3 [Mac OS X 10.9.4] Accordance for iOS 1.7.4 [iOS 7.1.2]
  11. pete

    Easy Install?

    As I look to install a module, I find it impossible without installing a dozen other modules that I don't want. Can Accordance sell modules in bundles, but let users install modules individually? Is this more complicated than I am making it?
  12. Bob Smallman

    Can't Find Hebrew Module

    This afternoon Accordance told me to find my BHS-W4 module, so I navigated to the Modules folder in Library --> Application Support, etc., but when I got there, the Hebrew Module was grayed out, and it was listed as BHS-W4.atext (I don't remember seeing the extension before ... but maybe I never noticed.) Anyway, how can I get the text to work again?
  13. In the Library pane I have "Hard Sayings of the Bible", in the resources menu the same book is "IVP-Hard Sayings". In the Library pane I have "NT Use of OT (Beale-Carson)", in the resources menu the same book is "Beale-Carson Commentary". And so on. Please make all those names consistent across all menus and Library pane, otherwise I cannot sort them alphabetically properly. If I place "Hard Sayings" in their proper place in the Library (letter "H" in the alphabetic order), its name starts with a different letters in the resources menu — there it's "IVP Hard Sayings" among other resources which start with the "H" letter. Or vice versa. Hard to find resources if in one place it's called Beale-Carson Commentary, in another place NT use of OT. Nothing similar.
  14. Hi Accordance Support, I use Accordance on both Mac and ios. I have lots of modules, and most of them appear very well on both machines. However, BDB is an exception. I have it on the Mac, and get update notifications etc. But it doesn't appear available on the ios. Is this particular to BDB (not available to ios) or some other issue? Thank you for your help Tim
  15. Is there any way to have the tab names match the library names. For some of my resources I like having the full name on the module, but for others I like to use the abbreviations. For instance, I like to see TLOT in my library rather than Jenni-Westermann. Also, there are some modules have odd names attached to them that makes the tab confusing as to which module I am actually using. For instance, the Theological Lexicon of the New Testament shows up as Spicq.
  16. GarrettLee

    Easy Install

    I'd love to see the Easy Install screen updated to include categories and a search bar like the Library screen already has. Depending on the size of you're library, it can be very difficult to find the module you're looking for. In addition, the Resource Guide in OliveTree for iOS is great way to access notes, commentaries, and visuals. It would be great to see something like that in Accordance.
  17. I've tried several times today to update two modules for which updates are available. Each time I've tried, the updates are downloaded successfully (apparently, anyway). I then get a dialog inviting me to install the updated modules. I click the button "Install". After a few seconds I get an error message: "Error installing modules". I dismiss the message, and am immediately returned to the initial update window with the progress bar starting from scratch to search for updates. Is this simply a busy server issue? (One of the modules is about 80MB, the other only about 5MB.) Or is something else at work? Thanks. If easier, please Skype me at lancelawton .
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