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Found 8 results

  1. Paul Meiklejohn

    Atlas not opening.

    I'm using Acc.12.3.2 on a 13" MacBook pro and I've just noticed an odd bug. Whenever I do a fresh open on Accordance that my toolbar atlas icon doesn't respond and my Atlas folder in Library doesn't have any coloured maps available. I can go into Apple finder and open the maps from there by double-clicking and then I can use maps in accordance as normal, until I close it and then I have to open the maps manually again.
  2. Timothy Jenney

    #160) Josiah's Death

    The latest Lighting the Lamp podcast, #160) Josiah's Death, is up and available for viewing: https://www.accordancebible.com/Josiahs-Death It is a study of this important incident with an emphasis on using atlases in Bible study. The battle in which Josiah dies is centered around the pass at Megiddo, through which Pharaoh Neco must pass if he is to join forces with Assyria to resist Babylon's expansion. The subsequent battle at Carchemish is one of the most important events in ancient Near Eastern history. Remember, this week is March Mapness, so it is a great time to add an atlas or two to your Accordance library!
  3. muellereike

    Mouse Input for Atlas module

    I really appreciate the updates to the Atlas module that make navigation easier with a touchpad, but I primarily use my MacBook Pro in clamshell mode with a magic mouse. Since Apple users already have an API for the Apple Maps module, could the same commands (shift, alt + swipe) be added to the Atlas module to control zoom, tilt, and rotate?
  4. paulnystedt

    Pictures in Instant Details

    I think it would be really great if there was a way to click on a location and have a pictures pop up in instant details. A pop up map feature would be nice. It would be nice to be able to glance quickly without having to resize everything or adjust windows by opening a new module.
  5. Hello Since Google Earth pro is for free instead of 400$ per year, it would be cool if Maps are linked to them. https://www.google.com/intl/en/earth/download/gep/agree.html Greetings Fabian
  6. Today I attempted to find a map of Jerusalem to use for a visual presentation, but did not find any images in The Bible Knowledge Commentary module. The caption is there directing you to view the map which normally accompanies the commentary at John 5:2 (Pool of Bethesda at the Sheep's Gate). Am I correct in concluding that this module currently is 'text only' or did I fail to look correctly?
  7. When I open maps and just zoom in, I end up in Arabian desert, in nowhere. I always have to pan around to get somewhere. Could you please center map so that by default I'd end up somewhere between the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee? Secondly, I think it's time to update 3D functionality. Why do I need separate controls to move 3D map? I could do the same with mouse, and even more with the touchpad. Currently touchpad has very limited support in maps. No rotation by moving two fingers around, no zoom in/out by pinching gesture, etc. That all cries to be implemented. Plus one button to return back to the vertical down-to-earth ("flat") view mode, all in the same map window/pane. Regarding 3D rotation: I think you should start with the 3D map view directly from the top (90°), and I can rotate it in any angle in the same window pane, without any additional window for that. Pins for important places is good idea… Can you borrow some ideas from Waze software how places and their names are shown, and how horizon is put in “atmosphere” haze. You could even calculate position of the sun at any given hour and show it accordingly, with all shadows and highlights according to the sun position. (Daylight time slider — sunrise to sunset, plus month of the year slider). Or I could “freeze” sun position and rotate land in 3D, thus I could see 3D shapes better when light source angle changes. And perhaps option to magnify surface elevation to see relief better. Please move major biblical site names to another flat surface, current overlay feature looks horrible when I rotate map, sometimes I can't even read anymore because 3D surface obscures parts of the text. Perhaps look at Waze (iOS app) or some other map software to see how they've implemented this. Pins with names also would be welcome. Here’s one example, from Zondervan Atlas (OLive Tree). It’s just 2D image, but it shows depth, especially to the left from the Jordan river: Here’s approximately the same area in Accodance map. It looks too “flat”, rotating map doesn’t change light source angle, so flat shadows remain flat at any angle. Text is hard to read, because it is laid on the 3D surface.
  8. Could you please add gesture controls for map navigation? Pinch to zoom in/out. Rotation too. Currently two-finger panning is not very fluid. Can you improve?
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