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Found 9 results

  1. I use the Accordance Atlas module quite a lot for college teaching purposes, but there is one aspect of it that I find very frustrating: scaling and scrolling. Showing the same region over time in multiple class sessions is made difficult. Also, adding places to the map via search causes the scale to change. For example, suppose I adjust the map so that it’s zoomed in as far as possible while still showing Ur, Haran, and Hebron on the screen. If I then search for Bethel, boom, the map scale changes and now we’re looking at a close-up of Judea and Samaria; even Kinneret is no longer visible, much less Haran and Ur. So … if the following map features exist, I would love to know how to find/use them, and if they do not exist, they would make excellent additions to a module that hasn’t changed much in quite a few years. The ability to set the map scale by direct numerical input (1:2808000 or whatever, in the lower left-hand corner) in addition to the +/– scale buttons. The ability to center the map window on a particular site or latitude/longitude. The ability to “freeze” the map scale and scrolling position, both to prevent accidental changes and to prevent search from “zooming in” on search results.
  2. Kristin

    map color issues

    I was trying to show a student where Gilgal and Bethel are located in relation to modern nations, and you can see we had a super difficult time. I finally set it to tribe boarders, and then we could finally see, but I am hoping there is a way to have a "modern boarders". I had not seen it, but if it is there could someone show me how to access it? Also, is there a way to change the color of the lands? They are WAY too dark for the purpose they are serving. The same colors but 40% the density would be perfect. Thank you for any help anyone can provide.
  3. דוד בן משה

    3d atlas help?

    For some reason I can't grab a 3d image from the map. I'm running 13.1.3 on macOS Mojave 10.14.6. The screenshot shows the error I keep getting. Is there something that can be done? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi there, I'm aware that there's no way to add custom sites to the Atlas. However, is it possible to convert existing site names into a non-Latin script (e.g. Arabic)? Technically, I'm not looking to create a new Atlas site, but rename an existing one. I'm hoping to help a non-English speaker brush up on his ancient geography. Much appreciated.
  5. timothybtarbet

    Map Animation Lines

    In a Map such as the "Wanderings of the Ark" under Highways and Journeys can a user change the color of the animation lines showing the direction the Ark took from city to city of the Philistines? I know I can change the color scheme of the Map itself, but the default white color of the animation lines makes it hard to see. Thanks for any response.
  6. rokas

    Map in Spanish

    My map is for some reason in Spanish (see the picture, some of them marked), although I don't have anything set to Spanish in my computer. Specs: Acc 11.0.0, Asus X53S, Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 _________________________
  7. Hi, I'm trying to edit the 'Roman Provinces' Region Set map. What I'd like to do is to display the regions data that comes there but remove the colour fill so that the map can be printed and written on. Can this be done through defining 4 user layers ('My Roman Empire, My NT Palestine, etc.) and then in those layers can I set the borders/colours that I want. Then create a 'set' called 'My Roman Provinces' that combines these 4 layers? Is there a better way to customise colours without loosing the default settings? Daniel
  8. Timothy Jenney

    #107) Bible Atlases

    [Accordance 10: Basic] Remember the old Bible map transparencies of yesteryear? There's a reason they aren't around any longer. In 1998 Accordance launched its interactive and customizable Bible Atlas, the first of its kind in Bible study software. Using the metaphor of transparent layers, Accordance's Atlas offered unequaled flexibility and ease of use. Today the Atlas remains one of Accordance's most popular resources. It includes a dozen different backgrounds, thirty region layers, seventy-five routes (most of them animated), thirteen site collections, and six sample layers, as well as continuous elevation and geographic coordinate readouts and rotatable 3D perspectives. Users can even create their own map layers! Join Dr. J as he offers this retrospective look at the Accordance Atlas. http://vimeo.com/101406064
  9. How could a person change the map orientation 90 degrees (portrait to landscape)? More specifically, what is the process for orientating the site names so that they run north/south? I want to display a map of Israel with the Mediterranean Sea on the bottom. The enclosed picture shows how I need to format my teaching picture 1x4 orientation, hence it would be great to show some maps sideways. Any ideas?
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