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Found 5 results

  1. Dear all I have been following the discussions on merging / linking biblical texts in order that they scroll together. Is this feature also available with Hebrew dictionaries (HALOT, DCH, BDB)? I know the feature form logos and it was a wonderful help. Just entering one root (for example סבב) and getting the results of all Hebrew dictionaries at once. Also scrolling through all parallel. The feature of «window» / »tabs» / «koppeln» (Thats the German version, perhaps it is «linking» in the English version) does not result in a parallel scrolling. What could I do or whats the underlying problem? Thanks for your help. Bes regards Florian.
  2. Timothy Jenney

    #87) Linking Commands

    Accordance's three linking commands, [LINK], [HITS], and [CONTENTS] temporarily “link” Accordance windows (zones or tabs) together, allowing searches in the source window to affect other windows. These powerful commands allow simultaneous searches, searches within searches, and cascading searches in multiple windows. Join Dr. J ask he reviews these three commands, providing practical applications for each.
  3. Is there any way to maintain the unlinking pane from session to session on an iPad? It seems after I launch the app after awhile (not immediately, say the next day) it looses this setting. This makes it hard to find my place again in a resource that has a lot of commentary on a verse. Upon a launch, I find myself back at the top of section on the right side (commentary) linked with the verse in the left pane, forcing me to unlink again and manually scroll until I find my place where I left off. If not, are there any suggestions to accomplish this? Tom
  4. I would like to link to texts in my Apostolic Fathers resource within a user tool file. I've tried the following methods and none have worked for me. [AF-E 1Clem 1:2] [AF-E] 1Clem 2:2 1Clem 1:2 [AF-E, 1Clem. 1:2] In # 2, the entire text of AF-E is linked in that first bracket. The other attempts produce nothing. I'm close! But know I am missing something in the way I'm trying to link to the extrabiblical text. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks for your help, -Paul
  5. I have a pane in which I set my favourite commentary and link it to my favourite text. When I go to change my commentary in the pane using the drop down list in the pane the new commentary appears at its title page and I have to move the text in my linked bible pane to get the commentary to go to the place where I am currently at in the text. This is annoying. Is there no way to get the commentaries to go directly to the linked verse when they are loaded via a pane set up to link with a text? (Accordance 10, iMac i7 27" 2009, Mavericks)
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