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Found 7 results

  1. pappinr

    please help

    Sorry to post this but I hope this is a good spot to seek help. I am looking for a way to open a panel such as the one highlighted in the screen shot. I have looked all over and gone through all the preferences but I just can't seem to find this. I think I need it open to be able to see the presenter's highlights. Many thanks for any help. 2022-06-14_20-45-39.snagx
  2. Guntis

    Icon overlapping

    Hi, When I open my saved workspace, all icons look good. But when I switch to another tab and immediately back, icons overlap. See the attached screenshots. Accordance 12.1.3 for Mac. OS X 10.12.6. MacBook Pro 15.4" retina display, 4 columns in the workspace window, which is stretched to the full screen width. Plenty of horizontal space available, no reason to move icons on top of each other.
  3. I have open 5 (equal width) panes in the Accordance 12.0.2 workspace (15.4" retina MBP). When I change commentary in the second pane, combined tool icon gets offset, and is displayed on top of the font size adjustment icons. See the attached screenshot. If I click combined tool icon and add another commentary there, icon is moved back to where it should be. P.S. This problem was already in v.11, now it has moved over to v.12.
  4. mlanglois

    Choose localization?

    I updated Accordance 11.1.5 on my Mac and was surprised to see it has been localized in French. I guess this is the default behavior, since my Mac is in French, but I want to stick with the English interface. I couldn't find any setting anywhere that would let me choose between localizations. Did I miss it somewhere? Otherwise, can this be added to the next version? And in the meantime, can I go back to 11.1.4 (or is there a settings file somewhere that I could edit)? Please help!
  5. How to reproduce (iPhone 6s+ with iOS 9.3 13E5234a) 1. Tap the slider button once (don't drag). 2. Turn to landscape. Happens within and outside a search
  6. when i upgraded to version 11, the program asked me whether i wanted it to rearrange the resources in my library into what it thought was a more coherent organization. I thought, sure, i'll try it out, and did. Now i have a lot more categories (folders), and most of it makes pretty good sense. However, i want to put Parallels closer to the top of the Tools list and put MT-LXX Parallels in the Parallels folder (who'd a-thunk?) rather than in Semitic Studies, and other tweaks that make sense within my work flow. I was able to move the useless Other Books folder closer to the bottom, place some items in other folders, and so forth. But Parallels, the bottom item in the list of Tools, will not move, nor will it accept any new content. So i'm stuck with it being below the bottom of my screen most of the time. Also, I really do want MT-LXX Parallels to be in "Parallels" because that's how I think of them. You know, as "parallels". So how do i change this? Thanx.
  7. I'm sorry if this doesn't quality as a 'bug'. In Accordance 9, there was a lovely feature with the 'tools' that if you put your mouse over the contents pane, and it wasn't wide enough to display the full entry, then it would automatically expand so that you could read the whole title whilst you selected the entry you wanted. This seems to not work in version 10. Do I need to enable it somewhere? Or is it a feature that can be brought back? Thanks, Daniel
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