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Found 10 results

  1. I have been trying to install version 14 and when I try to install the modules, I get messages for each book saying the file is locked and can't install. This error occurs after the download is complete and after clicking on install. I've tried several different modules and get the same error on all of them. I've trying to install both on a Windows 10 computer and a Windows 11 computer and get the same error messages on both. Any ideas what to try?
  2. Hello, already owning a full-version of Accordance 12, I wanted to switch to the Mac App Store version. However, I got stuck with the Lite version, not able to upgrade to full, without an in-app purchase. How can I tell the MAS version, that I already own the full version, without a prior MAS version installed? Is there a tutorial to switch from the Website-version to the MAS-version? Any help appreciated! Thanks! -Jeroen
  3. I have this module that will not install. It's a module I've had for a while, it appeared stuck when trying to install an update so I removed it completely from my library, emptied the trash, rebooted and started Accordance again. Now it's stuck with installing it as a "new" module. Any help is appreciated.
  4. So I "upgraded" to Accordance 12, to the Graphics Learner package. I received an email back which appeared to be a receipt and a processed order, although nothing shows on My Products page yet, and there was no link to download the full version of Accordance. Any timeline on when I'll be able to access the full program? Or instructions on how to get the full program? I realize you guys are backlogged, but three days? John Murphy
  5. Please help! I recently upgraded my MacBookPro with a SSD as my maindrive. Most of my software seems to have survived the transition but Accordance seems to have been a casualty. I seems to be missing several 'Texts' and can't find them in searches on the 'hard drive'. The list of survivors includes KJV, NKJV but I have lost several others including the ASV which is my main tool for Old Testament study. NET is missing too. I suspect several others are. Is the best thing a new Accordance reinstall? I am using Accordance 9.6.8 so I am unsure how to begin this process. thank you. in anticipation for your advice. yours Ron Bailey
  6. Brian K. Mitchell

    Installation Incomplete

    While, I have been able to install the vast majority of my libraries modules through Easy Install there are a few tools that still will not install for some reason. Those uninstallable tools would be the following modules: Hebrew Strong's Greek Strong's Nave's Dr. J's BSM
  7. Brian K. Mitchell

    Write Permissions Issue

    I recently acquired an SSD to upgrade my computer and am re-installing Accordance 11. While, do so few write permissions notification boxes appeared, only for tools, though. I am not sure if this has do with the way the SSD is set up or is different from my former hard drive.
  8. I have two Macs a, Mac Mini at home running Accordance version 10 and now I'm installing Accordance version 10 on my new (2nd Hand but new for me) MacBook Pro and it quits immediately after opening. Any ideas? May be it's a licensing thing or maybe there are the previous owner's Accordance files still around or maybe I haven't installed the other files it needs?
  9. I have been trying in vain to install 9.5.7 on a new computer. I can download the 9.5.7 file from accordance without a problem, and I open it and enter my password without issue, but then the quick installation flashes for only a second and disappears. I have tried to click on the "continue" button when it is visable for that second, but it doesn't do anything. I don't get any error message though. The weird thing is that I can download and install the demo of 9.5.2 without a problem, and the older 8.4.7 installs fine for me (although I only have an unlock code for version 9). Is there any way that I can install 9.5.7 differently or download a previous full version and then update to 9.5.7?
  10. I've tried several times today to update two modules for which updates are available. Each time I've tried, the updates are downloaded successfully (apparently, anyway). I then get a dialog inviting me to install the updated modules. I click the button "Install". After a few seconds I get an error message: "Error installing modules". I dismiss the message, and am immediately returned to the initial update window with the progress bar starting from scratch to search for updates. Is this simply a busy server issue? (One of the modules is about 80MB, the other only about 5MB.) Or is something else at work? Thanks. If easier, please Skype me at lancelawton .
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