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Found 18 results

  1. I am pretty stressed from having import issues with a User Bible. For context, I have been working on this specific translation for a few months, and when I make a major edit I re-import it without an issue. Then a few weeks ago I tried to import it and instead of importing normally, I get this odd box saying that "%@" is not available. Those are obviously not characters in my Bible, and it is also obviously not the name of the Bible. When I click "ok" I tried to open my Bible to see if the changes were applied, or if it would open the User Bible from the day before prior to the edits. Doing so makes it crash. I re-opened Accordance saying NOT to recover and tried opening my User Bible. It opened without a problem and the changes from the most recent import were applied. So I just concluded that was weird and moved on. Then today the same situation happened. So the good part is that the edits are being applied and the User Bible opens, but I am very uneasy about the warning about the %@ since I literally have no idea what it is talking about. Any help to prevent this from happening again would be appreciated. Thank you, Kristin
  2. I have recently purchased Accordance after years of using Olive Tree. Is there a way to import my notes from there into Accordance?
  3. Hey! I've made my own bible that i want to import into Accordance and i would like to make headlines in the text. Some bibles in my library have them, so it seems possible? How do i make the headlines in the .txt file and how should they be formatted? And is it even possible to do? Thanks in advance! Ruben
  4. I loved the feature that imports PDF files and creates a user tool. I used it to import books that I have in PDF form and made it an Accordance module. It used to work amazingly and preserved the formatting of the book very well (though not perfectly), and It would sense the book's content and match it in the contents bar. But now the tool works atrociously. The formatting is ALL over the place, and it doesn't create a contents bar anymore, it only lists the page numbers you can jump to. Why did it become this bad, and can one fix this without painstaking manually editing the tool for the whole book? I attached a comparison of Reformed Systematic Theology in PDF and how it appeared in the user tool. Notice the bad formatting and the contents bar doesn't organize the contents.
  5. bible4all

    Import USFM Bible

    Our organization promotes Bible translation around the world. I use and enjoy Accordance for my study, but would like an easier way to import user Bibles in USFM format. For those of us in the translation, USFM is the standard for literally thousands of translations that are either finished or in process. Recently, a number of open-source Bibles have been created and available through sites such as http://ebible.org and http://openenglishbible.org.​ I expect these resources to continue to increase, and they are all in USFM. From all I have been able to gather on the forum, it is only possible to import a text file. The amount of editing it takes to convert USFM to the proper Accordance format is daunting. Since USFM is such a significant format, are there any plans to make it possible to import USFM texts in the future?
  6. impactjapan

    Re-scan Tool After Import

    Hello, I recently imported some files into User Tools. Upon import, correctly formatted Bible references, for example (James 1:14) seemed to import fine and the reference link showed up. However some references imported with improper formatting were not recognized, for example (James 1:14--15) the use of -- instead of a single - were used. After correcting the wrong formatting, it seems impossible to relink it 'automatically' Is there a way to do this already within the application automatically? If not, I would suggest a feature - After hitting "update" or in a separate preference, tools should be able to be 'rescanned' for new reference links. In Christ, Jared
  7. impactjapan

    Bulk User Tool Import

    Hi all, I am sorry if it seems I am spamming the feature requests. I can't say enough good things about Accordance. I am gearing up to begin using Accordance in some of our theological training here in Japan so I am just planning ahead. One useful feature would be a bulk import for tools. Being able to bulk import even the same types of resources at a time would help speed the process of creating Japanese specific tools (once Japanese is supported within tools) For example either multiple HTML files at once, or multiple text documents at once. It would be ok if they went into the same User Tool even. For the Kingdom, Jared #impactjapan
  8. I've prepared and imported several user Bibles as well as a number of user-tools, but I'm not very happy with my workflow. I'd like to switch to another program that has a more powerful find/replace function using Regular Expressions. 1. I usually start with an HTML text and so I would like a program that displays all the HTML tags in a way that can be manipulated. 2. Also, it would be nice if the program could save my RegEx strings in case I want to prepare a similar text in the future. What is your favorite RegEx enabled program for preparing texts to be imported into Accordance?
  9. kasperbergholt

    Problems with importing user Bible

    Hi! I'm trying to import a User Bible in Danish, but I get the error: "Somehow the word (some word) in (some verse reference) is corrupting the building of this bible text...". For instance, in Gen 14:2 (see underneath), there apparently is a problem with the word "ab" (in "Shin'ab"): Gen 14:2 gik de i krig mod kong Bera i Sodoma, kong Birsha i Gomorra, kong Shin'ab i Adma, kong Shem'eber i Sebojim og kongen i Bela, det samme som Soar. And in Num 21:11 there is a problem with the word "Abarim": Num 21:11 De brød op fra Obot og slog lejr i Ijje-ha-Abarim i ørkenen øst for Moab. I'm pretty sure the encoding of the file is correct. I've attached part of the file. I hope someone can help! Thank you!
  10. The import function for user tools is great for importing articles and public domain books. Unfortunately it doesn't import images from html format, even though user tools do support images. So now you have to manually edit the user tool after importing, inserting images at the correct positions. I would like the User Tool html importer to import images as well.
  11. Hi everybody, I'm in the research stages on trying to figure out which Bible Software product to purchase. We at the seminary had a demo of the newest version of Accordance and was quite impressed, but there was a couple of questions I couldn't get an answer. I have material in Spanish that I'd like to import into Accordance. Spanish, as other languages like French, German and such have special characters - for example, accents (á, é, í, ó, ú), ñ, etc. - you get the idea. So question #1 is, can I import Spanish/French/German material into Accordance and keep the special characters? #2 (or 1a) - I tried looking in the forums and was able to find some information from an old thread about UTF-8, but it also said there were bugs in it. Have these bugs been fixed so I can import material in other languages? #3 - does the imported material have to be exclusively in .TXT format, or will it take .RTF, .PDF, .EPUB, etc? #4 - Once the material is imported, will it be indexed and ready to search on in the main dashboard, or will I need to do a separate search? #5 - could I search for a term in English and Spanish (for example, search for love (amor in Spanish) and have a way to get results in both languages? #6 - I read somewhere that Accordance connects to Dropbox instead of a local server... does it mean I'd need to buy a subscription to Dropbox (I think there is only like 2gb of free storage) - could it also connect to Google Drive or Onedrive? #7 - BONUS - what are some things that would make Accordance stand out from say Logos (Aside from price and flexibility of use in older computers, and maybe speed)? Thank you everybody for your help. God bless. Victor
  12. As reported in my support thread here I have found that importing user tools fails when scripture references are in <book> <chapter>.<verse> format, and especially when they are gathered together in lists. For example, any of the following occurring in a html document to be imported will cause the import to fail silently, and no user tool will be created: Eph. 1.1-10, 12-14 2 Cor. 1.22; 5.5; Eph 1.14 Josephus in J. W. 4.335-344; 2.254-257, 264-265. Steps to reproduce ============== 1. Create an HTML file containing any of the lines above. 2. File -> User Files -> Import User Tool... 3. Import the HTML file as a new user tool Expected results ============ Even if the above were not correctly hyperlinked, I would expect the import to run to completion and the user tool to be created. Ideally, they would all be detected and hyperlinked correctly. At a minimum, if the import did fail I would expect a notification indicating the nature of the failure and the context (i.e. the line / reference that it failed on). Actual results ========== Import fails, no user tool is created. Workaround ========= In all of the cases shown above, converting the period to a colon allows the import to succeed. However, tracking back through 8 years of research notes and manually making this change is tedious, particularly when (a) there is no indication of what or where the problem is; and ( the same data imported fine into Accordance 10. System Details =========== Accordance 11.0.6 2015 MacBook Pro OS X 10.10.2
  13. Brent Lawrence

    Crash on HTML User Tool Import

    Accordance crashes every time I import an HTML user tool using 10.1.7. I am attempting to import into a current user tool. Crash occurs pretty much every time, but the upside is, the information is actually imported as I would expect, so it's just the minor inconvenience of restarting Accordance. When I click Recover after the crash, my imported info is intact.
  14. Λύχνις Δαν

    User tool import to folder

    Hi ya, First, let me mention that through so weird accident my "ya," from my usual salutation ended up appended to the title and posted with no content. I am not sure how but feel free to edit the title if you can. I don't seem to be able to. Ok, so I am importing a bunch of tools which I want to have in their own folder under User Tools. I created the folder and I can import the individual tools and move them under the folder fine. But it would be nice if I could just import them directly into the folder. In this regard then I noticed that the in the import tool dialog the folder I have appears. But I cannot append to the folder and I do not have an option to create a new tool under that folder. I tried selecting "Import to a User Tool" and I can in fact select the folder. So I ploughed on not especially convinced but hopeful, and hit OK. I then selected my source HTML file to import. I was then greeted with a dialog asking where Acc could find the text for my name folder. I suspect the final bit is a bug and I don't see a way to do what I want to do directly but if someone knows how I'd love to hear it. thx D
  15. For years I have used Online Bible for Mac to import Bible verses into other applications. I have set up keystroke combination and it works really great. I have yet to figure out how this is done with Accordance. Is there a way to do the same with Accordance? I have included a picture of how Online Bible comes up in other applications. It is really simple. I can chose what version and either a verse or a range of verses.
  16. hipertracker

    Import Bible Text - broken

    There is something broken in Import Bible Text option. I can import some files but some I can't. I can import NT with 7911 verses. But for another file Accordance 10.0 just crashes and quits to Finder without any warnings. And for another it stops importing after exactly 4257 verses and displays alert that I have too many verses. It does not make any sense! I was able to import 7911 verses but I cannot import more than 4257? All my files have the same, consistent verse references and UTF-8 encoding (I created them with the same Ruby script) This is very frustrating and confusing. That feature is very unstable.(I use OS-X OS X 10.8.2 (12C31a) and MacBook Pro 2.2GHZ, i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD & 512GB Hybrid HD.) http://zabiello.com/accordance-import-bible-error.png
  17. I have Latvian Bible (Unicode) text. I have Rev. 22:21, but it's not imported. A bug in Accordance?
  18. Johannes

    New UserBible

    Hello, I have two problems in creating user bibles: 1. During creating a german user bible I got the message: "There are too many verses in the chapter before genesis 33,1. ..." See attachment (in german). 2. Why can I put unicode-text in an user tool but not in an user bible? Thanks for your help! Johannes error.tiff
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