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Found 9 results

  1. I can't seem to get images to import into my User Notes. They initially show as present, but when I save, the image disappears from the note. I am using Accordance 13.1.3 on Catalina 10.15.6 on a 2019 MacBook Pro.
  2. I am having some difficulty with Genealogies of the Bible by Nancy Dawson. In her commentary she has some texts, but she also has several images of family trees. Since there are so many family members the text found on the images is very small. there is a + and - button, but when you press the + it just zooms into the tiny box and does not expand the image. I tried closing instant details and going into full screen, but no matter what I do it just zooms in and leaves two extremely wide white spaces on the right and the left while cutting off the text on the right and left. Is there a way to open the image to a new screen so that it expands similar to expanding the atlas or other images to full screen? In case it is helpful, I had been looking at the family tree in Genesis 38:1-12 called "Summary Genealogy of Judah (Lineage of Kings, Bethelehemites, Judges, Founders of Cities, Priests, Wise Men, Scribes)". Thank you for any help you are able to provide. Sincerely, Kristin
  3. Does Accordance have resources that allows you to view greek and hebrew manuscripts? If so what are they? If not, is it possible to find such things online? Thanks!
  4. In the appendix of the IVP Pocket Liturgy Dictionary there is a heading entitled:- Basic floor plan of a basilica-form church And then underneath this appears a placeholder image showing the IVP Academic Logo instead of the floor plan mentioned above. Q. Is there a reason the image doesn't appear?
  5. farcas

    Leningrad Codex Images

    It would be great if the Leningrad Codex Images were tagged with he references. http://www.accordancebible.com/store/details/?pid=Leningrad+Codex+Images Thanks!
  6. The Index of Dead Sea Scrolls Manuscripts is a great tool to get some quick info on the mss. And with the image links, it is nothing short of amazing! But what about the NT? The CNTTS apparatus has a full list, but its nothing compared to what the DSS index offers. Or what about the LXX? Logos has recently launched there LXX Manuscript Explorer as well as a Hebrew Bible Manuscript Explorer. But I think Accordance could pull this kind of data together easily considering most of the data is already there in various formats (e.g. Gottingen, Cambridge). I'd love to see a robust index with all the relevant data in one place. Something like the DSS index, but more robust - a full index that could be searched etc. Thanks!
  7. Timothy Jenney

    #131) Feast of Tabernacles

    As the Feast of Tabernacles approaches, I thought it might be nice to review its history and themes. I wrote an article on it long ago (Eerdmans Dictionary, "TABERNACLES, FEAST Of") and thought it might be nice to create a podcast based on it. This episode also features the many fine illustrations we have available in Accordance. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/140197026
  8. Hello All, Silly little question for you all. I use the iOS version on my iPad quite extensively--in fact it's my main bible-study tool! Great work, Accordance folks. One little thing I was curious about though: When I have the NIV Study Bible (2002) displayed the little icons they use to denote different types of notes (i.e., a shovel for an archaeological note, a seedling for "practical principals for personal application", etc.) the icon shows up as larger than it probably should and all pixelated. I know it's not a big deal, but is there a setting somewhere that I have somehow messed up that would show those icons in their proper size? If it's not something I've messed up, is there something/some way to fix it? I'm a very visual person (as some of you who've read some of my other posts may have gathered), and I find little visual things like this a minor annoyance. Don't worry, I'll get over it! ;-) But if I can fix it, why not, eh? Blessings all! And Accordance folks: keep up the fantastic work. You're my favourite tech-company ever! :-D Seriously.
  9. Timothy Jenney

    #84) Make a Christmas Presentation

    Our latest podcast, just in time for Christmas Day! #84) Make a Christmas Presentation 9:33 [basic] Text and images in Accordance can be printed directly, copied and pasted, and dragged and dropped into other programs. In this episode, Dr. J designs a Christmas Keynote presentation for children, highlighting key words in a passage, then using Search All to find relevant photos and illustrations. He also shows how to make a movie of an animated route in the Bible Atlas and import it into a slide. The podcast concludes with the completed slide show.
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