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Found 9 results

  1. I open Info Pane, click on the gear icon in the My Toolset section, add to the Toolset "Cross References" and "Outlines of Bible Books", Save. My Toolset shows only the first resource icon.
  2. Hi, I open Library, scroll down to My Stuff, open My Notes and select Bible Text Notes. Right-click and choose Save to Toolbar. I click on the Bible Text Notes icon in the toolbar, but it doesn't open my notes…
  3. Hi, I added my note to the NIVAC-OT, but Accordance doesn’t show any icon to indicate that that paragraph has a user note. Here in the attached screenshot you can see one particular NIVAC-OT paragraph to which I added my note. No indication about it. P.S. When I open this forum from the Accordance Help menu (within Accordance workspace), it opens this page, but I cannot attach any screenshot. «Choose File» button doesn’t do anything.
  4. Guntis

    Icon overlapping

    Hi, When I open my saved workspace, all icons look good. But when I switch to another tab and immediately back, icons overlap. See the attached screenshots. Accordance 12.1.3 for Mac. OS X 10.12.6. MacBook Pro 15.4" retina display, 4 columns in the workspace window, which is stretched to the full screen width. Plenty of horizontal space available, no reason to move icons on top of each other.
  5. I have open 5 (equal width) panes in the Accordance 12.0.2 workspace (15.4" retina MBP). When I change commentary in the second pane, combined tool icon gets offset, and is displayed on top of the font size adjustment icons. See the attached screenshot. If I click combined tool icon and add another commentary there, icon is moved back to where it should be. P.S. This problem was already in v.11, now it has moved over to v.12.
  6. Whenever I click on the resource icon in the toolbar, it opens in a new tab. Sometimes I wish it would open in the currently open tab as another pane. Could you add modifying key (ALT) to open resource in the same tab, just in another pane?
  7. Hi! Yesterday I read on your Twitter feed that I can drag icons from the Library window into the toolbar to create a shortcut to that particular resource. So I dragged my user note icon and … I found it doesn't work. Even worse, after submitting this bug report and clicking once more on that user note icon in the toolbar caused Accordance crash: Accordance Crash Log Program Version: 11.2.4 OS Version: 10.12.0 Message: Access violation Call trace: $0052C6F1 $0052C4BD $0052C22E $0048FDF2 $004909BE $00537C69 $00064DF6 $00064811 $9ED02D1E $92877237 $928771E4 $927BB201 $92DD334F $92DD0E33 $92DCF3C1 $92C756DE $000710C1
  8. I open WBC-OT in the commentary pane, but it doesn't show up Combined Resources icon in the top right corner of the pane. I have to open new Combined Resource pane in order to see that icon. If I switch from WBC to EBC in that pane and then back to the WBC-OT, the icon is gone and doesn't appear again. Please fix this.
  9. Guntis

    New user note icon

    Hi, Perhaps for some this may seem to be a small thing, but that pencil icon (11255.png in the Accordance/Contents/Resources/icons@2x folder) for a new user note looks… oh, so much PC… Could you please replace it with something more Mac-like? Like a chat bubble, for example. (Messages.app icon is a clue). Here I used standard Messages.app icon, but it could be a single bubble with the three dots. By the way, you have this nice icon at the top of your web site, called "Chat offline". You could use this…
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